Being a fan of Batman animated movies and TV shows is about more than just enjoying the caped crusader’s adventures. It’s also about keeping track of his escapades, especially if you want to watch them in chronological order.

Batman, as one of DC Comics’ most recognizable characters, has had numerous adaptations over the years on both television and film. The Dark Knight has arguably impressed audiences across every media format from comics to cartoon series to box-office hits. However, with so much content available revolving around Bruce Wayne’s alter ego -and various rebooted timelines- fans might be wondering how it all fits together: What is the best order to see all Batman animated movies?

Although there are many options regarding what sequence a viewer could dive into when watching Batman Animated Movies actually following a specific pattern will help viewers get lost in this universe without missing anything important or getting confused with conflicting storylines.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Batman Animated Movies in Order:

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Batman Animated Movies in Order:

1. Start by perusing through “The History Of Batman”.

1. Start by perusing through “The History Of Batman”.
It may sound daunting at first but trust us; reading up on Bruce Wayne’s life before he donned his cape can broaden your understanding of where he comes from—mentalities fuelled him—his core principles that have driven him since day one.

2. Begin with “Batman: Year One” (2011)
The movie features impressive visuals and an engaging storyline that follows Jim Gordon rise from an honest beat cop assigned to Gotham City who tries desperately hard to bring down corruption while helping vulnerable people around him –ones we’d later learn would become key players vs organised crime bosses- . Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is grappling with losing his parents brutally -something that would motivate every major action we’ve seen since then-. Set against a backdrop of grotesque villains like mob boss Carmine Falcone –a villain lucky enough not have been picked for Christopher Nolan’s cinematic universe–Year One is a must-see for all Batman fans.

3. Next, watch “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (2012)
The storyline follows an aging Bruce Wayne coming back from retirement after ten years and taking on the reigns as he battles his biggest arch-rival, Joker, who has yet again brought chaos upon Gotham City since his death -or disappearance depending on Batman continuity-. In this series too are mutants that have taken over the city’s streets while police wait like pacifists for someone else to take action and defend them against these thugs. Year One director Lauren Montgomery masterfully handles the source material by keeping it faithful with pitch-perfect characterisation

4. Follow up with “Batman: Mask of The Phantasm” (1993)
Mask of Phantasm–one which was so critically acclaimed that it received very limited theatrical release bags rating spots till date-is often cited among the top animated films based on Batly Boy. Directed by Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm –the duo behind many decades worth phenomenal batman-series-, Mask of The Phantasm pays homage to everything great about varying versions of BatMan stories we’ve come across in comics via gathering perspectives from numerous timelines.

5. Then Watch “Batman & Mr Freeze SubZero”(1998)
This adaptation remains one distinct portrayal regarding Victor Fries’ motivation before becoming ice-cold villain ‘Mr Freeze’. It rounds off outstandingly well when our hero, aka Batman decides he would risk anything-even going up against a criminal genius- to save Victorian woman Nora Fries’ life given how much she means to him .

6. Following this Is “Justice League/ Justice League Unlimited“(2001) [Season 1 episode #19]: Legends
…a story about meetings one childhood idol -Superfriends inspired her-still alive where heroes found themselves trapped in a supervillain TV reality show lasting 24 hours thereby making it a must-watch.

7. “Batman: The Animated Series” (eps 01 to 86 ;1992–1995)
Although this tv-series existed before the release of some of Batman’s animated series, “Batman: The Animated Series” effectively works as an essential introduction to everything Batman -even though continuity might get hazy because it wasn’t made exclusively for ‘Arrowverse’ style bingeing-. Alongside some classic writing by Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm- one stand out character was unquestionably Mark Hamill’s Joker.

8. Keep going with “Batman Beyond” (eps 1 – 52; season ,2000-2001)
Here we are talking about Terry McGinnis working alongside an ageing Bruce Wayne whose time has given him PTSD due to his death-defying adventures throughout decades serving justice in Gotham City . With advancements in technology pushing reality boundaries leading Batman into further futuristic timelines BB represents yet another classic BatMultiverse storyline worthy of a watch

9. Justice League Unlimited (Seasons 1 through Season3) aka JLU
This series showcases heroes including Dark Knight- featuring memorable villains and team-ups that help bind together various recognizable storylines from multiple comics arcs and adaptations while building upon DC legendarium .

10). Finish with “Batman/Superman Public Enemies”(2009)
As intense political boycotts call for superheroes’ heads on platters, newly-elected President Lex Luthor sets out creating a national initiative so dangerous it would destroy all who reject his authority by coopting world powers-Vixen among others join forces strengthening the elemental intrigue found within such a power-driven narrative.

To recap on ways how best Watch All batman movies and TV shows order:
-Crusaders should start with Year One,
-Move onto The Dark Knight Returns next,
-Follow up immediately after watching both above films by viewing Mask Of Phantasm,
-Next watch Batman & Mr Freeze SubZero’
-Follow it up with Justice League/ Justice League Unlimited “season 1 episode #19”: Legends
-Make sure you see the whole of “Batman: The Animated Series” (eps 01 to 86 ;1992–1995)
-binge-watch “Batman Beyond” (seasons1 and Seasons2 ,2000-2001)
-Watch around three years worth of JLU from seasons to season3
-Finally, cap things off with “Batman/Superman Public Enemies”(2009)  

Watching all these Batman animated movies in order should be a rewarding experience. Not only will it give you some time to reminisce on Bruce Wayne’s journey as he grapples with his pain but also the invisible demons that conceal themselves beyond behind Gotham’s phantasms while battling crime. Happy watching!