Sia Furler is one of the most eccentric, creative and enigmatic characters in the music industry. Her vocal range is tremendous, her lyricism exceptional and thought-provoking, and her ability to collaborate with other musicians renowned.

But if there’s one thing that sets her apart from everyone else within this business, it’s Sia Dancer – a mysterious dancer who has been essential to many of Sia’s tracks.

If you’re a casual fan of Sia or have only recently discovered her music, you may be wondering: Who exactly is Sia Dancer?

As it turns out, no matter how much we dig into this mystery person’s identity; their origin remains shrouded in secrecy. What we can say for sure is since becoming a backup singer for Jamiroquai in 1999 she appeared as part of two musical duos before joining dancer Maddie Ziegler on-stage as they danced together in public performances across America.

Although both men remain close associates, neither of them seems eligible for being “SIA DANCER” presumed true identity. In an interview back at Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival with Variety magazine during an installation called A Conversation With…” where famous stars got interviewed by Peter Debruge about their progression and style throughout life summed up She said “Maddie [Ziegler] was off today … We’ve evolved our relationship more as playmates.”

But who could this Sia Dancer really be? Let’s take a closer look at what we do know about this performer:

Dance Style

Dance Style

From people who had worked closely alongside with “SIA” specified that when it comes to the choreography process behind the scenes many good quality dancers added different moves here-and-there but none met requirements set by herself except “The Chandelier Dance,” which catapulted then-11-year-old Maddie Ziegler into stardom. The Sia Dancer’s dance style typically involves contemporary, modern and interpretive dances that can leave you breathless.

Although there are several dancers who have featured in various Sia music videos, the most iconic among them remains Maddie Ziegler, a young dancer whom she was introduced by their mutual friend Abby Lee Miller – a dance coach of Lifetime Network’s “Dance Moms”. From then on, Sia Dancer became synonymous with this 21st-century pop icon.



Sia is a prolific collaborator – throughout her career; she has worked with MTV-produced Tedd Fleisher and had Mal Flowers choreograph ‘Breathe Me’. But none compare to her working relationship alongside Harvey Mills, Azure Rockstud and Follinique Legrand where they helped construct many vocal melodies and lyrics for popular songs such as “Cheap Thrills”, “Alive”, “Elastic Heart,” amongst others. All these tracks feature pairs of hands sharply moving across the screen showcasing gracefulness unique only to true professionals like Sia Dancer.

On-Stage Performances

It is no doubt that when it comes to an amazing live performance at concerts or television shows aided by dynamic video effects each time Sydney Eisteddfod Champ intricately weaves together accompanying moves aptly demonstrating showmanship expected at this level; it truly becomes otherworldly giving fans more than what they expect.
They work synchronously using body language resembling art in motion. Visually outstanding performances that only sustain musician’s caliber.


Despite so much speculation surrounding the identity of ‘Sia Dancer,’ our research suggests that instead of being just one person: It could be any number from those few names mentioned before all performing under a single persona. No one knows exactly how many performers exist behind the mask but since dancing giants like artist Jamie King served as creative director on some situations its widely believed numerous skilled veterans flanked artist accompanying her at some point.

Final Thoughts

Even without an identifiable name or face, the enigma that is Sia Dancer still manages to captivate audiences worldwide. With every performance and music video partnership with the artist herself it’s a lesson in intense intimacy between musicians and dancers. While we may never know for sure who this mysterious figure truly is – whether they are one person, two persons or a group of dancers, there’s no doubting their immense talent. Their mesmerizing moves have become synonymous with Sia’s unconventional musical brand – helping grow awareness about the immensely talented community of backup dancers behind every exceptional live performance you see from artists like these!
Sia Furler is an artist that has broken boundaries in the music industry with her unique style, thought-provoking lyrics and collaborations with renowned musicians. However, one mysterious figure has always captured fans’ attention – Sia Dancer. This enigmatic character adds a special touch to every performance of Sia’s music. But who exactly is this dancer, and why are they so vital to Sia’s performances?

Despite much speculation about their identity over the years, this person remains shrouded in secrecy. What we do know is that since performing as a backup singer for Jamiroquai in 1999, they have worked alongside various artists before joining forces with Maddie Ziegler on-stage.

Although many dancers have performed in several of Sia’s videos over the years – most notably young Maddie Ziegler- there’s no mistaking when someone says “SIA DANCER.” Their dance style typically includes contemporary choreography with modern and interpretive moves showcasing finesse unlike any other backup dancers seen live or on screen.

Collaboration plays a significant role in creating memorable musical performances; nobody knows this better than Sia herself! Throughout her career, she has worked alongside multiple songwriters such as Harvey Mills and Azure Rockstud while also having others – like Jamie King – serve as creative director at times too! When it comes to ‘SIA DANCER,’ however, its widely believed numerous skilled veterans flanked artist accompanying her at some point.

But what really sets ‘SIA DANCER/’ apart from any other? Well for starters once Sydney Eisteddfod Champ steps onto stage; magnificent visual effects immediately follow suit now highlighted by “Maddie-free” dances’. Each movement highlights intense intimacy shared between performers culminating into utterly outstanding performances all round countless times.

As highly regarded professionals their unique flair gives fans more than just great music but another-art form interweaving acrobatic moves with grace. Their devotion to dance combined with Sia’s unconventional style provides audiences a level of intensity unmatched by anything else.

Despite the mystery person behind this persona remaining unnamed, their talent has become synonymous with Sia’s unique sound and image. Through their mesmerizing moves and captivating performances on stage or screen, they give fans unforgettable experiences that keep them engaged long after the music stops playing.

In conclusion, ‘SIA DANCER’ adds something special to every performance we’ve seen to date elevating these from just musical acts into true works of art combining sound and vision worthy of golden statues themselves./p>