The 2003 American Western film, “Open Range”, directed and produced by the legendary Kevin Costner features an ensemble cast of prominent actors that bring life to the compelling storyline. The movie tells a story of two cowboys who lead a cattle drive across country whilst facing various adversities.

The Main Cast

The Main Cast

Robert Duvall:

Robert Duvall:

Robert Duvall played Boss Spearman, one of the main characters in “Open Range”. Known for his iconic roles in films like “Gone with the Wind”, “The Godfather” and “Lonesome Dove”, Duvall’s portrayal in Open Range is true to form. His role as the older cowboy represented expertise and experience required when leading such long drives.

Kevin Costner:

Kevin Costner plays Charley Waite, who works alongside Robert during this journey. Best known for his renowned performances in movies like “Dances With Wolves,” Costner brings depth to Charley’s character with subtle nuances that highlight his inner turmoil.

Annette Bening:

Playing Sue Barlow in “Open Range” is Annette Benning – Her striking beauty coupled with powerful acting skills add tremendous value to her portrayal of Sue, the owner of a local establishment where Boss & Charlie come looking for medical attention. Later on through their interaction they build up great chemistry making it quite interesting.

Michael Gambon:

Micheal Gambon portrays Denton Baxter, portrayed as an antagonistic figure whose motivations are primarily driven by financial gain rather than anything more noble or honourable motivations . He adds drama and conflictivity throughout the storyline bringing out constant tension between our protagonists & antagonist characters .

Diego Luna:

Lastly Diego Luna playing Button alongside some other younger cast members- really brightens up an otherwise serious movie feel adding effectively to its vivid characterization seen through character details around each member despite such a huge lineup.Chiefly notable scenes including him practicing key shooting techniques once demonstrated often later on in tense scenes throughout the movie.

The supporting cast

Other notable members of the Open Range cast are Abraham Benrubi, who plays a pivotal role as Mose whom we see as a formidable presence on screen assisting Boss maneuver through various difficult situations.

Dean McDermott also joins in playing Doc Barlow -A local veterinarian character along with Kim Coates as played Percy; an antagonistic employee and kindred spirit to Denton’s motive during the stroyline often showing extreme hostility towards anyone standing between him and making profits off of his illegal intentions

James Russo also has some shine moments in this movie playing characters like Tom that adds to all-around great performances by everyone involved even down to those minor roles you would hardly notice if not paying keen attention but impactful enough to bring out its universality.


In conclusion, “Open Range” features an impressive lineup of actors who each have their own unique personalities, bringing depth and gravitas that make it worth watching over & over again. From shows of talent from industry veterans like Duvall & Costner ,to diamond performances from less likely choices such Annette Bening, Diego Luna among others really highlights what makes this movie stand-out enough within genre cinematic history.

Open Range” is a classic western film recommended for anyone who enjoys thrilling chase scenes, epic cattle drives and tense shoot-outs. Kevin Costner’s direction alongside the ensemble cast makes it one of the best western movies in recent history.

The story follows two cowboys, Boss Spearman & Charley Waite, who lead a herd of cattle across country while facing various adversities ranging from inclement weather conditions to bandits seeking their valuables – both subtle yet profound displays of narrative prowess depicted in this movie. The storyline alone will have you hooked from beginning to end with its top-notch script that truly brings excellent pacing within its runtime!

The chemistry between Boss & Charlie whose friendship runs deeper than just business partners is heartwarming to watch unfold throughout the movie as they share stories about their lives on and off ranches- often finding comfort when things get tough out on their long trek towards Montana territory.

The villianous character Denton Baxter adds another level of tension-inducing conflict as viewers go along with hoping characters like him don’t ruin everything being worked hard towards by setting up increasingly difficult situations further into the plot

Sue Barlow played by Annette Benning (well-known actress) plays an intriguing role as seen throughout her intimate relationship build-up up with Charlie manifested during her nursing duties dealing directly upon close recovery tests old wounds amongst these men whilst gaining trust over time spent under one roof due chance encounter in earlier reel scene despite them living worlds apart- showcasing impeccable attention-to-detail littered through carefully chosen moments depicting how humans treat each other amid great development spurts/stressful journeys together

Diego Luna marked his presence stand-out performance not just relegated to previously mentioned shooting practice sequences – but genuinely showing himself capable enough as a crew member able-bodied looking after younger “Button” providing some comedic relief at times ensuring all team-members were constantly looked-after no matter they’re rank or years allowing us taking glimpses at varying personalities on-screen and how they go about things.

In recent times, western movies have seen a resurgence in popularity with films such as “Hell or High Water” and “The Hateful Eight”. Kevin Costner’s “Open Range” proves to be among the best of them all; skillfully blending drama, action & suspense into one experience well worth taking the time out for!