Lol dolls have become a sensation around the world. They are miniature dolls that come in small containers and have various outfits, accessories, hairdos, and makeup. Kids love to collect these trendy toys and display them on their shelves or find new ways to play with them.

But who came up with the idea of lol dolls? Who is credited for inventing such a fantastic toy concept? In this article, we will delve into the history of Lol dolls and uncover how they evolved from regular toy figurines to must-have fashion statements among youngsters.

The Origination Of LOL Dolls

The Origination Of LOL Dolls

MGA Entertainment is responsible for the creativity behind Lol Surprise! Dolls. MGA Entertainment is an American Toy company based in California whose aim was always to offer unique products that you couldn’t get anywhere else at affordable prices. They had previously brought us hits like Bratz Dolls (which were just as much a craze when I was younger), Zapf Creation Baby Born, MGAE Fashion Angels; all of which followed MGA’s ethos: fun & fashion at great value price points.

Isaac Larian founded MGA entertainment after moving from Iran to America back in 1971 aged 17; he initially founded a couple of successful companies before really hitting his stride with MGA over two decades ago. He saw himself as someone who would innovate through reinventing products somewhere along the way!

MGA spent more than two years developing different prototypes before finally reaching on one final design – A doll set inside a ball-shaped package covered by seven layers of plastic wrapping until you got inside your present! Then what made surprise balls perfectly named ‘L.O.L.’?

L or Little O Outrageous Littles were added late under direction by Isaac’s son Jason “ only after seeing loads upon loads of videos online that punned off “laughter out loud” being comedians and social media influencers coined it time over time again!

Inventor of Lol Dolls

Inventor of Lol Dolls

The credit for being the genius behind this innovative toy concept goes to Isaac Larian. He is a toy entrepreneur who has been in the business since 1994. Before creating lol dolls, he was already garnered worldwide recognition as the founder of MGA Entertainment and for introducing other hit children’s toys such as Bratz dolls.

It took Larian’s team more than two years to develop various prototypes and come up with a final design that would grab children’s attention. They wanted something unique, fun, and different from anything else on the market – they certainly accomplished their goal.

The idea that made LOL Surprise stand out even further is hidden within its packaging which promotes an “unboxing” experience; by covering each individual layer with one sticker at a time before revealing what lies inside! Thanks to social media trendsetters highlighting eccentricity like Jake Paul & his Troit Team,Youtubers such Toys AndMe or NatyTubeFun promoting them worldwide through their online channels generated billions of views between them these unusual balls quickly became highly covetable snatching your own was an intriguing mystery all wrapped in plastic layers!

Lol dolls were officially introduced by MGA Entertainment in December 2016 but it wasn’t until early 2017 when they began really making waves thanks again primarily to Youtubers spreading awareness throughout demographic groups across the world particularly young girls aged mainly under tenyears Old .

What sets Lol dolls apart? The answer is quite evident: Their eye-catching designs, detail-oriented clothing choices emboldened patterns whilst appearing miniature players onstage backed up by vibrant makeovers standing over three inches tall signifying ‘cute coolness’ inspired by trends just like new beats emerging regularly within music video culture stoked infantile imaginations everywhere defying every ordinary belief about characteristics perceived exclusively feminine created hype amongst boys too won over by this aesthetic especially those adhering to pop-culture reference points.

The “unboxing experience” of Lol dolls really makes the process feel more special, and it’s easy to see why kids all around the world love them. By opening each layer individually and discovering a new surprise at each stage, it’s hard not to get excited about what you’re going to find inside. It’s become virtually impossible not to notice the charming little toys as they’ve garnered several awards from toy critics worldwide along with doubling down on previous efforts for child safety first after product recalls in 2017 hence fostering trust within global parent communities also.


In conclusion, Isaac Larian is credited with inventing Lol dolls. His company MGA Entertainment spent over two years researching various prototypes and aiming towards presenting something unique that would make children stand up and take notice delivering yet another slam-dunk hit! The result was adorable miniature figurines dressed in fashionable outfits complete with makeup perfect for imaginative playtime sessions which caught every active attention span out there… And this made them an instant classic among collector’s items everywhere!

Whether your expertise lies in sales/marketing or production/ distribution; thanks primarily due to these geniuses: With its cute characters intriguingly wrapped packages granting a much-awaited reveal lol balls will continue dominating toyshelves globally re-defining brilliance within an increasingly competitive industry proving leadership through advancement thinking outside of every box imaginable!