TurboTax is a popular tax preparation software that allows individuals and small business owners to file their taxes online. As easy as it may seem, using the platform can pose some challenges that may require clearing and starting over the process of filing your tax returns. This article will guide you through the steps required to clear and start over TurboTax successfully.

What does “Clearing and Starting Over” on TurboTax Mean?

What does “Clearing and Starting Over” on TurboTax Mean?

Clearing and starting over in TurboTax refer to erasing all previous data, inputs, selections or entries made during the processing of your tax returns. It requires reverting to a clean slate where you begin with fresh inputs devoid of any mistake or error from prior attempts at filing your taxes.

Some reasons why users often resort to clearing and starting over on Turbo Tax include:

Some reasons why users often resort to clearing and starting over on Turbo Tax include:

– Input errors: Sometimes, taxpayers enter incorrect data inadvertently as they fill out their forms leading them down paths they realize later were wrong.
– Missing Information: At times taxpayers miss some essential details such as W2s or 1099-MISC forms resulting in incomplete filings.
– New information: After an initial attempt at completing a form, additional information might be made available prompting taxpayers first input seems invalid hence necessitating beginning anew.
– Changing course: If for whatsoever reason users decide upon reconsideration not to proceed with an earlier submission (and maybe opt for paper format instead), then this would mean needing a fresh start on TurboTax.

Before You Start Clearing And Starting Over

There are several factors one should take into account before executing commands to clear their screens on Turbotax when preparing their income statements. These include;

1) A complete backup
You must save a full backup copy of everything done so far before wiping out data saved earlier if resuming these tasks become essential later.

2) Any changes in responses affect results
Answer follow-up questions differently than initially entered essentially bring about different outcomes even if called back after erasing files.

3) Revisit the original cause of the error
Before commencing cleanup tasks or making a fresh start on TurboTax, it is essential to isolate and understand previous areas of mistake or missing information that caused you to want to restart the process. Doing this ensures that same mistakes are not repeated.

4) Familiarise yourself with instructions
Carefully go through any instruction page from TurboTax regarding commencing anew as vital steps or updates about features may have been added since last use.

How To Clear And Start Over On Turbotax

Once carrying out initial reviews, conducting backups and familiarizing oneself with crucial factors surrounding clearing errors in inputting data on tax returns, users can proceed as follows:

1) Open Your Form
Open your previously saved copy of your form if using an online edition and locate near the top right-hand corner click on “My Account.”

2) Click on Delete My Return
Upon clicking “My account,” you would be navigated to a new page displaying existing forms that one has initiated for filing. Find the form requiring deletion by scrolling downwards until it appears. After which proceed by tapping “Delete my return” just adjacent to where form details appear,

3) Confirm Deletion
The system requires confirmation before proceeding further; thus, a second pop-up window displays listing each element in summary indicating meaning of deleting such transactions complete remove taxes associated them 200 % responsibility report declarations submitted earlier. If all components identified below select ‘Yes,’ then it deleted not merely hidden but erased entirely from records payroll income listed above database application’s storage resources.

4) Retrieve Lost Files
Suppose due no knowledge loss recovery options navigate over settings positioned slightly towards down left-hand side screen ensure adequate copies stored offline perhaps referred back ,then begin again upload replacement changes felt required necessary .

Recommenced Steps For Starting Over

Now that you’ve cleared all prior attempts at IRS compliance via submissions rules electronically accepted parameters perform these necessary steps for clear start on Turbotax;

1. Verify All Forms And Documents Necessary For Reporting Taxes
Before inputting new data into your form again, it is essential to check all sources of information such as W2s, tax obligations from Social Security or Medicare forms so that all details are complete for correct filling.

2. Select The Right Edition
Choose an edition best suited needs and correctly enter login credentials provided earlier purchasing contracts approval proceeding forward completing registration inquiries required additionally set password allowance accurately depending software version acquisitions effecting purchases online

3. Confirm Your Progress After New Uploading Endeavours On Platform
As you progress in re-entering data inputs from scratch, it is necessary to keep cross-checking each category with templates provided for precise answers ensuring discrepancies avoided negative outcomes prevented or minimized causing potential legal disputes.


Clearing and starting over TurboTax may require much work but when appropriately executed helps solve challenges experienced during filing taxes through the platform. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure proper clearing up of old files before jumpstarting new endeavor towards recording your income statement accurately due diligence reconciliation desired results care changes diligently monitored preventing any further errors noticed early corrective actions taken quickly efficiently without wasting time resources minimizing legal issues costs time constraints pressures associated compliance standards accepted by authorities mandated taxpayers worldwide annually must adhere strictly regardless circumstances leading noncompliance consequences later realized financially emotionally besides severely penalizing users putting laws docks endangerment publicly defaming personality besides widespread public disdain likely affect self-respect levels personal relationships public image career progression mobility opinionated rather controversial issue nowadays preferred reports say shift away user-friendly tools turbo dead reckoning full monty lawyered highly argumentative ones official record keeping measures increasingly stringent required gradually part ever-increasing SEC requirements unenviable focus now better prepared follow recent developments closely research trusted professionals optimal performance review opportunities maximize benefits deductions exemptions worth tapping save reducing liability already being levied upon returns filed preparation fees directly reported strategic decisions taken filing procedures measure protecting confidentiality interest security finances shielding possible tax burdens shoulders future optimize chances obtaining desirable results year after year until retirement.