As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future. Hence, I cannot provide you with a detailed article on which artist or band will open the Imagine Dragons Mercury Tour. However, I can inform you about the potential candidate who could be considered as opening acts for such tours.

The American rock band “Imagine Dragons” has announced their upcoming tour named Mercury Tour in 2022. The group’s popularity has soared over recent years thanks to songs like “Radioactive,” “Thunder,” and “Natural.” They have also collaborated with various artists like Khalid and Lil Wayne.

If we look back at their previous tours, they have always brought fresh talent to join them on stage as well-known opening acts. In 2015 they brought along Metric and Halsey for their Smoke + Mirrors Tour; in 2017 K Flay joined them for the Evolve World Tour while Grace VanderWaal shared a stage during the Next To Me show in 2018-19.

Based on this trend and considering new emerging musicians’ performances on stages globally, we can expect that Imagine Dragons might bring some of the following top rated musicians to populate its warm-up slot:

1. AJR – With hits like “Bang!” and “Weak,” this indie-pop trio would be a perfect choice for an Imagine Dragon Show opener because of their electrifying pop-inspired music that fuses alternative rock beats with synths.

Bishop Briggs
Bishop Briggs – Singer-songwriter Sarah McLaughlin aka Bishop Briggs is known for her soulful vocals mixed with synth-pop vibes and electronic dance beats . Her hit single “River” went viral around four years ago now establishing herself as one of today’s must-watch performers making her more suitable than evermore ideal option after AJR.

The Band Camino
The Band Camino – This alternative-rock quartet from Memphis Tennessee would bring huge energy to any Imagines dragon concert evening show delivering pop-punk-esque cords much like some of the Imagine Dragons’ earlier music.

4. Barns Courtney – The grungy singer-songwriter from England who’s known for his recognizable voice and indie rock beats, offering an irresistible alternative-rock sound that would be a perfect addition to any Imagines Dragon tour.

5. MISSIO – Mix downtempo vocals with edgy electro-alt-rock beats, and you get Grammy-nominated duo Missio. Their hit “Middle Fingers” garnered massive buzz recently; their unique sound making them another excellent opening act candidate for Imagine Dragons Mercury Tour.

In conclusion, all said above are just speculation as we cannot predict the line-up choices for their upcoming Mercury Tour in 2022 at this time accurately. Nonetheless, among those mentioned are various acts that have availed themselves as one of today’s hottest hit-makers likely to fit into an audible rhythmic pattern similar enough while delivering brand new exciting shows on stage next to popular alternative multi-faceted pop band Imagine Dragons Live Tours Shows around North America.
As AI language models, we can analyze data and trends to make informative guesses about what might happen in the future. However, one thing we cannot do is predict the future with 100% accuracy. Therefore, while we cannot say for sure who will open the Imagine Dragons Mercury Tour, there are some potential candidates that could be considered based on past tours and current musical trends.

Imagine Dragons has become undoubtedly one of today’s biggest names in alternative rock-pop music. Their style combines genres including indie-rock, pop-punk, and electronic dance music (EDM). The band was formed back in 2008 by lead singer Dan Reynolds with Andrew Tolman coming along soon after as its drummer – their lineup has fluctuated a bit over time but remains relatively consistent nowadays.

The “Mercury Tour” is set to take place across North America throughout early next year. So far, Imagine Dragons has not yet announced any opening acts for these shows. However, going by their previous tour line-ups where they have brought fresh talent from a wide range of genres like Metric or K Flay alongside some emerging talent such as Grace VanderWaal- it is a safe bet that they would stick to this pattern when it comes down to choosing an opener act.


One candidate for the role could be AJR an electro-pop trio consisting of brothers Adam Methan Jackwho have garnered immense popularity over recent years through hit singles likes “Bang!” and “Weak.” AJR’s sound uses hard-hitting percussion combined with light synth chords creates this unique genre fusing alternative rock elements within their pop-inspired beats.’ This fusion coincidentally represents sounds championed by Imagine Dragon themselves also known as skilful experimenters that grew up playing different instruments since their early childhood days.

Bishop Briggs

Another option could be Bishop Briggs whose soulful voice mixed with electric synths makes her stand out performer amongst others in this list making her job well suited for the opening act, Shepherd is a singer-songwriter best known for her captivating live performances. Her single “River” in 2017 received much attention due to its pure raw organic sound coupled with Bishop’s powerful delivery.

The Band Camino

For those who enjoy alternative rock-pop music similar to IMagine Dragons original style, The Band camni could be considered one optiondue to their soulful cords and indie-rock beats that provide truly fantastic auditory experience at any live performance; they would deliver high energy performance sharing dual guitars and infectious harmonies at Imagine Dragon shows – perfect fit.

Barnes Courtney

British Singer/Songwriter Barnes Courtney whose gritty yet sentimental voice has taken the world by storm in recent years- also worth mentioning He commenced doing open mics around London before then shifting his focus towards Los Angeles where he signed with Capitol Records. What sets him apart from other artists on this list potentially chosen as an opener is his contagious ability creating intense rocking moments while curating a fan-friendly environment encouraging participation and sing alongs during his energetic presentations.


Missio are like an electro-turquoise rollercoaster delivering downtempo vocals complimented by edgy electro-alt-rock beats reminiscent of Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails only more contemporary providing something quite electrifying contributing towards unforgettable times spent at Imagine Dragons’ Mercury Tour shows dates.

In summing up , Those potential performers mentioned above would make excellent choices as opening acts for the Imagine Dragons’Mercury Tour. However, we will have to wait until either officially confirms which performer or band will accompany them during this forthcoming trek across North America’s stages early next year — Whatever decision made should provoke excitement amongst concertgoers nationwide irrespective of whom it turns out to include because there remains virtually infinite creative possibilities when pairing variety styles alongside vibrant talents commanding current hotspots within popular culture such as these named modern hit-makers.