The release of a new iPhone model always comes with excitement for tech enthusiasts and fans alike. One of the many things that come along with getting a new phone is finding the perfect case to protect it from scratches, drops, or other daily wear and tear.

If you’re considering purchasing an iPhone 11 or have already bought one, you may be wondering if your trusty old iPhone 11 Pro case will fit on this new device. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the differences between these two models and answer the question once and for all: will an iPhone 11 Pro case fit an iPhone 11?


One thing that sets these two models apart is their dimensions. The iPhone 11 measures at approximately 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm (5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 in), while the iPhone 11 Pro has slightly different dimensions at around 144 x 71.4 x7 .6mm (5.67 x2 .81×0 .30in). As we can see here,

the standard version of the latest-release phone is larger than its predecessor by almost six millimeters in height and four millimeters in width; quite a considerable difference which could greatly alter compatibility with existing cases.

While this difference in size might not seem significant at first glance, it could affect whether or not your old case will properly fit on your new device.

Camera Placement

Camera Placement

Another key feature that affects compatibility between these two models is camera placement —the main thing that separates both versions visibly.

Both phones have dual lens cameras; however, they differ slightly regarding their arrangement on either hardware device overall’s backside beneath apple branding logo.The lenses placement varies whereby Apple designed them rectangularly as opposed to squared-shaped setup seen on earlier edition Iphone XS Max line up variants.This change meant more space had to be created while expanding sensors’ capability therein its’ entirety.

Case manufacturers will have had to take this into consideration in their designs.So if you’re looking to use an iPhone 11 Pro case on your new iPhone 11, it’s essential to check the positioning of the camera cutouts.

Button Positioning and Cutouts

Button Positioning and Cutouts

A third factor that could affect compatibility between phone models is button placement as well as port cuts which decreases progressively with every newer iteration. With the release of iPhone 11, Apple made a few key tweaks regarding what was originally earmarked for every manufacturer.

The buttons themselves may differ slightly in size or shape and therefore affect how snugly your old case fits on your new device. Additionally, changes are expected with ports although much neglected or ignored by end-users when choosing cases; making them too restrictive can lead limited functionality issue – something nobody wants from their own prized possession!

Manufacturers who design these vital components might overlook some subtle nuances that end up becoming obstacles when using tried fit metrics hence narrow focus highlights all potential areas where interchangeability errors are likely flagged off than ones that do not make sense despite having similar physical appearances in terms of width and height).

Material & Overall Aesthetics

Lastly, iPhones attributes regarding materials likely usage get updated as frequently as maintaining sanity.Iphone 11 includes enhanced glass structure which makes it weigh considerably heavier compared to IPhone XS Max (200g vs168g) introducing material malleability aspect into its dynamics.

While this won’t necessarily affect whether an old case will physically fit onto a new phone model,the difference in weight might mean some things need adjusting here or there during custom micrometric adjustments.The aesthetic contrast between two phones varies by color options given each version but negligible enough not necessarily impact one over another.All this factors play vital roles while trying find perfect cover for latest-release devices without hassles of incompatible construction failing designed needs overall leaving unnecessary disappointments behind due rush…By checking out product labelling,perusing reviews online or reaching out to manufacturer’s customer service representative will save end-user a lot in the way of heartache and headaches associated with buying cases that don’t meet functional specification standards.


While your iPhone 11 Pro may have been a perfect fit for your previous model, it’s essential to remember that there are several differences between these two phones. From dimensions and camera placement to button positioning and cutouts, each feature could impact whether or not an old case will fit on a new device.

So if you’re looking to reuse an iPhone 11 Pro case on your newly-acquired iPhone 11, be sure to pay close attention to the key features we’ve mentioned in this article before making any purchase decisions. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the perfect protective case while ensuring full compatibility with your new phone without hassle.