As the population of elderly individuals continues to grow, so does the need for reliable and compassionate nursing home care. One option available in Longview, TX is Haven Care Nursing Home.

Haven Care Nursing Home prides itself on providing skilled nursing care that allows residents to live with dignity and independence while receiving essential medical support. The facility offers both long-term and short-term stays to meet the individual needs of its residents.


Located at 1400 Lago Trail in Longview, TX, Haven Care Nursing Home sits on a spacious lot offering plenty of greenery and outdoor space for recreational activities, gardening or just enjoying nature for its own sake. The location provides easy access to emergency services as well as various amenities such as shopping centers, supermarkets among others which brings convenience to their seniors’ life.



The facility has enough accommodation options ranging from private rooms with en-suite bathrooms fully furnished with all the necessary things a senior may need during their stay including: bedside tables,sitting chairs close next each window giving patients optimal views outside.All bathrooms include bars/rails that aims at safeguarding clients when getting up,others have roll-in showers along those lines ensuring full comfort regardless of one’s limited mobility.

Also available are semi-private rooms designed for two residents who want more social interaction amongst themselves but still desire their little privacy alongside basic necessities like toilet rolls,bath towels,enough closet storage spaces,a mini-fridge placed conveniently between curtains separating each bed outlining one’s personal space plus many other add-ons making it feel like second homes away from home.


Activities are scheduled regularly by Haven Care staff members such as games & puzzles,talent shows,Bible study sessions,knitting/crocheting circles,music sing-alongs just naming a few hereby enhances entertainment life during their stay.During special occasions,Haven organizes events that include families allowing efforts towards re-unification between relatives besides keeping seniors more joyous and happy mentally thus positively boosting their immune system & increasing quality living that we all crave for.

Nutritional needs are fully catered to where kitchen staff prepare healthy meals adjusting towards each patient’s dietary requirements such as gluten-free,vegetarian,diabetic,among others. Set dining areas overlook beautiful views of wonderful nature landscape surrounding the premises depicting a peaceful atmosphere that encourages appetites in turn nourishing one’s body holistically.

More so offered are wellness programs including but not limited to physical therapy,gym sessions specifically tailored towards capacities of different clients enabling them an opportunity with time management while practicing optimal health through constant exercises.An onsite chapel allows the seniors spiritual connection enhancing their faith among others much like home care life essentials.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Haven Care Nursing Home boasts of its expertly trained professional medical personnel including full-time registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs),certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and other supportive team members aim at providing high-quality individualized health care from scratch irrespective of somebody’s social standing,color preferences or whatsoever demeaning attribute hopefully giving premium service worth every dime spent towards patients’ stay at Haven making it worth praising beyond borders.

Personalized Care Plans

The facility takes pride in its ability to offer personalized caregiving schedules customized according to particular senior residents’ mental-motor-skills and daily habits.Personalised care plans includes provisionally scheduled activities daily on client everyday routines ensuring they get integrated into custom coaching service over time.Other services encompass hygiene/bathing,basic cleaning tasks,intrinsic communication methods improving connectedness with respective family members besides other essential regular check-in services affirming continuous contact with family officials enhancing tranquility between both parties aiming solitary peace during each resident’s stay here amongst many other services furnished by Haven Care nursing home Longview,TX famously known for delivering next-level treatment that has stood out among its peers along those lines earning them numerous positive reviews across different platforms both locally and internationally.


Haven Care Nursing Home has become a well-known name throughout Longview, TX for their exceptional nursing care and personalized services. Their commitment to providing high-quality care that respects the dignity of each resident is evident in the facility’s amenities, professional staff, and customized personal care plans. Whether looking for long-term residency or short-term rehabilitation stay, Haven Care Nursing Home could very well be your ideal therapy haven through ensuring satisfactory customer service here at Haven caring about your best interest something that can barely be found elsewhere other senior nursing home facilities out there on the market today.