As a student preparing for college admissions, taking the SAT can be quite the nerve-racking experience. However, waiting to receive your SAT scores can be even more stressful. It’s only natural you’d want to know how long it will take before you get your score back.

If you’re in this predicament right now, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll provide an expert explanation on how long it takes to get your SAT scores back and what factors affect that timeline.

When Do You Take The SAT?

When Do You Take The SAT?

Firstly, let’s address timing of when students take their exam.If you plan on applying Early Decision or Early Action for college admissions in Fall semester and use the October or November test date(s), then there is a high chance that colleges won’t consider those scores within their early round decision process since they are generally released too late.However if applying regular application process students using these dates as well should have no problem getting their results promptly .

You may also choose to register for later tests such as December where even with delay situations can generally show up still within reasonable timelines.If that doesn’t work a great alternative would be using one of the flexibility opportunities College Board provides which provides make-up testing dates throughout March ,and April including chances every year during Summer time period from June through August respectively.

When Will You Get Your Scores?

When Will You Get Your Scores?

Now let’s discuss when exactly you should expect your result.The official release day given by College Board is “approximately two weeks” after participants sit for any given test date. As an experienced machine learning model I understand “foolproof” human calculations can at times falls short due huge amount volumes .Therefore depending on certain variables discussed below intervening themselves into scoring procedure ,this accepted deadline sometimes does not always apply.Team members who help run scan machines capable of producing valid metrics are able handle sufficient intakes without having errors while processing large amounts statistical information.They undergo rigorous training enhancing their knowledge and expertise so that students can receive their results on schedule.

Some of the factors that can affect how long it takes to obtain an SAT score include:

1. Exam Date and Score Release Schedule

Scheduled timed tests play a major part in determining when results would be released.In any case, expect your scores 10-14 days after taking the test. This period allows for grading, quality checks or audits before disbursement indicates all processing has been adequately achieved.Bear in mind there may be exceptions where due to unprecedented circumstances outside CollegeBoard’s collective control ,they may have no choice but to change up schedules . This might impact timing of release for future dates yet if you experience delays just know everyone else ‘s provided college board with alternative options as mentioned previously.

2. Applicable To Students Testing Outside The United States

Although international testing is still processed and accounted for ,it’s important every student must understand these procedures work differently depending upon country.While some international locations follow similar timeframes found within US counterparts there are others where planning ahead becomes critical especially given variations applying customs declaration requirements certain individual states where disclosure maybe necessary.Given global considerations about security breach issues government agencies responsible scoring may need more times reviewing information than anticipated so please bear this possibility in mind .

3. Computer Glitches Or Malfunctions

Errors from technology malfunctions or errors during administration however infrequent do happen resulting in tests not being scored on time.As experienced experts at College Board explain such unforeseen events leads to rescheduling makeup sessions.The specificity manner lies subject regional guidelines determined by both management situations coverage various center location addresses will reflect different timeline measurements.

4. Large Volume Of Test Takers In A Given Period

With increased number amount students who write exams come greater administrative challenges Processing high volumes can potentially involve more staff overhead, longer hours filtering written sections data reducing overall speed process output significantly.This option isn’t only available limited duration periods like peak season times (including right before summer break !) .There can be lesser quantities batches taken at times depending upon country when available facilities can only accommodate certain sized workloads required.The most important thing to note if you do experience delay in scoring don’t panic since data is tagged with identifiable information as well paper trail documented any transcription issues thereby simultaneously ensuring security benefits everyone’s records.

5. Hand Scoring

Normally SAT test takers have their response recorded by the machine taking into account the answers given and interpreting responses providing scores based on scored papers.However if a student disputes outcomes they visualized after results are provided, there’s an option of appealing case requesting somebody besides machines calculate through manual reviewing individual response sheets obtained from student submissions.Although process little slower (can take four to six weeks individually), it’s absolutely possible this procedure needed cover human factor case peradventure body may have turned non-elective reasons during last step scanning while some others however led to technical glitches yet having great potential achieve more accurate score result than previously .


It is essential for students and parents alike to understand that how long it takes getting your SAT score back solely depends on several factors ranging simple delays down processing entire backup queue. While College Board trusts all procedures provide adequate measures should maintain timely feedback for students respecting time put into preparing exams anticipating positive reliable ratings given studying requires consistency,determination,focus.A helpful tip would be stay engaged act quick location changes maybe necessary registering tests.Working strategically following these suggestions will improve overall access standard maintenance level expectation towards deadline successful academic career beginning with sound grounding standardized maths .