Uncle Eddie is one of the most iconic characters in the Christmas movie industry. He has been a part of many families’ holiday traditions, and his unique personality adds a touch of humor to the festive season. One question that seems to come up quite often about Uncle Eddie is who he’s related to in Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Vacation is an American comedy film that was released back in 1989. The story revolves around Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, who wants nothing but to have the perfect family Christmas vacation. Unfortunately for him, things don’t always go according to plan when his quirky family members start arriving at their home unannounced.

Among these relatives is Uncle Eddie Johnson, played by Randy Quaid. In the movie, Uncle Eddie arrives with his wife Catherine and two children- Rocky and Ruby Sue.

While it’s quite clear that Uncle Eddie is related to somebody in the Griswold family from this setup (since they are all staying together for Christmas), there isn’t actually any direct explanation given as to what relation they share.

Despite lacking clarity on this issue within the actual movie plotline itself, some passages can give us clues into what kind of relative Uncle Eddie could be:

Eddie shares a mother with Ellen Griswold

Eddie shares a mother with Ellen Griswold

One theory suggests that Aunt Bethany may actually be Ellen’s sister – thus making her mother Mrs Shirley ‘Beanie’ Davenport also exists; she’s not mentioned nearby other faimly relations or shown getting involved alongside everyone else over issues like putting out fires cans turned over near her house before doing yard work so I’m going to guess probably not always appreciating them popping back into her life unexpectedly each year during holiday time!

Alternatively...his sons suggest less likelihood...

Alternatively…his sons suggest less likelihood…

If we turn toward understanding how things logically would work through immediate bloodlines though rather than extrapolating too much from other supporting references provided throughout scenes throughout movies’ entirety: In the movie, Uncle Eddie apparently has two children- Rocky and Ruby Sue. Neither of them is mentioned to have any relation to the Griswold family members. This fact makes it seem more likely that Uncle Eddie might be some kind of cousin or nephew rather than an uncle.

Perhaps in fact even fictional families like the Griswolds can experience unidentified distant cousins who just happen to show up for Christmas with their (strange) family in tow! At this point, however, all we can do is make educated guesses about what kind of relation Uncle Eddie shares with Clark Griswold’s clan.

In conclusion

Despite being one of the most beloved characters from Christmas Vacation due to his unique personality and humor, it remains somewhat unclear what type of relative status Uncle Eddie holds among the rest of his holiday family. Nevertheless he continues popping up year after year bringing along his interesting trailer enclave wherever they may land- providing some much-needed levity during otherwise high-stress holiday seasons!

Whatever relations do or don’t exist between him and anyone else within the wider cast’s families’ branches each viewer might have different ideas about where Uncle Eddie falls on a familial tree full roots bordering tangled: there’s no denying that Randy Quaid gave us a remarkable performance as this classic character who jostles entertainment into every skit upon appearing…whether you view them as related like siblings typical or are ready reinvent own defining relationships entirely anew; way ’round Mr Johnson seems certain pull plenty laughs right alongside main cast for holidays come again time next year yet again.