“Shut Up and Dance with Me” is one of the most popular songs in the world today, and it has garnered millions of fans worldwide for its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics. However, not many people know who sang “Shut Up and Dance.” In this article, we will delve deep into the history of this hit song, explore its significance to our culture, and identify the talented individuals who brought it to life.

The Origin Story

The Origin Story

The song “Shut Up and Dance with Me” was released by American indie pop band Walk The Moon on September 10th, 2014. It debuted as a single from their second full-length album titled “Talking Is Hard.” The track was written by lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca along with his fellow bandmates Kevin Ray (bassist), Sean Waugaman (drummer), Eli Maiman (guitarist), among others. Although initially turned down by radio stations in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio – where they had been playing gigs since forming in 2006 -, eventually a local DJ caught wind of their music video for Shut Up and Dance that was gaining popularity online. He began playing it on repeat at his live events which led to nationwide exposure.

With its upbeat tune featuring jangling guitars reminiscent of golden oldies such as “Summer Of ’69” by Bryan Adams or “Jenny/867-5309” by Tommy Tutone accompanied by an energetic drumbeat wrapped up in slick production effects; soaring chorus hooks containing memorable repetitions like “Don’t you dare look back/keep your eyes on me/I said you’re holding back/she said shut up & dance with me”; Shimmying beats urging listeners onto dance floors everywhere – it’s no wonder why exuberant fans all over were searching feverishly for details about this breakout hit upon first hearing it.


One thing that truly stands out about the success story of “Shut Up and Dance” is that it didn’t rely on a major label push or big-budget music videos. Instead, the song gained popularity thanks to its infectious melody, upbeat vibe, relatable lyrics about having fun and letting loose which resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Furthermore, “Shut Up & Dance” has been praised for its empowering message. The sole purpose behind the formation of Walk The Moon was to create a shared space where fans could connect positively through their music-making together as one entity – this track beautifully encapsulates that objective by urging listeners not to let anyone else’s opinions get in the way when finding joy for themselves.

Record-breaking accomplishments

The song went on to achieve massive commercial success around the world owing to its catchy hook. By November 2015 it had peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart making Walk The Moon’s debut in top online rankings like Spotify more widespread than ever before achieved by them . It also reached number two on Canada’s Canadian Hot 100 Chart plus claiming other high ranking chart placements from various regions throughout Europe & beyond fetching records sales of over five million copies worldwide according to Nielsen Soundscan while sustaining a consistent position among Youtube most-viewed songs since first released.

Who Sings “Shut Up and Dance”?

As stated earlier, Walk The Moon was responsible for writing and performing “Shut Up and Dance.” They are an American indie pop band formed in Cincinnati Ohio back in 2006 identifying Nicholas Petricca vocals/keyboards leading his fellow members Kevin Ray (bass/background vocals), Sean Waugaman(drums/percussion/background vocals) Eli Maiman(guitar/vocals); whom he initially referred informally as “the historic southside quartet” who passionately developed energetic live musical productions constituting influences drawn from different eras spanning rock’n’roll vibes circa ‘50s/‘60s up to late 2000s electronic music .

Their sybaritic indie-rock appeal arose from successful prior band releases containing tropical pulse beats encompassing choral sing-alongs having quickly become crowd pleasers overtime also gaining Walk The Moon numerous top festival slots including Coachella, Firefly, Lollapalooza made them revered as one of the reliable artists in this contemporary era of music-making.


“Shut Up and Dance with Me” is an amazing song that has certainly stood the test of time. It’s uplifting lyrics are a testament to the ability of music to bring people together for a moment of fun and celebration. Its traditional jangling guitars accompanied by spirited drum percussions packing electric energy into every chord change reflect how much thoughtfully crafted tunes can help complement vocal melodies & diverse musical styles contributing towards producing globally infectious hits inspiring transcending cultural barriers over multiple generations becoming timeless classics all while staying true to not allowing industry norms take over musicians’ creative worth igniting active fans participation within their respective projects – it’s no surprise why after years since its release date Shut up And Dance is still being played in different clubs & radio stations around the world today.