Just Dance is a popular game that has been entertaining people of all ages since its launch in 2009. If you own a PS4 and want to experience the fun and exercise associated with it, you need some essential items before starting off with your Just Dance gameplay.

Here’s what you will need for playing Just Dance on PS4:

Here’s what you will need for playing Just Dance on PS4:

1. A PlayStation 4 console:

1. A PlayStation 4 console:
To play any game on PS4, the first and foremost thing you require is a PlayStation 4 Console. This gaming console is an essential component without which you cannot access video games or other entertainment features.

2. A television or monitor:
Next, for playing Just Dance on PS4, you need to have any TV or Monitor set up where your PS4 can be connected to get the best viewing quality. Preferably choose an HDTV/Monitor that supports 1080p resolution to enjoy high-definition graphics while dancing.

3.Just Dance Game disc:
The game itself is required as well; The Just dance come in CD/DVD forms but now modern versions of the just dance series are available online too( digital downloads). Depending on which version/year of just dance interests you,you’ll bump into different requirements like scroll down options,micropayments etc.

3. Two Motion Controllers:
To have seamless interactions throughout your gameplay, there are controllers involved known as motion controllers – either two PlayStation Move Motion Controllers (PS VR-like handheld devices released by Sony) as they are alternative Wii’s MotionPlus sensing remote controls .Place these controllers into each hand and this way motion sensors within them detect player movements accurately from side-to-side ,forward-backward,to downwards at floor level.Due note however if motion controller accessibility not possible then switch over to Smartphone devices/tablets running Android /iOS operating systems paired via WiFi connection with installed ‘Just Da nce Controller App’.

It’s important here to understand which type of controller suits better based on your preference or availability as Simply ,the main difference between Xperia-based Motion Controllers and Phones running the app is that the phone’s controller response time may lag behind,however it can still serve as a great alternative.

4. PlayStation Camera:
This camera accessory enables you to capture live footage of in-game play sessions .One important feature that a PS Camera provides for Just Dance gameplay is facial recognition.Facial recognition technology recognizes players by their faces which allows data such as high scores etc..to be stored against player profiles.By doing so,you get more personalized feedback regarding playing style/timings of moves executed during performances made too.For motion mode precision,it helps greatly when viewed from the appropriate angle In addition,in dark rooms with low lighting levels, this camera sensor’s sensitivity in detecting people’s movements becomes greater & accuracy is increased .

Now let’s dive into some more intricacies associated with each item to help make sure you’re choosing the best equipment possible.

PlayStation 4 Console:

The latest version of PlayStation 4 Pro launched recently an upgraded gaming console designed specifically for enhancing its performance especially as it relates towards Just Dance games coupled with enhanced HD resolution displays via HDMI cable support) supplying top-notch graphics quality. Otherwise,the standard variants of PS4 are still around but would provide less than ideal customer experiences to enjoy Jufst Dance.Therefore if one has deeper pockets/inclined on better setup,opting for the newer PS variants would do justice.

Additionally,it’s best to ensure your console also supports Wi-Fi compatibility or Ethernet port setting—this way downloading latest version updates/bug fixes wouldn’t present any obstacles alongside wireless connectivity issues.


To have pleasing visual aesthetics with minimal strain any TV/Monitor display screen at minimum size 50″ works just fine( some go even bigger depending on space projection). Resolution displayed should always remain align wth or exceed 1080p(Full HDTV),keeping in mind response rate of the display(snappy,lowered lag)->remember that both motion controllers syncs rely on display timing allowing your dance moves to be accurately tracked down.

Just Dance Game:

Game types are varied throughout each year. As far as game discs go,you’d need an active internet connection and relevant gaming marketplace subscription/ account details would be required for user authentication & licensing purposes. If looking for a preferred modern way which is being adopted nowadays,one can easily search online/marketplace stores such as Amazon.com PlayStation Store etc.. then download(as digital product instead) Just Dance game titles.

Motion Controllers:

As mentioned earlier , 2 Motion Controllers (like Wii Remote control having Nunchuk grip),are needed per single player at minimum to track their movements effectively.The new version of these controllers will PS5’s ‘Dualsense’ controller series suitably albeit may cost slightly more than predecessors .Moreover, playing with two sets up multiple players going head-to- head in fierce but hilarious battles while showing off their best moves via engaging battle modes.

Playstation Camera :

While an optional third-party tool,the Playstation move camera serves great purpose not only with just dance games like street fighter V or Gran Turismo Sport too enabling you to use facial recognition tracking alongside high-quality movement detection sensors capturing every stride from within real time.It’s worth the purchase especially if it meets your budget/resource proposal.

Now that you know the essential items required before diving into the world of Just Dance on PS4,it might seem overwhelming at first.Here is good news though-inspite all requirements listed above there’s always opportunity to configure,rearrange depending upon setups so everyone else gets chance join fun-filled sessions without hindrance.Also from here any further modifications/additions comes down solely towards enhancing gameplay wise;now acquire access dancing shoes/dance mats /take coaching classes-and show off fluid-feet-art through healthy exercise routine!