Snake bites piercing is a popular type of lip piercing that involves two symmetrical piercings on either side of the lower lip. This style mimics the appearance of snake fangs, hence its name. While it may appear to be an easy procedure, there are several factors that can have an impact on how much you’ll end up spending for your piercing.

In this expert article, we will discuss all aspects relating to snake bite piercing cost – from where to get the best deals to what factors contribute towards making it more expensive or less expensive.

First and foremost, let’s talk about why price varies with different places that offer a snake bite piercing service. The cost depends largely on three things:

1. Geographical location

1. Geographical location
2. Reputation & experience of piercer

2. Reputation & experience of piercer
3. Type of jewelry used

Geographical Location:

The location you choose to get your snake bites done will have a direct impact on what kind of price tag you’re looking at for the procedure. In small towns or cities where there isn’t as high competition among tattoo studios and body modification services overall, basic prices for getting both sides pierced can range anywhere between $100-$150 depending upon which studio you visit.

Whereas in big metropolitan cities like LA or New York City one could expect prices well over $300+ because these areas cater mainly towards clients who want top-notch services no matter what they cost.

Reputation & Experience:

Choosing an experienced reputable piercer also adds value (and expense) – Remember ladies gentleman don’t always go for cheapest option- Here’s why! Cheaper Piercers usually charge less than their competitors but often times may skimp out in quality – meaning they use sub-par materials or might not be as thorough when it comes down time do complete aftercare practices recommended by professional organizations such Association Of Professional Piercers (APP). Quality work should never come cheap so if a place charges unusually low while branded itself as ‘professional’ then you need to be wary of their skill. It’s suggested that an experienced piercer will charge a bit more for the procedure because they will use better quality materials, guaranteeing less side effects and also providing sturdier jewelry to last longer period of time than cheaper options.

Type Of Jewelry Used:

Snake bites can be pierced with any type of suitable piercing jewel like hoop, stud or little barbell fitted in between- but from experience we know it’s safer for clients to go for medically approved flat back studs with a threaded as these studs minimize movement during healin and prevent irritation occuring from rubbing against teeth or gums. An additional factor contributing towards the cost is whether one chooses basic titanium jewellery over things such as diamond-studded ones.

To give you some insight into how much snakebite piercing costs in different parts of world, let’s take a closer look at some different prices:

United States:

In smaller cities where competition isn’t fierce among tattoo studios and body modification services overall, pricing can range anywhere between $100-$150 depending upon which studio you visit – while bigger ones might range up toward $300+. In Philadelphia area one could expect to pay around $200-$250 when using top tier service provider.


The average price for snake-bites piercing across Canada falls somewhere in-between 80 CAD$ on low end coming up to about 150 CAD$ per lip on premium end (for higher-end studios).


Pricing varies depending upon location within UK but most established artists typically ask 60 GBP +per lip – so total expenditure could exceed 120 GBP just getting both sides completed plus extra expenses involved aftercare teachings etc adding ay hundreds more onto initial fees may seem steep in beginning but ultimately pays off greatly if went through reputable piercer/shop staffed by professionals who specialize specifically within this field.

Australia & New Zealand:

As far as Australia is concerned again averages vary depending upon location, services offered within shops and a number of factors including the quality of jewelry on offer or preference be it standard titanium grades or up light weight metals like gold. A rough estimation figures might start from AUD $80-$150 for one lip coming to about AUD $75+ per side piercing (depending on region). In New Zealand averages hover around NZD$100-160 with premium studios likely to charge around NZD$200 per session providing way more comforting environment.


In conclusion, pricing does vary by geographic location as well as reputation & experience of piercer even though other associated costs such as that of proper aftercare products added onto final total priceing may seem steep in beginning . It’s never worth compromising when it comes down your own personal safety- ensure so-called professional who will performing task have certification from recognized organization like Association Of Professional Piercers(APPROVED). Overall, expect prices between $100-$300+ especially if high-quality materials used , but keep in mind at all moments cheaper options usually come with some sort compromises.
Choose wisely!