If you are looking to cancel your Apple Fitness+ subscription, then you have come to the right place. This article is intended for those who wish to end their membership with the fitness-centric platform that is exclusively available on iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple Fitness+ was introduced in December 2020 as a new exercise program aimed at helping users get fit using the latest technology. The service offers virtual classes in various categories such as yoga, cycling, strength training and more. You can access all of these workouts from your iOS device or Apple TV.

But sometimes we can’t keep up with our subscriptions, but don’t worry — we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you through the process of cancelling your membership effortlessly.

Before progressing towards cancellation steps there are few terms and conditions one should read while having an apple fitness plus subscription:

-You cannot pause the subscription in-between.

-You cannot pause the subscription in-between.
-The refund policy works differently; hence it’s better to be vigilant about getting billed for another cycle.
-The free trial comes for some duration after which billing starts automatically until cancelled beforehand.
-Subscription prices may differ depending on geographical locations.

-Subscription prices may differ depending on geographical locations.

How To Cancel Apple Fitness Plus Subscription On An iPhone Or iPad

This is a quick guide which illustrates how one can easily terminate their memberships by following simple instructions given below;

Step One: Open The App Store

The first thing you need to do when cancelling your Fitness+ subscription on an iPhone or iPad device is open up the App Store app. Tap on “App Store” located either on Homepage or Utilities Folder

Step Two: Click On Account Icon

After opening App store navigate straight into account events button situated under profile picture corner(top-right)on screen . A drop-down menu appears showing various options select Purchase History given there .

Step Three: Search For Your Subscriptions List And Identify Apple Fitness+

Under purchase history , proceed towards finding out “subscriptions” formerly purchased utilizing mentioned apple id locate “Fitness+” click on it.

Step Four: Click On Cancel Subscription

You will need to tap “Cancel Subscription” in order to terminate your subscription. Once you have done this, you will be asked whether or not you wish to receive instant cancellation receipts.

Step Five: Confirm Your Decision To Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

Re-entering the password is necessary as an additional security measure while cancelling a subscription. Give your confirmation over prompt asking about unsubscribing from fitness+. That means now you are officially out of apple fitness plus subscriptions; getting back there once again anytime by following same above-mentioned steps in future if needed later .

How To Cancel Apple Fitness Plus Subscription On A Mac Device

If you are looking to cancel an Apple Fitness+ subscription on a Mac device, then follow step-by-step guidance:

Step One: Open The App Store On Your MacOS Device

Open App store homepage using Finder and launch apple store window showing utilities screen . Thereafter move straight into menu dropdown option located upper corner button clicks then click account situated there which hosts already purchased digital services section for them like Music etc look down further until finding Purchase History given alternative link beside that appears with Arrow symbol trailing right-hand side direction. Tap open.

Step Two: Identify AppleFitness +Subscription From Purchased Sections List

Once inside purchase history ,one can view all former transactions made with respective apple id under bought sections list find ‘Fitness+’ among other options.if unable to identify just use search feature provided on top left-hand side corner typing words ‘Fitness’ instantly results are shown associating answers fulfilling purpose thereby pinpoint exact option amongst list below after confirming select “Edit” option against that item as far Edit represents control-panel of current users holding rights/control actions appended therein.

Step Three : Choose An Option “None” Under Cancellation Status Box And Enter Confirmation Code

In Edit mode one core detail requires attention – under edit tab(the latest subscription been offered) choose box none present at the trifling left-view meant for cancellation status with pen instructions.
So, post doing so now its time to confirm your entry before submitting code made available; it’s usually one of the primary security codes using while logging into apple devices stay focused while making entry.

How To Cancel Apple Fitness Plus With iTunes Subscription

Step One: Open The iTunes App On Your Device

Open itunes application after launching following separate path not similar on those we previously followed. Tap on mentioned icon depicting music symbol (upper-left direction)when application launches easily visible as well identifiable .

Step Two : Sign-In And Select Account Tab In Which You Have Taken Subscription

You are required signing-in getting access towards account where you originally opted subscribed services from preoccupied options. Look straight at top-left corner clicking on Account button which states down in-front of any album art identifying users preferences having entered here earlier.

It takes us to a menu option list that provides an array of services offered by Apple products including Music, Movies and TV etc . Apart from this a subsection namely “Settings” is placed under own settings besides desired service listing viewable there(you taken subscription ).

Step Three : Choose Manage Opposition Or Plans Feature

Next move depends entirely over typesetting whereupon encountering subscription tab next most prominent task comes in play – click-on manage opposition beneath green-highlighted text “subscriptions” located slightly downside against active running service just tapped upon .

Following that action makes you prompt with lists containing various subscriptions done until obtainment day through logged apple id including other digital media .

Be sure about selecting existing installations unto computer/device otherwise unable continuing taking benefits alternately terminating relationships perpetually repeating steps proposed throughout entirety aforementioned guide piece amidst applications shopping hubs website maintaining workflows even better long-time support via manuals troubleshooting pages giving us real confidence convenience apart helpful customer care chatbots standard hireings solving issues amicably thereby presenting us better experience impossible finding elsewhere undoubtedly!