Gympass is a fitness platform that provides individuals with access to hundreds of gyms, studios, and other fitness facilities through a monthly subscription service. Gympass partners with different establishments to offer diverse options for members looking to improve their physical condition.

With its global network of partnerships, users can enjoy access to top-rated workout facilities across more than 15 countries. This article will explore in-depth about what gyms are included in Gympass.

Firstly, how does the Gympass work?

Firstly, how does the Gympass work?
The way it operates is pretty simple: you sign up for an account on the platform’s website or mobile app and then choose your desired plan based on the number of sessions you prefer. Once signed up and subscribed, simply present your digital membership card upon arriving at any partner gym location before entering into one of their classes or gym floors.

What gyms are included in Gympass?

What gyms are included in Gympass?
When signing up for a subscription at Gympass today, new customers have over 50 thousands available venues from which they can choose from worldwide. If we focused only on Gym chains offering services globally, here are some notable names:

1) Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness is an American-based international chain that has over 4 thousand franchises worldwide spread across all continents except Antarctica. All its outlets provide state-of-the-art equipment as well as group training programs led by certified personal trainers.

2) Gold’s Gym
Gold’s Gym started operating back in the late ‘60s when it was established by ex-Docker Joe Goldsmith after he moved his operations out west from Venice Beach CA – where his flagship gym had been popular among bodybuilders since Arnold Schwarzenegger used it as his base while competing internationally between contests back home (see “Pumping Iron” documentary). Today Gold’s operate locations within almost every continent providing functional movement training opportunities,

3) Fitness First
Fitness First originally opened its doors in Bournemouth in 1993. This British-born gym chain operating locations across Europe, Asia & Australia has been offering world-class group exercise classes alongside its comprehensive range of fitness equipment serving more than 1 million members globally.

4) Virgin Active
Virgin Active is a South African company that now operates facilities across four continents. It provides a wide array of activities in addition to traditional strength and cardio sessions on gym floors like cycling studios or pool areas for aqua aerobics.

5) Pure Gym
PureGym boasts over 300 locations throughout the UK & Ireland making it one of the largest sports club organizations within Britain and now continentally expanding into Germany as well. Its sport venues come equipped with modern facilities such as isolation machines, cardio zones and personal training programming options blended made accessible by an affordable subscription plan pricing scheme that will allow customers to find a center nearby easily regardless of their location countrywide.

6) LA Fitness
LA Fitness (Not related to Los Angeles Lakers franchise) is yet another US-grown firm providing workout solutions for individuals worldwide since opening doors at Cypress, California back in 1984 currently under the ownership umbrella owned by RSG Group GmbH from Hof/Munich Germany owning Titan’s Hammer Strength brand’s rights worldwide, U.S-based EoS Fitness Center®, Cybex International Inc., Powerhouse Gyms International et cetera: eventually gained market position at several European regions like the UK, Poland and Hungary among others through local acquisition deals.

7) SnapFitness
SnapFitness’ entrepreneurial roots are found close to Lake Minoqua USA where Peter Taunton founded his first venture in small-town Wisconsin after selling off other companies he had operated. Today SnapFitness provides budget gyms without sacrificing quality having almost 3K clubs all over North America primarily focusing upon suburban outdoor communities relying on self-directed access largely; but some outlets operate supervised hours managed professionally too depending on member density around particular location.

8) Énergie Fitness
Energie Fitness is privately held by Dundee based firm DMC PLC. Energie was founded in 2003 and quickly spread throughout the UK via franchising agreements with local entrepreneurs who offered brand licenses as part of its growth strategy, which prompted fitness enthusiasts to pay attention carefully enough because of never-before-heard concept: A Gym that promises custom-made solutions for every member’s goals– if not helping realize than at least trying their best by communicating or acting upon feedback received from members personally on how they can improve their services provided back to customers..

Gympass provides access to a vast network of gyms globally offering choices & options suitably tailored towards meeting each customer’s unique training requirements irrespective of where they are located worldwide., Additionally, partnership deals allow both parties involved alike prime opportunities enabling incremental business expansion across foreign soil – benefiting consumers most since it offers cheaper rates as well comprehensive workout programming range available under one single subscription plan pricing scheme regardless geographical borders. Gympass’ flexibility has encouraged individuals looking for new physical outflows outside familiar gym walls, motivating them through universal health improvement prospects via interactive calisthenics, indoor cycling paths or HIIT circuits among other categories facilitated efficiently within membership programs subscribed without hassle disrupting personal schedules!