Kelly Hyland was a key cast member of the popular reality show “Dance Moms” for four seasons, but her sudden departure in 2014 left fans wondering why she had decided to leave. There were rumors and speculations about what led to Kelly’s exit from the show, but the full story wasn’t revealed until years later. In this article, we will delve into why Kelly left Dance Moms.

Who Is Kelly Hyland?

Who Is Kelly Hyland?

Before we get into her reasons for leaving, let us give you a brief background on who Kelly Hyland is. She is a former competitive dancer and dance teacher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her daughters Brooke and Paige were part of Abby Lee Miller’s elite competition team at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), which served as the focus of Lifetime’s hit reality series “Dance Moms.” One of her most famous moments on the show was when she got into a physical altercation with Miller during an argument that ended up resulting in legal charges against both parties.

Why Did She Leave The Show?

Why Did She Leave The Show?

The first hint that something might be off between Kelly and ALDC founder and instructor Abby came after filming wrapped for season four. Rumors began circulating that there had been some sort of altercation between them during one of their many verbal spats – nothing out of the ordinary for longtime viewers who were accustomed to watching these two go back and forth throughout each episode.

However, it became clear when season five aired without any appearances by either Brooke or Paige that something more serious was going on behind-the-scenes.

So what caused all of this drama? According to reports by insiders close to production things deteriorated almost immediately after Season Four ended.

A source told TMZ that while producers wanted both girls back next year once they’d seen other projects through; Abby didn’t want anything to do with them anymore due to their mother’s behavior:

“[Producer] Collins Avenue suggested bringing it back because no one wants to see Abby by herself caring for her inevitable 5 new students, but [Miller] vetoed it.”

Kelly was evidently unhappy with the situation too. After being excluded from filming of the fifth season, she made clear her position on Twitter:

“I’m glad my children are happy and healthy out of that environment.”

This again corroborates reports there had been some sort of altercation before filming resumed.

Despite this recent revelation, Kelly Hyland has never gone into detail about why she left Dance Moms or what specifically happened between her and Abby Lee Miller behind-the-scenes. It’s unlikely we’ll ever know the full story since it involved legal matters.

What We Know About The Altercation

The reason for their physical altercation remains a mystery as well. Rumors surfaced that tensions reached boiling point after Kelly supposedly caught wind producers had been planning an “ambush” in LA a promotional event against her daughter Paige which ultimately proved false.

“We will not be threatened,” said Kelly at one point during their argument.

It is unclear if anything else happened that could have triggered their violent confrontation. Court documents obtained by TMZ revealed they settled a defamation lawsuit filed against each other in January 2015 over their altercations—a sign whatever led them to come to blows was serious enough both needed legal representation when sorting things out later down the line.

However, neither party gave any further specifics about whatever occurred when things got really heated between them off-camera aside from admitting mutual wrongdoing that caused physical harm during an argument on set back in November 2013

What Happened Next?

After leaving “Dance Moms,” Kelly made public statements condemning Miller’s behavior towards dancers and said she would never “glorify or condone anyone who treats children like garbage.”

She also opened up about how stressful being part of the show could be for parents and cast members alike – especially given all the drama happening off-camera:

“Dance moms” is not how I want to live my life, and I’m sure none of the other moms on the show feel that way.”

Brooke took a break from dancing soon after leaving “Dance Moms,” but has since returned to performing. Paige continued studying dance and is now pursuing acting.

Abby Lee Miller went on to become one of Dancing with the Stars’ most recognizable alumni in 2015 when partnering with celebrity partner Jax Taylor, ultimately coming runners-up together that season.


At this point, it’s difficult to know exactly what happened between Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller that resulted in her sudden departure from Dance Moms. However one thing is for certain- it was not an amicable parting of ways by any means. From rumors surrounding a physical altercation off-camera leading up to some sort ambush allegation aimed at Kelly’s daughter which wasn’t true being floated around after filming ended up excluding Brooke and Paige from Season Five onwards; there are plenty of possible motives for why things might have gone south so quickly behind-the-scenes.

All we can say for sure is both parties had mutual legal representation during their eventual settlement period involving compensation requests stemming out verbal spat before cameras rolled once again; otherwise, no concrete details ever surfaced publicly about what exactly led up their violent outburst aside admitting fault against each other regarding harmful or abusive behavior undertaken towards opposite sides during said incident cited as serious enough necessitating outside involvement legally speaking when seeking resolution post-filming wrapped… whether anything beyond this moment went down remains anyone’s guess.