Crypto is one of the most distinctive and intriguing characters in the popular video game Apex Legends. As a surveillance expert and a crucial member of the team, Crypto’s voice adds a unique flavor to the gameplay experience. For this reason, many fans are interested in knowing who voices Crypto in Apex.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Crypto’s voice actor, including his background, previous works, and how he got the chance to portray this iconic character. Let’s begin!

Who is Crypto?

Who is Crypto?

Before delving into who voices Crypto in Apex Legends, it would be appropriate to give you some context about this character. Created by Respawn Entertainment studio for their battle royale game Apex Legends, Tae Joon Park (also known as “Crypto”) brings critical expertise as an accomplished hacker and drone pilot.

Unlike other playable characters that perform offensive moves against each other within the game world or possess supernatural abilities such as teleportation or manipulating reality at their wills – except Mirage-, Crypto plays a more supportive role by helping his teammates gather information on enemy positions through using drone technology instead of engaging enemies directly.

His backstory was initially shrouded in mystery since his introduction back in Season 3 but has been fleshed out over time through promotional material released by Respawn Entertainment themselves primarily through Stories from The Outlands videos – short films providing backstory for particular legends-. We now know that Tae Joon Park lost both parents during his childhood due to business gang activity linked with organized crime-so rampant across all worlds-; ever since then vowing vengeance not only on those groups but also Syndicate itself- corporate-run entity pulling strings behind Kings Canyon competition running annually broadcasting-worldwide-to entertain masses- which may have played some part indirectly due to purported negligence resulting from carelessness over reports they received before that incident happening; thus fueling him towards taking drastic measures using hacking skills honed throughout years spent perfecting them.

Who Voices Crypto in Apex Legends?

Who Voices Crypto in Apex Legends?

The man behind the voice of Crypto is Johnny Yong Bosch, an accomplished actor known for his work not only in the video game industry but also television and film. Born in Kansas City, Missouri on January 6th, 1976, Bosch began his career as a musician before transitioning into acting.

He is most famous for playing Adam Park (the second Black Power Ranger), and has been involved with various live-action shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Beverly Hills 90210 among many others. He’s also had roles in popular animated series like Naruto where he played Ichigo Kurosaki – protagonist- from Bleach anime; Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass; Hajime Hinata from Danganronpa amongst others. Seeing that Cybersecurity company Cipher got inspiration while creating character on aforementioned works specifically regarding voice patterns considered to be cool & technical-savvy vibe fittingly enough.

However -speaking strictly about video games/specifically Respawn Entertainment or Electronic Arts properties-, you might recognize him voicing protagonists such as Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (or just Nero) from Devil May Cry series spin-off DmC: The Devil may cry released back on 2013; V/Adam/Ikkitsuki/Marcello Jimenez/Pete Wilson/Joe Barnas/Taylor/Lupin III/Count Cagliostro/Shiryu/Kain Highwind/etcetera cast myriad characters throughout gaming world animations multiple times whichever require talent capable handling wide range emotions providing realistic believable performances consistently high quality mannerism staying true original scripts directions given by developers localization teams alike without missing beats too often if ever at all really showing proficiency well beyond scope most voice acting roles out there ranging plethora outlets alike even streaming platforms nowadays every so often becoming more accessible to casual audiences frequently relying prevalent forms media convey messages stories rather painstaking process brought us where we sit now.

How did Johnny Yong Bosch get the role of Crypto?

As mentioned earlier, Cybersecurity company Cipher found Johnny’s voice ideal for portraying what they were searching in a character like Tae Joon Park (Crypto). In an interview with published on Sep 7th, 2020, within Tim Wenger’s article ‘Apex Legends: Who Voices Crypto & How Did He Get Involved?’, Johnny explains that he received a message from his agent about an opportunity to play this new “technologically advanced hacker” led him auditioning as soon as possible after reading bid synopsis provided by Respawn studios and recording lines given then sending files back hoping being picked up out of many other contestants trying luck during that period time near early/mid-2019 according to some sources.

In short: good timing coinciding perfectly with understanding what developers wanted & working hard making sure delivery best performance could deliver eventually landing him prestigious job got voices added onto game roster ever since Season III promotional material released-so far- expanding story behind each legend case cipher showing it their newest champion bringing fresh air whenever loading screens start-up queue logging everyday activities players partake beginning matches or subsequent endings inevitably following each won/lost round or match proving once more how solidly built -on all fronts especially lore wise- Apex Legends gameplay-wise truly is inspiring others strive similar quality production.

Why was Johnny Yong Bosch chosen for the role of Crypto?

When considering who should portray a video game character like Crypto who generally has had only few appearances outside Stories From The Outlands promos meant fleshing out supporting cast representing focal point important events changing landscape forever affecting in-game universe. Developers seemingly searched someone with crystal-clear enunciation when delivering technical cognates including hacking language throughout performances but also convincing tone providing viewers -both casuals and enthusiasts alike- feeling immersed into specific scenarios played out succinct manner; capable creating empathy/hype accordingly regardless situation faces heroes every time-out. Johnny Yong Bosch’s portrayal of such characters allowed him embodying both those properties mentioned flawlessly providing third-dimension to them surpassing client’s expectations overall is mostly.

In conclusion, Crypto has become a beloved character within Apex Legends thanks in part to the talented voice work done by Johnny Yong Bosch. His unique style and exceptional performances have breathed life into Tae Joon Park, making him one of the standout characters in this game full of memorable personalities. With future seasons scheduled for release soon with more stories evolving around legends themselves , we can’t wait to see what surprises await us going forward alongside new voice lines added conveying brand-new emotions situations arise heroes overcome all odds thrown their way ever since they plunged initially Kings Canyon Earth three years ago now still proving cornerstone community building its subsequent expansions on top legacy left behind garnered throughout short period existence seeing how quickly became hit milestone every gamer always dream about someday reaching rightfully so sparking imaginations ours just like long lost ancestors did theirs once upon time somewhere out there before computers gaming consoles introduced specific premises global masses nonetheless writing marked same zeal displaying patterns wonder curiosity avid gamers already possess just looking hopefully towards better changes any kind possible; quoting Revenant “Get ready, today’s not gonna be easy.”