As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our furry friends. Part of taking care of them is ensuring that their litter box stays clean and odor-free. Enter the Litter Robot—the self-cleaning cat litter box that has become a favorite among many pet owners.

But what happens when you encounter an issue with your Litter Robot? One common problem is the blue light flashing. This may leave you wondering, “Why is the blue light flashing on my Litter Robot?”

In this article, we’ll explore some of the possible reasons behind this issue and what steps you can take to fix it.

What Does The Blue Light Mean?

What Does The Blue Light Mean?

Before diving into why your Litter Robot’s blue light is flashing, let’s first understand what the different colors mean:

1. Green Light: A solid green light indicates that your Litter Robot is working correctly.

1. Green Light: A solid green light indicates that your Litter Robot is working correctly.

2. Yellow Light: A steady yellow (amber) color means there might be an issue or warning message pending which will usually be displayed in the control panel as well as alerts on app and notifications

3. Blue Light: If you see a flashing blue indicator or ring around buttons or bin door, something isn’t quite right with your robot’s sensors!

When a solidly lit blue indicator accompanies any other malfunction signals like “bonk” sound, it usually means they are In obstacle detection mode where rotating globe detects movement inside after every 10 seconds in order to prevent accidental activations resulting from pets entering/exiting houses etc.

Hence it stops moving until no obstruction detected anymore by close proximity motion detecting sensor kit installed at base!

The Reasons Why Your Litter Robot’s Blue Lights Are Flashing

1). It needs recalibration:

One reason why your litter robot’s blue lights are flashing could be due to its need for calibration *once it completes obstacle detection spin pause*. You have to make sure that all pieces of kitty litters need to fit within the circle before starting it back up, or else sensors will detect as though someone is still standing in the litter and shuts off.

To recalibrate your Litter Robot: turn it off then remove the waste drawer and also take care to empty contents of globe. after fitting this all correctly again follow instructions given on Litter-Robot manual which should be very easy for anyone who’s set a timer, just hold “cycle” button until control panel displays blinking blue indicator. Release button you can see lesser intensity flash whereas your LR gear motor wil start moving forward backwards normally.
if CANCEL/REVERSAL feature switch has been triggered due to overloading cats overload/some heavy types of kitty litter missed by sensor detection kit,

Fydo (LR2) Combination Blue Blinking + Yellow Light; This occurs when an error message is pending but Fydo’s sleep mode screen did not show any messages each time you checked if his unit was functioning properly – immediate recalibration dispatches any error message pending:

The disposal portal maybe stuck:

Another reason why the blue light could be flashing on your Litter Robot may be due to a blockage at its disposal portal which settles down into gearbox resulting in unnecessary blockages from materials such as clumping sand crystals accumulate there. These accumulated materials tend especially towards binding with other particles present within carriage system components over time quickly creating significant obstructions slowing down gears drastically

To Fix It:
Turn off power supply disassemble cleaning fixing carousel/bin enclosure carefully avoiding damage during unscrewing parts afterward unplugging waist mat cassette opened up wrt bin carefully removing inner part bins lastly check underneath so that obstruction like hairball dirt etc doesn’t cling anymore inside.

3). The Weight Sensor May Be Malfunctioning:

The weight sensor installed under load-carrying arms where cartridge type waste containers seat behind gated circular opening holes between them mounted onto base detecting presence location directionality vs other debris present at moment user wants LR to perform cleaning cycle and its sensors may be malfunctioning.

The only way to fix this issue would be to replace the sensor, as a malfunctioning weight sensor can fail or not trigger the automated process correctly leading to an error beep with blinking blue indicator assuming other parts of device are in good working order overall!

4). Dirty Sensors:

Lastly, dirty sensors could also cause the blue light to flash. The unit might stop functioning if dust accumulates on it triggering indicators like red, yellow lights etc along with blinking will display that there is an obstruction or error somewhere which signals that direct manual intervention required inorder get everything sorted out again properly.

Cleaning all sensitive mechanical part surfaces using soft cloth dampened without any cleaner/ chemical solution on them wiping dry with clean towel should do nicely allowing mechanisms reasonable time intervals before starting it back up after getting rid of dust accumulation issues for best results optimum performance needed eventually!


In conclusion, seeing a flashing blue light on your Litter Robot could indicate various issues; here outlined possible causes I can think-of when encountered instead wanting downgraded quality cat litter box experience. Therefore take care whenever these scenarios coincide ensuring full compliance with prescribed cleaning maintenance procedures so that everything works smoothly once more! In case you cannot save /restore normalcy contact customer service for support who definitely lead through steps correctly diagnose faults quickly resolve related errors effectively by experienced technical team making sure troubleshooting goes well resulting glitch-free operation and happier pet ownership progress/ success.