Wells Fargo Active Cash Card: A Credit Card or a Debit Card?

Wells Fargo is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States, providing banking, investment, and credit services to millions of customers. One of its most popular products is the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card, which offers cashback rewards on purchases along with other benefits. However, many potential cardholders wonder if it’s a credit card or a debit card. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card is and how it works.

What is the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card?

What is the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card?

The Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card is a type of credit card that comes with various perks and benefits. It’s marketed as an everyday spending card that earns unlimited 2% cashback rewards on purchases made using the card. Furthermore, new account holders can earn $200 cash rewards bonus after they spend $1,000 within their first three months of opening an account.

In addition to cash back rewards for every purchase you make with your card, you can also receive automatic discounts when you use your Wells Fargo Active Cash℠ Card at select merchants through My Wells Fargo Deals

Moreover, The Well fargo active cash provide cell phone protection which help protecting mobiles from theft to certain extent.

Is it a Credit or Debit Card?

The Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card is essentially a credit card rather than debit because it allows customers to borrow money as needed without being tied to their checking account balance (i.e., funds are not immediately deducted). You’re required to pay off any outstanding balances each month by making at least your minimum payment due unless otherwise agreed upon; otherwise, interest fees accrue over time.

When applying for this type of credit product from Wells Fargo Bank NA (“WFBNA”), prospective applicants must go through similar verification procedures like those associated when applying for other types of consumer credit. This includes eligibility criteria and creditworthiness reviews.

Therefore, the Wells Fargo Active CashSM card is a form of revolving credit that gives you access to a pre-approved line of funding that helps you manage your cash flow and budgeting needs with ease. With its generous rewards scheme, it’s an attractive option for people who want to earn money back on everyday purchases while managing their personal finances responsibly.

Benefits of the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card

The Wells Fargo Active CashSM credit card offers many benefits aside from providing 2% cashback rewards on all qualifying purchases made with your account. These include:

1) No Annual Fees – There’s no fee charged annually when using this debit or credit card service provided by WFBNA

2) Competitive Interest Rates – The relatively low-interest rate offered in combination with the 0% introductory APR period (15 promotional months thereafter variable APR based on one’s assessment or prime rate plus margin), offers impressive value for eligible borrowers.

3) Security Features- The Well fargo active cash has advanced security features like biometric authentication in order to provide protection against potential fraudsters or hackers looking to steal the user information details.

4) Extra Protection – In addition, upon activation you receive what’s called “overdraft protection.” This means WFBNA may authorize transaction(s) within a set limit if there are insufficient funds in your linked accounts so helping prevent overdrafts hence minimizing additional fees incurred due to insufficient funds.

Drawbacks of the Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card

As with any financial product, some drawbacks come along besides advantages such as:

1) Creditworthiness limitations – Applicants must meet certain requirements related indicating responsible bill payment behavior associated regarding essential borrowing factors while assessing loans risk management which could potentially impact approval rates depending
a range of conditions connected personal circumstances like delinquencies history among others factors involved underwriters’ discretion at WFBNA

2) Rewards limitations- The active cash credit card provided by wells fargo contains restrictions associated with overall reward earnings cap hence meaning that customers can only earn a maximum of $2,500 in cashback rewards per quarter

3) Restricted Balance Transfers – A customer cannot use this type of card for balance transfers as its explicitly not eligible. So you will have to find alternative options if you are looking to consolidate balances.


In conclusion,The Wells Fargo Active Cashš Credit Card is an enticing product and an excellent option for individuals looking for a credit card offering cash-back rewards on everyday purchases without paying any annual fees. Although it has some drawbacks such as the reward limits and creditworthiness constraints or restrictions on balance transfers processing, but these features do not outweigh its benefits, making it an ideal choice. Overall we believe that Wells Fargo’s Active CashSM Credit Card provides great value and security plus redemption flexibility in comparison to other financial products when used responsibly by diligent consumers seeking sound long-term fiscal planning practices.