Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in recent years, and with its increasing popularity comes a lot of curiosity around who actually owns these innovative digital assets. One platform that is often mentioned within cryptocurrency circles is – a leading cryptocurrency exchange and payments gateway. In this article, we will delve into the history of, explore who currently owns the company and what implications this may have for users.

A Brief History of

A Brief History of was launched back in 2016 under the name Monaco Card – named after the sovereign city-state located on France’s Mediterranean coastline. The company’s founder and CEO Kris Marszalek had previously founded several successful startups, one of which was YFind Technologies, a WiFi location-based services company that he eventually sold to Apple.

Initially focused on providing crypto debit cards to their customers, Monaco began fundraising efforts through an ICO (initial coin offering) in June 2017, raising approximately $26 million through its token sale. By May 2018, Monaco had rebranded as – reflecting their wider mission to revolutionize both banking and finance by simplifying access to cryptocurrencies for everyone.

In November 2018, just months after this rebranding effort took place – DragonEx listed CRO tokens following an agreement with MCO Visa Card issuer – marking significant progress towards achieving Mass Adoption for Cryptocurrencies.

The following year saw continued growth as added more features such as interest-earning accounts; high-interest stablecoin savings accounts; insurance-backed crypto wallet security; margin trading futures contracts & options trading via Expert Trading portal interface among other groundbreaking products/services exclusive only offered here!

One notable milestone from mid-2020 was when Fortune reports that “Hong Kong-based credit card challenger bank Visa installed six leadership team members at […] Crypto dot com”, signifying massive stride towards mainstream acceptance both locally and globally!

Who Currently Owns

Who Currently Owns

As yet there isn’t any consolidated listing for who actually owns Here are a few different entities that hold shares in the company:

Kris Marszalek – CEO and Co-Founder of

The largest shareholder is Kris Marszalek, who holds an estimated 70-75% stake in the company He has been involved with cryptocurrency since early days of Bitcoin, and was one of Monaco’s four co-founders.

With overten years’ experience as a digital marketer himself, alongside founding YFind Technologies prior to this venture indicates remarkable leadership skills within tech sectors!

General Catalyst Partners – Venture Capital Firm

In July 2018 General Catalyst led a series B funding round that raised $71 million for (back when it was still operating under its original name, Monaco). The VC firm’s involvement opened up numerous possibilities for Cryptocurrency adoption via unmatched industry contacts & investors.

In addition to financing future growth opportunities through continued investments or loans from leading financial institutes like Standard Chartered Bank among others; major investor/partner stakes already established signal strong potential influence markets across globe toward more diversified & efficient crypto-product offerings! Their reputation alone sparks chatter about their strategic vision co-shareholders have come associate them too.

First Round Capital – Venture Capital Investor Firm

Also participated in series B fund raising along-side General Catalyst firm mentioned above by contributing Millions into infrastructure and services development products/services available mobile/web Apps easily accessible anywhere anytime globally ushering interest influx worldwide rather than limited local/regional territories exchanges currently served exclusivity wise so far…

Lead Institutional Investors such as Galaxy Digital Ventures LLC! For those paying close attention may remember how Galaxy Digital previously invested further millions last year bolster added volume trading capabilities other crypto assets being traded at Crypto dot com “a playing field they perceive ripe entry opportunity” according Bloomberg sources familiar dealings between both companies!

What Implications Does This Have For Users?

Being privately owned isn’t necessarily bad news for users; indeed, some may argue it can be advantageous as the owners can remain focused on the core mission and values that have driven’s growth so far. Furthermore, being backed by high-profile VC firms such as General Catalyst and First Round Capital solidifies not only operational scalability potential within similar laggard business landscapes but also enhances credibility among crowds considering crypto-adoption easing entry barriers perception-wise.

However, one concern may stem from the lack of transparency around ownership. Without a clear understanding of who owns what percentage of, there is limited insight into how decisions made at board-level will impact the company’s direction in future years. However its still early days cryptocurrency sectors fair stable system valuating/attributing percentages holdings etc with multiple entities actively investing/competing present day activities furiously eyed competitors!

Furthermore to conclude this overview Kris Marszalek has been very shrewd himself over time building sustainable value long-term whilst adapting market demands given fluidity this industry presents. For investors looking for an exciting opportunity in digital currency could do worse than following this innovative leader creating waves across finance – constantly adapting serving up new products/services making steps towards becoming fully diversified/viable regulatory-compliant one-stop-shop solution wherever based anywhere globally! It will be interesting see which countries each stake-holder seeks expanding their footprint to capture larger shares respective markets…