24 Hour Fitness is one of the most known fitness gym chains in America, and it has always been seen as an inclusive gym that caters to all kinds of people. That includes parents who want to work out but have no childcare option with them. The question remains: Does 24 Hour Fitness have childcare?

The answer is yes! Over the years, 24 Hour Fitness has implemented their Kid’s Club program which offers childcare services for members’ children between six months old up to 12 years old.

This service provides a safe and supervised environment where kids can play while parents work out or take some self-care time away from the reality babysitters become at times.

In this article, we will dive deep into what a member can expect from 24-hour fitness Kids’ Club, how much it costs on average, what are the hours offered by each branch location across the US, and if there are any locations that do not offer Kid’s club services.

What Is The Kids’ Club Program?

What Is The Kids’ Club Program?

The Kids’ Club program means parents can drop off their children aged six months to twelve-years-old while using the facilities available in most clubs nationwide. In return for peace of mind about your child’s whereabouts within close proximity when you’re in onsite workouts or personal training sessions at one of their many gyms based in multiple states across America without worry!

As per usual health policies these days during Covid19 pandemic here are precautions taken upon entry:
Temperature checks – A temperature check should be done before entering any kid’s club.

Temperature checks – A temperature check should be done before entering any kid’s club.
Pre-registration – Parents/guardians must pre-register online beforehand
Hand sanitization – Hand sanitizer provided at entry points

Hours Of Operation And Add-On Fees

Each location has different operating hours according to area-specific needs with restricted schedules set due covid-19 reopening procedures until further notice. So parent members should inquire directly with their local clubs regarding availability specific opening/closing schedule details and any differences day-to-day availability.

Per hour pricing ranges between $4.50-$6 for each child with a maximum time limit of two hours per day. Families can choose monthly packages that allow unlimited access to the Kids’ Club for their children, which average around an additional cost of $25- $30 per month on top of your basic gym membership fees.

Please bear in mind one possible caveat when considering adding “Kids’ Club” services to your account if you are not getting it immediately when setting up new member agreements, as the program is only available at select locations; be sure always inquire directly upon during membership signing about all club program offers including Kids’ Club.

In some cases where members have joined at branches without this service offered there ticket codes may need upgrading online due simply registration in the wrong category or package level sometimes needing manual admin assistance through calling HQ customer-service branches.

The Benefits Of The Kid’s Club Program

The presence and availability of a kid’s club bring several benefits to both parents and children alike.

For parents:
1.Ease of mind: Parents can work out while knowing their kids are supervised during workouts or personal training sessions.
2.More flexibility in scheduling life activities: Allows you not having search external babysitting again & again dropping off kids occasionally during different daily routines scheduled
3.Being able to focus better and concentrate more during those personal fitness training exercises, gaining full workout value add-ins included with basic gym memberships.’
4.Having peace-of-mind – resulting results will lead towards feeling less stress released from maintaining juggling family busy schedules daily

For children:
Keeping them active instead sitting playing Video games stationary
Interactive physical activity game choices Children could engage into mentally invigorating fun eventful play areas interacting positively builds healthy expectations over frequent visits developing relationships with staff& other fellow peers attending frequently

Are There Any Drawbacks or Limitations To The Kid’s Club Program?

Some potential limitations include venues operating capacity sizes limiting slots to ensure all who want to use the service are accommodated properly within. The two-hour time limit per day may also not work for some parents, especially if you have loads of tasks that take extended periods. It would be best to ensure the Kid’s Club program is convenient and affordable before committing long-term into using this feature.

For parents who utilize 24 Hour Fitness as their main workplace gym base-to- recover lack of time with children or remain closer after-work workouts where has heavy corporate-industry centers mostly presenting primarily in major urban areas facilities may and try providing other non-related supplemental daily activities such as childcare services anyway, but individual inquiries must be made on location available authorities offering such links.


In summary, 24 Hour Fitness offers Kid’s Club programs throughout most locations across America inclusively as a part-of-member-agreements accepting additional fees specific payment plans inclusive varying by certain member categories allowed up-to two hours duration intervals at max per visit when visiting one of their gyms for workouts! Although there can be potentially limited accessibility concerns due varied scheduling restrictions in timeslots needed booking-slot reservation changes increasing along with family travel logistics sometimes resulted over extremely busy holidays from mass consumer traffic hitting these fitness centers making things tricky & compact space availability concern increasingly rare during cold months each year.& events

Childcare services generally offer a win-win situation because parents get both peace of mind while able still achieving personal fitness goals without burning-out from juggling too many household demands simultaneously required by modern households trends; Kids’ Club staff takes care likewise entertained frequently players meanwhile excellently supervised immersive learning facilities partnership developments good healthy habits become lifelong adopted routines simply coming along fun-filled playtime sessions resulting both happy kids playing together and fully satisfied physically active adults shouldering more life ambitions greater daily energy levels accomplished.