AM Resorts is a relatively new player in the hospitality industry but has already made a name for itself by providing exceptional services to its guests. From luxurious accommodation options to various activities, AM Resorts caters primarily to couples, families and groups seeking an unforgettable experience during their stay.

As a travel agent, there are numerous benefits of booking your clients with AM Resorts. Alongside great income potential and exclusive offers, you’ll also guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction with each booking as their resorts have some of the highest guest satisfaction ratings in the industry.

AM Resorts Travel Agent Rewards

AM Resorts Travel Agent Rewards

The AMR™ Collection is home to 9 unique brands that span across eight breathtaking countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic and more. With every room booked through the Agent Rewards Program which is currently available globally; agents earn points that they can redeem for complimentary stays at select resort properties or on gift cards from retailers like Target or Apple.

Increased commissions on additional bookings: Another benefit of being an #amresortstravelagent partner lies in earning increased commission-able dollars/funds for each client who books one ore more additional rooms when travelling together under a single reservation number (PNR). This means greater rewards without needing any extra effort on your part!

Exclusive Xperiences and Concierge Service

Exclusive Xperiences and Concierge Service

Before your clients even arrive at their destination – they will receive advanced confirmation emails outlining what’s included in their all-inclusive package along with optional add-ons if they so choose. Additionally, luxury transfer services can be arranged conveniently online before arrival – including private cars or VIP airport lounge access depending upon selected level category!.

Once arrived at the hotel destination property site; personalized concierge service awaits offering various tour/excursion packages among many other pre-scheduled activities provided only by high-end properties like those under The AMR™ Collection umbrella! Customers rave about how attentive this staff team specifically shines since they are born out of local professionals who know not just how to provide top notch service but also how to navigate cultural and other nuances to satisfy guests in every aspect.

Flexible Dining Options

AM Resorts make it a priority to cater towards all appetites and dietary requirements. They offer several dining options, ranging from casual eateries to upscale restaurants with cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Asian and international fare on the menu – something for everyone!

This is especially important as varying meal tendencies become ever more popular among millennials who prefer plant-based cuisine or sustainable/organic options when possible. At certain properties they even arrange farms tours & contribute an increasing amount of efforts upon environmentally conscious offers such as local reforestation projects which appeal specifically well too young families & millennial groups.

Luxurious and Modern Accommodations

Throughout every property in “The AMR™ Collection”, customers are met with exceptional retreats designed by professional architects using innovative features for ultimate comfort. Rooms come equipped with comfortable bedding sheets, plush towels & spacious bathrooms that can rival top class hotel counterparts overseas; And if you want something extra special The “Preferred Club” accommodations elevates this experience further! Here rooms offer added benefits including exclusive access to lounge spaces amongst many others amenities privy only through booking a higher room category level.

Resorts Facilities

Besides luxurious guestrooms- there’s so much else AM Resorts has on offer at each of its resort properties around the world while still sticking true their theme of “endless privilege experiences.”

Facilities such as stunning poolscapes, equipped fitness centers outfitted w/ state-of-the-art equipment/accessories; comprehensive spa areas where clients indulge under skilled therapists exactly suited from various world cultures set up alongside de riguer hydrotherapy zones (like steam rooms + plunge pools). With nearly everything covered—apart from offsite excursions—the need for external sightseeing tour agency engagement becomes minimal oftentimes e-enabling greater synthesis between different fun activities that’ll happily eat up your clients’ time spent in paradise!

Sustainable Tourism Goals

AM Resorts understands that tourism does have an impact on the environment and is committed to operating their properties in a sustainable manner, including reducing carbon footprint by growing fruits & vegetables locally to reduce shipping costs/fares. They partner with like-minded organizations too for projects such as:
tree planting/conservation initiatives,
committing towards reduced plastics use,
correct waste handling at their different facilities
Additionally, they also invest socially/humanly through offerings of certain community services (apart from the compensation & benefits offered to hotel employees).

In conclusion, booking with AM Resorts should be first on your list when recommending getaway options to clients seeking luxury at its best while adventuring around the various countries they operate within. Exceptional customer satisfaction ratings have given this resort collection a well-earned spot among travel industry leaders proving you won’t regret putting your trust in them whilst giving topmost satisfaction toward your clientele base!