It is important to note that Jeffrey Dahmer, who was a notorious serial killer from Wisconsin, did not watch movies with his victims. In fact, there is no evidence to suggest that he ever watched anything with the individuals he murdered.

Dahmer’s crimes are well-known and documented, having killed 17 young men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He would lure them back to his apartment under the guise of spending time together or offering money for sexual favors.

Once they were inside, he would give them alcohol laced with sedatives before strangling them or using other methods of murder such as dismemberment or injecting acid into their brains in an attempt to create zombie-like sex slaves.

While it’s true that Dahmer had an interest in horror films and even had posters for some horror movies on his apartment walls, this doesn’t mean that he implicated watching films when committing his terrible crimes.

In interviews after his arrest, Dahmer has been reported as saying that he felt compelled to kill because of an overwhelming urge but never blamed any external factor like a movie inflaming his urges further. Additionally, none of those around him suggested any familiarity between him wanting/making victims watch movies prior or during his attacks

Instead,Dahmer’s desire to control others came from deeply rooted psychological issues- narcissism paired with insecurities concerning social interactions driving him toward total domination over another human being (often subdued by drugging).

In conclusion therefore,the rumor regarding which movie Jeffrey Dahmer watched with victims remains just but a urban legend without basis in reality .
Jeffrey Dahmer is infamous for his appalling crimes. He killed 17 young men and boys between 1978 and 1991, all of whom he lured back to his apartment with promises of money or companionship. Once they were alone, he drugged them with alcohol spiked with sedatives before strangling them or using other horrific methods.

Many people have speculated about what could have caused Dahmer’s violent behavior. One persistent rumor is that he watched movies with his victims before killing them. However, there is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim.

It’s true that Dahmer had an interest in horror movies; posters for some horror films adorned the walls of his apartment. But this fact doesn’t mean that watching movies influenced his actions in any way.

When interviewed after his arrest, Dahmer never blamed external factors like film content on why he committed these crimes. Instead, reports suggest that the root causes lay in underlying psychological issues such as deep-seated narcissism and insecurities about social interactions driving him towards controlling and dominating others – often via drugging those who attracted him most strongly (mostly young men).

While it’s natural to try and understand how something so terrible can happen – we must resist the temptation to find fantastical explanations not grounded in reality. The idea becomes a convenient scapegoat – absolving culprits themselves Whilst propagating myths without sufficient foundation or empirical basis e.g linking video games/movies/entertainment mediums almost reflexively every time cases related to serious criminal conduct make headlines

As noted above therefore,it remains clear that Jeffrey Dhamer did not watch anything prior/during murdering those individuals .This notion must be dispelled so misinformation does not persist- especially considering family members/friends whose loved ones were affected by this tragic story may be troubled seeing malicious rumors further propagate a mutilated truth thereby made more painful