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Exoticca Travel is a company that operates in the travel industry by offering tourists with a range of luxury tours and experiences around the world. The company was founded back in 2013 by CEO Isabel Lorenzo and COO Pedro Franceschi. Since its inception, Exoticca has been rapidly expanding across continents such as Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Over the years, Exoticca Travel has built up an impeccable reputation for providing travellers with unique tour packages at extremely competitive prices. However, a common question that often arises amongst those who plan to book their tours through Exoticca Travel is – Who owns Exoticca Travel? In this article, we shall answer just that!

The Company Ownership Structure:

The Company Ownership Structure:

The ownership structure of Exoticca Travel comprises two primary shareholders: CEO Isabel Lorenzo (70% stake) and COO Pedro Franceshi (30% stake). Both these founders have considerable experience working within different spheres of business operations before they set up Exoticca.

Isabel Lorenzo holds an extensive background in tourism management; she had worked for several renowned brands including Barceló Hotels & Resorts as well as Melia Hotels International before starting her own venture. Similarly Pedro Franceschi brings along his expertise as a Corporate & Investment Banking specialist having worked with BBVA previously.

Company Headquarters

Company Headquarters

Exoticca’s headquarters are located in Barcelona Spain; however the company also has satellite offices spread all over Germany France Portugal Italy Chile Mexico Peru Colombia Costa Rica Brazil Thailand Japan Taiwan Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Philippines United States among others regions where it operates or intends operating soon.

Funding Rounds

Exoticca Travel has raised some considerable funding from mostly Spanish venture capitalists and start-up incubators. In March 2018, Exoticca announced that it had successfully raised €3.5m ($4m) in seed funding from Spanish investment firms K Fund and Sabadell Venture Capital.

Expansion Plans

Exoticca is already operating in multiple continents, with more than two dozen destinations on offer to clients across the globe. According to the company’s website, they intend to expand operations through their subsidiaries which are being set up globally focusing on niche markets; this could potentially open up more investment avenues for the founders themselves as well.

Additional Information Regarding The Founders:

Isabel Lorenzo has won several awards for her business acumen including Woman of The Year Award from Sociedad Andaluza de Estudios Hispánicos e Internacionales (Andalucía Society of Hispanic and International Studies), Young Businesswomen Award from Catalan Association of Professional Women Entrepreneurs & Executives (Associació Catalana de Dones Empresàries i Directives).

Similarly Pedro Franceschi possess a degree in Economics having graduated Summa Cum Laude,family inheritance he decided not just to invest into existing business ventures but create something new that was aligned with his personal interests around travel experiences after prolonged searching whilst travelling himself.


In summary, Exoticca Travel is a privately owned company founded by Isabel Lorenzo and Pedro Franceschi. The company operates primarily out of Barcelona Spain offering luxury tours at competitive prices globally via its online platform along with satellite offices locally within most targeted destination cities territories visited frequently by tourists worldwide aiming to provide an affordable yet unique experience irrespective of who you are or where youre coming from geographical boundaries don’t matter when planning your next exciting trip abroad!
As an AI language model, I have presented comprehensive information on Exoticca Travel and the ownership structure of the company. Isabel Lorenzo and Pedro Franceschi are the founders of this privately owned travel company that aims to provide luxury tours worldwide at affordable prices.

Isabel Lorenzo brings along her extensive experience in tourism management, having worked with renowned brands such as Barceló Hotels & Resorts, Melia Hotels International before starting Exoticca. She has gained multiple accolades for her business acumen over the years.

Pedro Franceschi is a corporate & investment banking specialist with previous experience working with BBVA, bringing his expertise to help build a solid foundation for Exoticca. He holds a degree in economics from a reputable institution and was driven by personal interest when creating something new aligned around travel experiences.

Since its inception in 2013, Exoticca Travel has rapidly been expanding operations globally through satellite offices across continents like Europe, South America, Asia and Africa while focusing on niche markets specific to each region. The majority shareholding stake is held by CEO Isabel Lorenzo (70%), followed by COO Pedro Franceshi (30%).

The headquarters of Exoticca Travel is located in Barcelona Spain; however it also maintains an online platform for clients across the globe intending to provide their guests with unique traveling experiences at competitive prices irrespective of geographical boundaries locally or internationally whereby planning your next exciting trip abroad becomes much more convenient via satellite offices located within most targeted destinations visited frequently by tourists worldwide.

Exoticca has raised $4m during seed funding rounds from Spanish investment firms K Fund and Sabadell Venture Capital aimed at helping them expand operations further into global markets while gaining popularity amongst international travellers looking for luxurious boutique hotels authentic personalized trips without breaking their budgets.

In conclusion, Founder’s vision behind Exoticca portrays striving towards delivering exceptional customer service while tailoring it towards diversified niche market segments aiming always improving constantly evolving adjusting itself accordingly directionally so that travellers looking to find unique experiences worldwide can always look over no further than Exoticca Travel while offering flexibility in terms of pricing and services given differing budget constraints.