As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs nor financial capability to invest in properties. However, as a neutral and impartial writer analyzing various articles and reviews from both experts and consumers, I will present some key points that may help readers make an informed decision on whether Westgate Timeshare is a good investment or not.

Westgate Resorts is one of the largest timeshare vacation companies in the world, with more than 25 resorts across the USA. The company’s mission is “to exceed all expectations by providing exceptional service and memorable experiences for our guests.” They offer a range of flexible ownership options that allow members to stay at their choice of resorts according to their preferences.

However, investing in a timeshare can be tricky since it has its pros and cons. Here are some factors that you should consider before making any decision:


1) Affordability – Compared to buying a second home or renting hotel rooms every year, owning a timeshare can potentially save you money over time. By pre-paying for your vacations in advance at today’s prices with no worries about inflationary increases later down the road can work out positively over time.
2) Guaranteed Vacations- As long as you “own” your week(s), which could technically be forever when passed down through heirs (if they inherit them), there’s typically little risk of ever having trouble finding availability if you plan ahead carefully.
3) Quality Time – Staying on-property at Westgate Resorts means guests get more quality vacation time compared to spending hours researching hotels/rentals planning activities/restaurants because everything they need will already be on-site overlooking premium amenities like spas/water parks/golf etc.
4) Exchange Programs – Some timeshares give owners “exchange weeks” meaning owners gain access to thousands of other popular resort destinations worldwide–many owned by competitor brands using point systems similar programs are available allowing trading among slightly different groups.


1) Maintenance Fees – One of the primary downsides of owning a timeshare is maintenance fees are ongoing regardless of whether members use their weeks or not. These fees cover things like property management, utilities, maintenance personnel and most importantly improvements/upgrades that come with time.
2) Ongoing Costs – In addition to the annual maintenance fees covering upkeep, taxes may apply. Also factor in possible extra costs for exchange program availability when used with competing providers all while still paying your own timeshare club mortgage each month/year.
3) Annual Commitment – Most timeshares have a contract term lasting years requiring committing thousands upfront legally binding legal terms and erasing chances for other future vacations with flexibility
4) Market Depreciation – Despite offering fully transferable options or rights implying investment stability/lucrative exits many find it hard in modern resale markets resell at significant return even after years perhaps decades.

What makes Westgate Timeshares unique?

What makes Westgate Timeshares unique?

Westgate’s biggest selling point is its location which lies right outside major American theme parks geared towards family-oriented vacationing keeping everything very close by- part of the company’s slogan “Never leave our resort” this could certainly be both an amenity as well as limiting if guests want to branch out from similar experiences tied to what the resorts advertise themselves for ideally.

Another thing that sets Westgate apart from traditional convert into points systems accommodations like Marriot Vacation Club, Wyndham has introduced ownership via Fractional Tenancy/corporate leasing services where clients potentially invest into current properties at more incredibly lower rates but using contracts some describe as more complex adding hoops/jargon only financially savvy can understand / utilize properly.

Lastly, It should also be noted that Westgate Resorts offers flexible contracts such as “floating week” instead of specific dates. which provides owners fewer limitations for choosing travel windows (and lead-time booking requirements ex: four months before desired travel).

So .. Is investing in Westgate Timeshare a good choice?

So .. Is investing in Westgate Timeshare a good choice?

To decide if Westgate Timeshare is the right investment for your family’s financial profile / vacation needs it’s important to consider all variables & evaluate associated benefits/risks before signing a legally binding contract citing how many weeks per year etc because quitting often doesn’t happen providing an obligation to pay management fees yearly along with mortgage sometimes have restrictions on transferring selling guest access can also becoming limited over time.

For some potential investors, the seeming certainty of spending less money in the future by owning “preferred partner” lodging interests such as this one might make sense from purely mathematically based projections. Other travelers prefer more flexibility (using Airbnb/hostels/hot rates deep discounts local personal experiences) without feeling like they’re locked into plans years down line experiencing difficulty trading or renting out ever again.

Ultimately, if you are someone who values family-oriented activities or frequent travel often recurring cruises think carefully about whether owning long-term tenancy rights outweighs other properties available that advertise consistent use throughout life via swaps/rewards programs transfers alternative choices by weighing reviews and analyzing property assessment containing past/future amortization data so even just maybe follow up questions with current timeshare owners before signing on the dotted line.