As one of the most iconic and influential figures in hip hop, Eminem has made a name for himself as an incredibly talented performer and lyricist. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has released countless hits that have earned him multiple awards and fans around the world. One aspect of Eminem’s career that many fans eagerly anticipate is when he will go on tour next.

So when was the last time Eminem went on tour?

The answer to this question isn’t entirely clear-cut, as it depends on how you define “tour.” Over the past few years, Eminem has occasionally performed at festivals and special events, but he hasn’t embarked on a full-fledged concert tour since 2019.

In early summer 2019, Eminem played several shows in Europe as part of his Rapture Tour. The tour included stops in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and other countries across Europe from June to July 2019.

Eminem also headlined two major US festivals over that same summer — Boston Calling Music Festival (May) & Firefly Music Festival (June). However after completing these shows instead of jumping right back into another full-fledged concert tour; like some artists do post festival performances- especially with a new album release coming out- He took some personal time away from touring due to what appeared to be burnout or exhaustion from performing at such frequented dates with high energy levels against intense crowds.

Despite not embarking on any recent tours besides these few shows here-and-there in late 2019/early2020; however recently there were reports which suggest that Eminem’s Birthday rather than being spent celebrating may signal potential upcoming news! An Instagram post by Shady Records showed off Em’s birthday cake featuring his famous mask logo set atop records indicating big things are gonna happen soon– Maybe it’s only speculation due to shrewd marketing tactics or perhaps something is really in the works.

It’s important to note that Eminem has never been one to stick strictly to touring every year or with a particular strategic frequency either. He’s released multiple albums within the space of a few years, some of which sparked their own concert tours while others he may choose not to drag out publicly on the road for prolonged periods.

The bottom line is that it’s difficult to predict when someone as well-known and elusive as Eminem will go on tour again especially given his history. However, if we were too focus solely on what can be proven based off previous activity schedules then it seems like fans have had a bit of a lull from viewing him perform live more frequently between album releases over recent calendar years.

Regardless though whenever he announces even just the potentiality for another tour; crowds all around will flock to purchase tickets eagerly anticipating an unforgettable experience thanks in large part due his dynamic musical catalog ranging decades along with stringent feelings evoking lyricism- emotionally connecting listeners worldwide.
Eminem has had an incredible impact on hip hop and popular culture, thanks to his unique style and lyrical content. Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Missouri in 1972, Eminem first gained attention as a rapper in the underground rap scene of Detroit. He released his debut album, “Infinite,” in 1996 but it was his follow-up record, “The Slim Shady LP,” that propelled him to mainstream success.

Since then, Eminem has become one of the most successful and influential artists of our time. He’s won numerous awards including 15 Grammy Awards and sold over 150 million records worldwide. His music explores themes like personal struggles with addiction, relationships with family members, friends and significant others; hardships growing up poor as a white man living within predominantly black communities- all while candidly confronting topics such as mental health conditions struggling to cope appropriately.

Despite the success that he’s achieved over the years, fans continue to eagerly anticipate when he will go on tour next – wondering where they might be able to experience this electrifying artist take center stage once again

Throughout his career there have been multiple occasions where Eminem’s concerts attracted press coverage due to their controversial nature at times; full mosh pits breaking out during festivals or suprise mid-set appearances by fellow rappers for freestyle showdowns – amongst other things.

One thing we do know is that Eminem’s live shows are unlike any other performance you’ll see have seen before! The energy is electric from beginning until end leaving patrons wanting more each night after experiencing such raw expression of emotion through both spoken word & lyrics blended together perfectly by talented production professionals who bring color rushing forth onstage creating extra layering depth amidst their sets!

While many may wonder why Em hasn’t hit some sort of continuous touring routine emulating peers such Jay-Z & Kanye West post album releases… It’s important not compare these artists solely based off their continuous activity levels towards performing as all musicians have different goals, lifestyles & backgrounds influencing when/why they may choose to make live appearances or how long these happen to span out on the road.

But with that being said, fans are hopeful for another Eminem tour in the near future – especially given his recent rather quiet music career as compared to years past. And judging by Shady Records’ IG post shared of Em’s birthday cake- I wouldn’t be surprised if he announces an upcoming tour very soon!