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In the history of Major League Baseball (MLB), there have been many great players who have crushed home runs over their long and storied careers. Home runs are one of the most exciting parts of baseball and often are highly valued by fans around the world.

The title for ‘most career home runs’ is one that very few players will ever get to hold. It requires a tremendous amount of skill, dedication, and consistency over an extended period playing at the highest level. Who has hit the most career home runs in Major League Baseball?

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

The player with most career homers in MLB history is Barry Bonds with 762 home runs. Bonds was born on July 24th, 1964 in Riverside California. He played his entire baseball career as an outfielder from 1986 to 2007 for teams including Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

After being drafted out of high school back in 1982 by San Francisco Giants but not signing him that year because he wanted to go to college first; then drafted again three years later by Pittsburgh Pirates – which signed him immediately- where he started his major league career,

Over twenty-two seasons during his professional journey within this sport spanned from ‘87 season until “07 season,’ Barry broke various records during his time on diamonds including: all-time slugging percentage record .863%- surpassing Babe Ruth’s prior record holding number (719 homeruns)- passing another icon mark when hitting two homers against Washington Nats pitcher Bryan Smith’s curveball on Saturday afternoon game September 2004 thus reaching new height after these milestones while achieving four National League MVP awards participating regardless team affiliation until officially retiring August league stature peak moment more than any other player could dream possibly approaching never mind exceeding let alone breaking

Hank Aaron

Barry Bonds overtook the former record holder, Hank Aaron, who held the position for decades with a career total of 755 homers. Aaron played for Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves throughout his illustrious career that spanned from 1954 to 1976.

It is worth noting that Aaron was subjected to racial abuse and death threats as he approached Babe Ruth’s top line years back when there were barely any players of color competitively at this sport; however, he persevered through it all to achieve something beyond mere baseball scorekeeping statistics—that exorcism of an era stained by racism opening way generations afterwards.

Babe Ruth

The third-highest home run hitter in MLB is none other than ‘The Great Bambino’, Babe Ruth. His total number of homers was an incredible 714 during his lengthy career from 1914-1935. During his time on the diamond, Ruth accomplished numerous achievements like winning four championships and being inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY due not only because unparalleled excellence athleticism but how transformed playing style championship pursuit livening up factors spectatorship fans/gamblers media exposure commercial aspects within what otherwise would have remained sidelined interests enthusiasts only historical purposes.

Ruth’s home run hitting ability set a precedent on hitting tactics contributing foundationally utilizing strategy emergence long ball approach transformative monumental change achieving fame immediately popularity paralleling sports overall audience expansion considering cultural context circumstances embryonic experience within American society early/mid-twentieth century outcomes nostalgia-driven recollection memories whilst conjuring significant social implications too often underestimated fascination awe-inspiring athleticism underpinning celebrated ideals strength character integrity sentiment attaining grace elegance dignity while participating capacity enjoyed resonating impact community fair play perseverance overcoming adversity coping disappointment showing resilience essential traits endure test times expressing human virtues values transcending boundaries encompassing humanity itself universally adored timeless everlasting reminder ineffable majesty grandeur sporting heritage harmonious bond linking past present thus future prospects too.

Will Anyone Break These Records?

Will Anyone Break These Records?

With the rise of advanced techniques and technologies, it’s hard to say if either Bonds or Aaron’s record will be broken any time soon. Hitters are focusing more on launch angles and finding ways to increase their power in the box. Though Giancarlo Stanton might look like a promising candidate with some injuries disrupting his career peak moments thus lowering his overall numbers in recent seasons anticipating creating new opportunities breakthroughs based relevant health outcomes.


Barry Bonds currently holds the MLB record for most career home runs at an extraordinary 762 homers during his two-decade-long baseball journey while also surpassing another titan Hank Aaron who had held that position for over four decades; another even earlier legend also graces this list: Babe Ruth with a total of 714 taters. Home run hitters continue to try and increase their statistics by using modern technologies, training methods, analyzing data, etc., but these long-standing records have managed to stand strong over many years and seem unlikely anyone could ever break them anytime soon.