When it comes to managing finances, people are always looking for the best options that can help them save money and make smart investment decisions. One of the latest players in this field is Smartly Financial, a robo-advisory platform that claims to offer users an easy, affordable way to invest their savings. But with so many financial services available online these days, how do you know if Smartly Financial is legit? In this article, we’ll examine everything there is to know about Smartly Financial and determine whether it’s worth using.

What Is Smartly Financial?

What Is Smartly Financial?

Before discussing whether or not Smartly Financial is legitimate, let’s first take a closer look at what this company offers. Founded in 2015 by Singaporean entrepreneurs Keir Veskivali and Artur Luhaaar, Smartly aims to provide more accessible investment options for retail investors through a fully-automated investment management system.

Smartly allows investors to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tailored according to varying levels of risk tolerance. Essentially, it uses algorithms based on Nobel Prize-winning theories to analyze an investor’s profile then construct an ETF portfolio based on their goals and timeline.

Is Using Smartly Legit?

The short answer: yes! In general terms of operating within regulatory frameworks that govern such businesses as registered fund managers/management corporations – under which domain they fall; those ventures previously licensed by regulators like SEC (the Monetary Authority Of Singapore ((MAS))) undergo extreme scrutiny before being granted licenses alongside adherence/compliance protocols needed for consumer protection reasons til date offered by its parent firm specifically iFast Corporation Ltd;

This whole process ensures transparency as well regulatory compliances during every aspect of operation practices going with sound supervisions besides providing records over time reflecting satisfactory returns( albeit no security whatsoever). However fraudulent or scam activities can take shape even amongst regulated firms from time-to-time but most had proven themselves dependable service providers thus far.

Smartly Financial’s Licenses

Regarding licenses, Smartly has acquired several licenses required of registered fund management corporations. Equivalent to the series 65 in the US for advisors and asset managers, Singapore uses the “Capital Markets Services” -CMS- Exam as one of its requirement for working at licensed firms towards maintaining best practices and good business ethics with investors’ protection. The company also operates under regulations from the Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS), which is one of Asia’s regulatory authorities governing financial markets.

They’re Registered In Singapore

If a company isn’t registered within its country-of-origin location, it may not be legitimate or allowed to provide its services. Fortunately, Smartly Financial was started by a group of researchers who were focused on creating a well-regulated platform providing transparency to safeguard retail investors selling directly from iFast Corporation LTD headquarters in Singapore. Thus you don’t have any reason whatsoever not to trust it.

How Safe Is Your Money With Smartly?

Investing inevitably carries risks; this applies irrespective of whether an investor takes advantage or exclude themselves altogether using third party platforms like robo advisor platforms like that offered by Nonetheless there are assurance measures put in place by MAS authorities regarding such investment vehicles requiring tax counseling as well risk assessment before they are given permission for distribution among members investing monies even if dealing with offshore brokers always strives dedicated money placements options through basic account information/transaction verifications online accessible via internet systems encryption methods ensuring safe digital portals furthermore trading requirements needing advanced personal data such email address IP addresses meanwhile no access linked back toward users device details including their names foremost together with proprietary firewall patches thwart unwanted intrusion attempts being set up automatically thereafter minimizing chances leading identity thefts potential therein protecting user investments using multi factor authentication protocols installed while following strict customer identification checks during various registration processes just limiting fraudulent accounts activity possibly more involving activities alike.

Due Diligence Practices Of Investors Through Regulatory Protection Measures

Investors seeking to invest through the Smartly platform are encouraged to perform due diligence reviews researching and studying the platform strategies beforehand from several sources meanwhile assessing reviews from prior or current investors, even visiting regulatory authority websites releasing periodic compliance updates indicative of such platforms/customers being monitored as well constantly held under inspectors scrutiny by particular regulators.

Given that MAS oversees/bespoke this robo-advisory space, potential retail investor should never delay in asking customer support for queries likewise conducting their due diligences thoroughly before investing – experts say.


With its focus on providing accessible and affordable investment options with fully automated management system, Smartly Financial is an attractive option for those looking to invest without spending significant time or money on research. The use of Nobel Prize-winning theories behind their algorithms indicates it has undergone careful analysis while multiple licences acquired reinforces trust among users/investors operating within jurisdictional frameworks that promote compatibility between players.

Overall, we can confidently say that Smartly Financial is a legit company with qualified licenses alongside suitable bylaws surrounding available products/guidelines ensconced in best practices guidelines included towards beneficial outcomes of clients thereby setting unparalleled industry standards eventually leading towards satisfied customers building up credibilities beyond doubt; experienced financial professionals who regularly audited properly accounting records ensures higher safety levels all around which likely results significant returns with due diligence applied always backed by competent legal safeguards thus solidifying users’ and regulators’ confidences collaborating effortlessly when supporting portfolios accordingly effectively demonstrates lasting impact this type of proprietary technology can deliver coupled with quality assurances expected over-time.