Mary is a beloved character from the classic film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” She is played by Nicolette Scorsese and although her role in the film is relatively small, she has become an iconic part of the movie.

In the film, Mary is introduced as Clark Griswold’s (played by Chevy Chase) fantasy woman; he spots her while shopping at a department store and becomes immediately smitten. He spends much of his time throughout the film trying to catch glimpses of her again, even going so far as to sneak into her home and accidentally setting fire to it.

Despite being a minor character with only a few lines, Mary has become incredibly popular among fans of Christmas Vacation. Her seductive presence and flirty demeanor have been imitated for years since its release.

However, not many people know that Nicolette Scorsese was initially hesitant about accepting this role considering how small it could be. But when she found out that she would be part of such an iconic holiday classic that tells timeless stories year after year, she changed hearts and decided to accept the offer without any doubts.

The actress reportedly put on weight during filming due to having items from craft service all day as well as feeling like they truly had house guests before stating publicly at one point how bummed she was that “no one mentioned” anything new or exciting happening within her career ever since “Christmas Vacation” came out if not just explaining who actually casted for her original role onto set which took place over 30 minutes between planning outfits early-morning shoots where makeup artists were present daily before scenes started–creating plenty opportunities develop chemistry behind-the-scenes as well!

It’s interesting to see how such a simple character can make such an impact on audiences’ experiences with movies. Even though Mary doesn’t have much screen time in Christmas Vacation, people relate deeply to Clark Griswold’s infatuation with this sultry and mysterious woman.

Furthermore, the character of Mary perfectly represents one of the most important themes of Christmas Vacation: hope. Despite all of Clark’s disastrous attempts to create the perfect family holiday, he still manages to achieve his goals by following his heart and chasing after Mary.

In conclusion, though her role in “Christmas Vacation” may have been small, Nicolette Scorsese as Mary has managed to leave an unforgettable mark on audiences around the world who’ve been or will be celebrating this film for years and even generations come. Her depiction leaves us with a glimpse of passion during a cheery season usually found solely within sentimental films so it can definitely be assured that anyone thinking “who is mary?” shall never really forget.
Mary may not have been a central character in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but the impact she left on audiences has undoubtedly lasted for decades.

Played by Nicolette Scorsese, Mary represented hope and fantasy for Clark Griswold. As he struggled to make his family’s holiday perfect, viewers couldn’t help but root for him in his pursuit of this charming woman.

For many fans of the film, it’s not hard to see why Mary has become such an iconic character. Her sultry presence added a touch of mystery and intrigue to the story that simply wouldn’t have been there without her.

But perhaps what is most surprising about Mary is just how small her role actually was. With only a few lines of dialogue and limited screen time, she could have easily been forgotten amid all the other chaos happening in the film.

Yet despite this, Nicolette Scorsese found a way to make Mary unforgettable. Through her subtle mannerisms and flirtatious behavior towards Clark Griswold, she managed to create one of the most memorable characters in recent movie history.

It’s clear that both Scorsese and director Jeremiah S. Chechik understood just how important Mary was going to be when casting her in the role. Even though it was small compared with some others’, it proved pivotal as much as any lead or co-lead part elsewhere could ever potentially provide!

In retrospect, we can now see just how vital Mary truly was to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Without her seductive presence luring Clark away from his family obligations time after time — sometimes even washing dishes together like old times–the entire dynamic between these characters would have surely felt incomplete!

And while many people will continue wondering who played this mysterious woman with such passion every year during replay after replay around Christmastime? It seems clear that if anything new were ever done within cinema which featured such playful or intriguing ladies playing cameo roles, audiences would surely love to give them a watch — even if only for a glimpse at the kind of passion and hope that Mary had brought back into everyone’s hearts.