The upcoming biographical drama film, “Spencer,” has been a topic of discussion among film enthusiasts and critics alike since its announcement. The movie portrays the life of Princess Diana during her marriage to Prince Charles. Directed by Pablo Larraín, and written by Steven Knight, the movie stars Kristen Stewart in the leading role of Princess Diana.

As with any compelling movie title, there is always an explanation behind it that sparks curiosity about its significance. So why is this movie called Spencer? What is the connection between Spencer and Princess Diana?

It all traces back to Princess Diana’s maiden name which was ‘Diana Frances Spencer.’ Born on July 1st, 1961 at Park House in Sandringham, Norfolk; she was the fourth daughter of John Spencer – Viscount Althorp – and his wife Lady Frances Roche. When her father succeeded as Earl Spencer in 1975 upon his father’s death, she became known as Lady Diana.

Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles began in November 1977 when he was dating her older sister Sarah before they met at a polo match fundraiser where he noticed her while taking pictures with their mutual friend. Aged only twenty years old at that time, little did she know what lay ahead for her.

The big day arrived on Wednesday 29th July 1981 when Lady Diana married Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral in London amid worldwide media scrutiny making headlines for weeks post their ceremony.

To audiences worldwide who followed intimate details relating to Lady Di’s life and time period close-by thirty or forty years ago throughout networks like CNN and BBC saw how much immense pressure suited royalty could cause someone struggling with many personal problems including mental health issues related more than once due unfaithful behaviour active from spouse Mr Prince Charles regarding who would possibly become future king some day down the line after his mother Queen Elizabeth II steps down.

Lady Di handled fame gracefully until finally signing divorce papers on August 28th, 1996 from Prince Charles finalizing their official split although it’s well-known that the little details surrounding them continue to be a topic of conversation for many royals’ fans. The death of Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales (as she was formally known) in a car crash after being chased by paparazzi also remains an event with unanswered questions and became one biggest headline shocks around the world.

The name ‘Spencer’ is both her maiden name and strong surname coming directly down through her family lineage. Diana broke traditions right from birth being born as a fourth daughter when boys were seen with more importance at that time often held to specific gender-restrictions such as those imposed by society until and unless exceptions are made.

Given this insight into Lady Di’s historical background; naming the movie “Spencer” should not be viewed lightly. It feels honorable based on Diana’s life struggles, projections placed upon her due to marriage obligations and intense public attention; while also acknowledging the legacy of herself as part of a royal family tree resilient enough withstand much pressure for centuries already during times where we don’t have to meet any expectations or uphold titles just because they’ve been passed along since generations prior.

In addition to spotlighting Lady Di’s side-story within British monarchy systems playing across screens worldwide beginning late November 2021 in countries including UK, US & Canada – there’s no doubt history buffs everywhere eager anticipating ‘Spencer’ release day would find its title utterly fitting if nothing else regardless what producers called it would help bring together all parts past royalty they learned about over years perfect cameos essential detail realistic settings definitely reminiscent most famous weddings ceremony scenes capturing remarkable essence feeling equally documentary-style realism non-fiction dramas – mixing imagination stirred up by bringing character portrayals well-established storylines surrounding particular historic figures once alive but now preserved through accounts reported within contemporary sources like encyclopedias biographical books documentaries and interviews.

So, there you have it- Spencer is so much more than just a movie title; it’s a reflection of Princess Diana’s legacy and everything that she stood for. The movie aims to do justice to her story by paying tribute to the struggles she faced as well as her remarkable resilience in handling them while living many tears like an everyday human while pinnacles of greatness & fame surrounded her through every move made throughout lifetime.

The title ‘Spencer’ ultimately welcomes Lady Di into conversations history books airwaves always with grace due all unyielding focus self-respect earned going up against immense societal pressure alone different away from royalty norms seen ever since people have started structuring society with specific roles designated towards who has access power opportunities wealth resources surrounding safety during their life journey most familiar within aristocratic systems like British monarchy instead holding onto qualities what one human can achieve when giving enough support love freedom explore much beyond silver icings gifted growing various contexts environments throughout world we live today too fitting farewell respect paid right past turning points witnessed by thousands whose lives changed after encountering this incredible woman dynamic intense charismatic individual named Lady Diana Frances Spencer!.