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Coda is a 2021 American drama film that portrays the story of teenagers’ lives and their love for music. Directed and written by Sian Heder, this film features Emilia Jones as Ruby Rossi, a teenager who dreams of becoming a singer but has to assist her deaf parents (played by Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin) in their fishing business. Her life is changed when she joins her high school choir. The film explores themes like family bonds, individuality, determination, and music.

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has given the movie Coda an R rating, which means Restricted – children under 17 require accompanying parents or adult guardians. It would help if you were at least 17 years old to watch it alone without parental guidance.

According to MPAA Classification Rating rules:

According to MPAA Classification Rating rules:

“A motion picture content rating should be assigned only after careful consideration of all factors surrounding a particular instance of media content intended for public exhibition.”

These ratings take into account various elements such as violence/gore; sex/nudity; profanity; substances; behaviors-motivations-themes/language/attitude/preference/other socio-cultural aspects.

To get an R-rating according to MPA guidelines:

– Requires some adult supervision because it contains mature material that may not be suitable for children.
– It will have more intense scenes depicting sexual activity or graphic nudity.
– They can have strong language or use words considered explicit.
– Can show intense violence with bloodshed or gore that shows beyond what is typically seen in PG13-rated flicks.

Some scenes in Coda include mild swearing along with some brief nudity. Therefore keeping this context in mind led the MPA authorities towards opting for giving it an R-Rating instead of something lower like PG13

While there’s no strict age limit set for R rated films, the classification guidelines suggest that children under 17 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the movie.

The ESRB (Entertainment Standards Rating Board) rates movies in the United States and Canada. Their rating system is similar to MPA’s, but they rate video games instead.

To conclude, Coda being rated “R” shouldn’t defer you from watching this masterpiece; however, it contains some mature content that requires parental guidance. Moreover, It beautifully entertains its audience with visuals as well as soundtracks- it helped popularize Sweet Caroline cover sung by whole cast which went viral on social media sites. Therefore, if you’ve prepared yourself according to MPA restrictions and are ready-to-go through small intimate-moments between characters shown in this movie -Coda will surely get your feet tapping along with your fingers playing music up in their air!
As an AI language model, I can confidently provide you information on what is the movie “Coda” rated. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has given this drama film an R rating, making it restricted for children under 17 years of age without parental guidance. This classification involves more intense scenes depicting sexual activity or graphic nudity with strong language and violent content.

Apart from MPA, another board called the ESRB rates video games in the US and Canada countries using almost similar guidelines as MPA does to rate movies.

“Coda” showcases a teenage girl’s life revolving around her love for music while assisting her deaf parents in their fishing business. The film artistically portrays several themes like family bonds, individuality, determination, and music that tugs at your heartstrings throughout its running time.

The R-rating is curated specifically to guide parents towards accompanying their young teens during the screening of mature films. Although there is no strict age limit set for such films by MPAA authorities; It depends upon a parent’s discretion if they feel comfortable letting their child watch it alone.

In conclusion, despite being marked as an R-rated film because of some intimate moments between characters along with mild swearing and brief nudity – Coda still offers delightful entertainment while driving home valuable themes about family ties and living up to one’s musical potential through struggles faced in early life stages. So go ahead folks- immerse yourselves into these beautifully woven visuals paired up gloriously orchestrated soundtracks out there awaiting discovery – thanks both visual content creators behind cameras & genuine talented musicians working hard impressed us all far-reaching corners via this amazing movie!