Skyrim is a vast and sprawling game world, filled with diverse landscapes and hidden secrets at every turn. One of the key aspects of Skyrim is its housing options – whether you’re looking for a small shack to call your own or an elaborate castle fit for a king, there’s something out there for everyone.

So where exactly are these houses that you can build in Skyrim? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into all the different locations where you can construct your dream home and explore some of the unique features that each one offers.

Starting Off: Breezehome

Starting Off: Breezehome

If you’re just starting out on your journey through Skyrim, chances are you’ll want to settle down somewhere relatively quickly. And luckily for you, one of the most accessible houses in the game can be found right in Whiterun!

Breezehome may not be much to look at initially but it provides plenty of space once augmented with various upgrades:

1) Building an Alchemy lab
1) Building an Alchemy lab
2) Add new furniture including beds and bookshelves
3) Stone Walls
4) A balcony overlooking The Plains Districts

All-in-all Breezhom gives players lots options despite its somewhat cramped quarters leading up to them.

The Imperial Option: Hjerim

If you’ve sided with the Imperials during the civil war questline (or are planning on doing so), then Hjerim might be more appealing than other available properties due to being located near both wealthy merchants which provide frequent sales opportunities as well ample hold guard protection thanks to their proximity.

But before taking additional steps towards acquiring Hjerim keep certain things in mind first:

It’s important that Solitude must have been captured by imperial forces before fulfilling any requirement needed otherwise endless frustration awaits regarding unavailability situation about holding property here.

With those housekeeping notes covered allow yourself time exploring information related bonuses included when buying or upgrading such establishment; namely becoming a Thane which only requires completing quests and helping citizens.

Hjerim itself is located at the northern end of Windhelm. There’s quite a lot of leg-work involved in getting it, however:

1) Becoming Thane
2) Investigating some unsavoury murders marked for investigation
3) Deciding whether to upgrade exquisite house with certain add ons

The Adventurer’s Home: Lakeview Manor

For fans that wanted more freedom than what the aforementioned properties afforded them however Skyrim base game fails you time and time again when looking for options.

Enter The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire expansion DLC to save the day!

In exchange for being called upon by Jarls from multiple provinces one can nab three plots located in Falkreath (Lakeview Manor), Dawnstar (Windstad Manor), or Morthal (Heljarchen Hall).

This writer would argue that Lakeview Manor is undoubtedly the best of what was released. It offers up plenty of space to spread out, breathtaking views with verdant greenery filling every inch around your establishment.and important easy access to property from cities such as Solitude or Whiterun.

One unique feature Lakeview has compared other properties like Breezehome, Hjerem etc…

While those places were added through normal quest progression within main story line whereas Hearthfire DLC expansions brought about an entirely new world full opportunities waiting along with player input shaping newest home front into whatever desired depending on each gamer preference.

What About Mods?

Even after putting all this information forward, there could be gamers who still haven’t found their perfect home yet. However wonders gaming community have made possible thanks handy modifications available free online ranging renovations big small nonetheless worthwhile based chosen aesthetic variations!


All in all, Skyrim provides players with various housing options catering towards various play styles – whether its rough-and-ready adventuring or luxurious living. Each property has its style and upgrades via various expansions, allowing you to tailor your home exactly the way you want it.

As such; fan of game will get as much out experience depending on whether they want traditional base housing or newest Hearthfire DLC coupled with third party mod variations. There’s truly something out there Skyrim fans regardless if gamers prefer snowy slopes Windhelm manse idling warm by fire cozy scoping heard strewn Falkreath sunsets.