As we begin the new year, many music fans are eagerly anticipating the return of live concerts and tours post-pandemic. One artist whose potential tour is on everyone’s mind is none other than Bo Burnham.

For those not familiar with Bo Burnham, he’s a comedian, musician, actor, and writer who rose to fame via his YouTube channel in the early 2010s. Since then, he’s gone on to release multiple comedy specials and albums that showcase his wit and intelligence through musical numbers and stand-up routines.

Burnham has been relatively quiet in recent years as he focused on directing feature films such as “Eighth Grade,” which earned him critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of adolescence. However, with his latest Netflix special “Inside” released last year when most people were dealing with lockdowns due to COVID-19 restrictions globally; people are wondering if a live tour could be possible this upcoming year.

Before diving into whether or not Burnham will embark on a touring schedule or not in 2022 let us put some light over what fans can expect from it:

What To Expect From A Bo Burnham Tour?

Firstly it’s impossible to know what Burnham would cover within a concert-setting because of how varied his discography is. There’s bound to be an extensive repertoire ranging from classics like “New Math” onward along with newer tracks featured on Inside.

A performance based around “Inside” especially would surely incorporate elements seen from that special including comedic skits between songs involving projected images/videos along screens being incorporated at various points too providing visuals for audiences in several capacities throughout the production!

Having said that boils down ultimately dependant upon where venues want to set up their equipment – we’ve seen numerous comedians using varying permutations visually theatrical effects during prior events! Even though there haven’t been any specifics’ clarifications directly coming out yet about what sort of show Bo wants putting together anytime soon, It’s certainly easy to predict that we could witness something spectacular!

The next question arises – Will Bo Burnham Tour in 2022?

There’s no denying the demand for a Bo Burnham tour in 2022 is high. Fans have been anxiously waiting since his last live performance routine in 2016 when he did some shows across North America and various comedy festivals worldwide. But with COVID-19 pandemic still being prevalent globally here’s what we know so far:

1. There hasn’t been any official announcement from Burnham or his representatives on whether he’ll be touring this year.

Despite the clamor online over “Bo Burnham Tour” searches via Google over recent months, it should come as no surprise just how private an artist such as him would like keep his comings and goings away from paparazzi and other paranormal fans forever hoping to breach through their field barriers one way or another! However, due to uncertainty around current circumstances with COVID-19 lockdowns & restrictions etcetera The likelihood of commissions coming officially anytime soon seems minimally possible.

2. The possibility of planning begins!

Although nothing confirmed at all about an upcoming tour yet bands have started working hard on rebooking concert schedules again after pandemic-related cancellations in earlier years hence if Bo were eventually going to plan a new routine there are expected delays concerned Also due In part because orchestration logistics are complex particularly for someone such as himself who requires massive size auditoriums & sound systems workable enough for complicated setups it may take time before any concrete dates begin emerging anywhere throughout certain quarters which confirms he will indeed hit the stage again along those lines somewhere down however improbable odds suggest otherwise presently given prevailing market conditions!

3 . Market Condition

Currently under prevailing market conditions globally due In large measure related towards downtime acquiring LTL (less than truckload) shipping services along routes amidst demurrage decisions surrounding broad spectrum health protocols mandates + lockdowns being enforced from time to time tends affecting production schedules casting shadows of doubt even for artists like Burnham. Dearth of raw materials such as lumber etc aren’t helping matters either putting everything on hold till further notice although those in his orbit have indicated, once things settle stabilisation appears upon horizon – expect big things coming down all fronts!


In conclusion, while fans are eagerly anticipating a Bo Burnham tour in 2022 it is uncertain whether or not that will actually happen anytime soon due to COVID-19 restrictions and market logistics issues which could negatively impact the orchestra-tion of concerts & public events worldwide as well.

However, we can still hope for some exciting news in the future regarding a potential tour. Regardless if he heads out on stage again , past noteworthy records provide ample entertainment opportunities for anyone longing long-form comedic experiences captured at its finest!