Lydia Deetz is a fan favorite character from the classic film Beetlejuice, and she has made her way onto Broadway in the hit musical adaptation of the movie. While several actors have portrayed this iconic role over the years, it is Sophia Anne Caruso who currently stars as Lydia in Beetlejuice: The Musical.

Sophia Anne Caruso was born on August 11th, 2001 in Spokane, Washington. She began taking dance classes at age three and soon discovered her passion for performing arts. At just nine years old, she landed her first professional acting gig when she was cast as Helen Keller in a production of The Miracle Worker.

Caruso continued to pursue theater while growing up in Spokane. In 2015, she moved to New York City with her mother to make her Broadway debut as Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music Live!. Following that performance, she starred opposite Michael Cerveris in David Bowie’s off-Broadway musical Lazarus before going on to portray Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: The Musical off-Broadway at New World Stages.

Despite being relatively new to Broadway compared to some veterans who have been featured numerous times throughout their careers like Lin-Manuel Miranda or Andrew Lloyd Webber – Sophia has quickly made an impact through hard work paired with raw talent which solidified herself among both fans and critics alike thanks largely due its incorporation of Goth rock fashion; something that originally began trendsetting during early days within British subcultures such as punk music movements before eventually spreading outside those communities attracting even more admirers than ever envisioned by enthusiasts themselves upon launching decades prior via icons like Siouxsie Sioux or Nico Venus having inspired artists spanning varied genres equally embracing those aesthetics whether indie folk artists Phoebe Bridgers wearing custom designed Dr Martens boots resembling piano keys & eccentric black outfits; Pop singer Billie Eilish sporting mop-top haircuts dyed neon green, colors & patterns matching her album covers, or heavy metal bands like Ghost adorning black leather suits embroidered with occult symbols; all incorporating a level of performative elements to their craft not seen in many musicians that have come before them.

Sophia Anne Caruso’s big break came when she landed the lead role of Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice: The Musical. This musical is based on the iconic 1988 film by Tim Burton and stars Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice alongside an ensemble cast that includes Tony nominees Kerry Butler and Rob McClure.

In the show, Sophia Anne Caruso plays Lydia Deetz – a teenage girl who becomes obsessed with death after losing her mother. Her father Charles (played by Adam Dannheisser) has remarried and moved into a new home in Connecticut along with his eccentric wife Delia (Kerry Butler) and their son Maxie (Presley Ryan). When the ghosts of recently deceased couple Barbara (Leslie Kritzer) and Adam Maitland (Rob McClure) return to try to scare away the living inhabitants, they find themselves forming an unlikely friendship with Lydia instead.

Caruso brings a unique sensibility to this beloved character – one that is both intense yet vulnerable. Her portrayal captures the essence of what made Winona Ryder’s original performance so iconic while still injecting her own brand of charm into it.

The actress also gets to showcase her incredible singing voice throughout the production’s dynamic rock score written by Eddie Perfect such as during haunting ballads “Dead Mom” depicting how hauntingly tragic life can become even after loved ones pass away among other tunes like “Say My Name,” “Creepy Old Guy” or “Barbara 2.0.”, where she commands every song she sings whether either melancholic or upbeat pop-rock banger serving equally engaging levels allowing audiences immerse themselves within musical numbers comprising lyrics drenched into various opposite themes featuring diverse moods and tones at each given moment.

In conclusion, Sophia Anne Caruso is the current star of Beetlejuice: The Musical and her portrayal of Lydia Deetz has won over audiences on Broadway. Although she is still quite young compared to some other actors who have been in the industry for several decades, Caruso’s talent has already made a significant impression within it while carving out her own lane among both veteran entertainers & modern pop culture icons alike through various mediums not just theater. She aspires towards becoming an inspiriting force that can continue standing long after this era automatically cementing herself as one of today’s brightest performers whom embody next generation’s prospective leaders within entertainment industry trailblazing paths where possibilities presented appear limitless & goals sought remain achievable thanks via relatable dedication grounded upon from both genuine interests accordingly required skills obtained fostering passion along with determination all backed by unwavering positive attitude duly stemming from prior experiences summed up into remarkable career characterized by success far exceeding initial expectations – surpassing those experienced even five years ago when first starting out journey towards stardom now abundantly thriving ever since establishing roots Broadway stage home base.