As we are getting ready to go on vacation, there is a lot to do. We need to ensure that our house is secure, our plants are watered and most importantly we have informed the post office not deliver any mail for us. Surprisingly, many people forget this crucial step or think it’s unnecessary altogether.

Why Stop Mail Delivery During Vacation?

Why Stop Mail Delivery During Vacation?

Stopping your mail delivery while on vacation serves two significant purposes:

Stopping your mail delivery while on vacation serves two significant purposes:

1. Security – When you are away from home for an extended period, regular mail delivery ensures it piles up making your home appear unoccupied which can attract unwanted attention. Burglars often stake out homes they believe have no-one living there so as not to alert anyone with their activities.

2. Clutter Reduction – No-one likes coming back from a relaxing vacation only to have a mountain of letters waiting for them at their doorstep. Stopping mail delivery before going away helps reduce clutter and stress upon arrival back home

How To Stop Mail Delivery During Vacations

Now that we know why halting your mailbox service during vacations in critical let’s look into how you can stop it quickly and efficiently:

1. Postal Hold Requests:

The easiest and most efficient way of stopping temporary deliveries through USPS (United States Postal Service) is by placing a hold request online via the official USPS website or visiting the local post office near you physically.

To place a hold On Your Mail Via The Post Office Website:

a) Visit “,” select “Request Hold” tab:
You will need be asked what type of request (permanent or verified)

b) Provide Details
You will then be required to enter all essential information such as date range when you’d like them placed on hold along with personal details such as name address etc., then click “Submit” once completed.

c) Payment Information:

For security reasons, customers might verify themselves using various methods beforehand depending on specific requirements based on individual requests.

d) Confirmation Details:

Once your request is processed, it’s advisable to receive confirmation details either via email or text message to avoid any

In-person visits are often more comfortable for people who have a busy schedule. Just visit the local USPS office before you leave and fill out a mail hold card. This service is completely free of charge!

2. Request A Mail Forwarding:

If stopping mail delivery in-person seems difficult and not practical due to work schedules, an alternative solution can be made available by requesting mail forwarding services provided by the US Postal Service. With this service, all mails sent to their residential address would automatically be forwarded to another accessible location such as their workplace or even a neighbor’s home during their absence.

To set up these services efficiently use these steps below:

a) Visit The United States Postal Service Website Via

b) Select “Mail And Shipping” followed by selecting “Change Your Address Online” on that page under “Quick Tools.”

c) Fill Out Necessary Information

On the following page enter personal information including full name mailing address amongst other essential data.

d) Bank Verification And Payment Account Setup

After providing all correct information necessary verifying one’s identity through Bank verification process follow the case of instructions displaying step-by-Step setup procedure online payment transaction method in order finalize subscription successfully so you wouldn’t have to worry about those periodic bills still being delivered after completing this Change Of Address Process request.

All needed actions will now become operable and ready since subscriptions return requests forming deadlines’ soonest arrival dates must carefully observe if arriving early through checking regularly on possible changes with any company sending notice about transit windows or other specialized formats which vary per individual circumstances like private business establishments typically taking longer timeframes compared similar processes involving other types businesses grouping categories.

3. Hire a Mail Concierge Service

Another option worth considering if traveling frequently overseas hire professional Packing & Shipping concierge companies could offer up assisting with one’s mail delivery. These services often focus on organizing and protecting our customer’s assets—ranging from household items to vehicle submissions or by freezing all activities around the home when travelling.

Another good reason for using these types of service is a guarantee especially when it comes personal documents, sensitive data verifiable tracking updates documenting all logistics’ information closely monitored throughout duration absence enabling customers’ to check in safely anytime they want during transit facilities follow stringent standards while remaining operator securely within legal boundaries under licensed operators following local and international regulations always e.g. USPIS rules & Regulations keeping the integrity confidentiality intact per individual location specification guidelines respectively at different times ensuring next-day deliveries are achieved wherever possible despite weather conditions present locally or nearby related areas).


To stop your post office authorities from delivering mails to you while away on vacation you should take necessary steps beforehand to avoid any piles up at your doorstep in most easy-efficient ways currently available outlined above suitable best for varying needs depending individuals requirements-based preferences: either online submission requests (temporary holds) visiting physically request forwarding services subscribing mail courier concierge providers bespoke suited anyone seeking assurance about their valuable deliverables transported safety guaranteed peace mind knowing someone taking care concerns representing interests according schedule abroad without complications arise unexpectedly!