As a popular payment method, Affirm has revolutionized the way consumers shop and pay for products online. The company offers flexible, upfront financing options on purchases both big and small.

In addition to purchasing items from retailers like Peloton and Walmart, people can now use Affirm to book travel plans as well. From flights and hotels to car rentals and vacation packages, there are many different types of travel bookings that can be made using this financing option.

If you’re in the market for travel-related services but need help determining which sites accept Affirm payments, keep reading.

What is Affirm?

What is Affirm?

Affirm is a lender that offers installment loans with no annual fees or late fees. When someone selects this payment option at checkout on an eligible website, they will be asked to enter their personal information so that a credit check may be run. Based on the results of the check and other factors, such as income level and credit utilization scores, applicants may receive loan amounts ranging from $50 up to thousands of dollars.

These loans come with repayment terms between three months to 36 months depending on how much was borrowed — interest rates vary greatly based on length but generally fall between 10% – 30%. Once approved for financing through Affirm Loan Services LLC (an SEC-registered entity), borrowers will immediately see the total cost upfront including any interest or other charges involved before taking out their loan –no surprises!

Which Travel Sites Accept Affirm Payments

Which Travel Sites Accept Affirm Payments

With any game-changing concept like finance tools expanding beyond car ownership into home goods & electronics or even luxury jewelry pieces bought over Amazon; it’s important to know where individuals can go specifically if looking for sites accepting these loans when it comes down flight tickets or hotel stays during vacations:

1. Expedia has become one of the world’s most reliable resources when it comes down finding unique deals regarding every aspect within traveling – especially airfare! They have plenty of positive reviews backing up their customer service and reasonable pricing strategy, offering travel insurance or discounts on things like rental cars too, with free cancellations prior to hotel check-in. Payments can be completed via Paypal Credit or the choice to use Affirm as well!

2. CheapOair

CheapOair offers some of the lowest fares available on flights across hundreds of airlines globally! Customers have access to 24/7 support in case something goes wrong along their journey – ideal for last-minute changes while bookings are still available but payment is only possible through credit cards (not electronic wallets). However, you may also opt and apply online for an Affirm loan instead when planning future travels.

3. Priceline

Priceline provides a tonne of bargains on airline tickets, hotels & car rentals – even cruises! They guarantee lower prices compared against competitors such as Expedia with Price Matching available under certain policies after initial booking has been made –– giving added peace-of-mind knowing travelers won’t be missing out if a friend catches rates cheaper elsewhere than they did earlier that day/weekend/month.

4. Travelocity

Travelocity affords some great deals reservation vacation homes all over no matter where someone wants sun: from California beaches down towards islands located in southern Caribbean or parts nearby! As expected during these pandemic times, many arrangements offer cash-back incentives much more flexible refunds scenarios since dates often change without individuals’ control. Candidates will find both PayPal Credit and financing through Affirm possible for them at checkout too!

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor showcases endless options; it isn’t only useful for sifting through countless ratings & recommendations before finally booking your stay somewhere…but it’s truly indicative how users become devoted fans loyal repeat clients praising again after trips end fantastically satisfied group activity went off without any hitches whatsoever -readily reporting amazing memories took place worth reliving time-and-time again soon enough by visiting such places! Users can organize flights & rentals via TripAdvisor’s interface with little hassle. Payment method options include popular internet wallets like PayPal Credit alongside Affirm.

6. Orbitz

Orbitz is a popular travel platform due to their low prices, no cancellation fees, and 24/7 customer service options (which are hard to come by in this industry). Aside from just booking flight information, they continue exciting tourists with opportunities for all-inclusive packages as well – particularly useful if hoping for spontaneous wedding/honeymoon getaways on a budget while expert planning services supporting them through each step of the vacation. Orbiz travelers pay via bank transfers or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard -of course interest-free finance offers through Affirm at point-of-sale!

7. OneTravel

OneTravel sums it up best when customers seek affordable airfare rates domestically abroad + tourist attractions ranging beyond common sights: one personal consultant dedicated towards helping clients achieve those dreams exactly how desired within means possible! They offer car renting facilities into the mix too if you’re hitting American Highways on your trip ahead including many additional services but bear in mind payments needed can only via traditional card transactions not e-wallet gateways; though that doesn’t discard borrowing loans offered through Affirm during checkout.

8. Agoda

Agoda offers hotel bookings along diversified staycation homes/offices letting people find best discount deals available down South Island resorts’ nooks crannies mixed-&-matched trips getting everything necessary planned according preferences allocated budgets may be way out there –– reaching breathtaking highlights or luxury amenities home inviting siblings surprise visits during holidays breaks away… Various payment options are available such as Google Pay/Wallets or Visa/MasterCard accounts once again accompanied by affordability-friendly installment plans presented under certain terms accepted beforehand on annual percentage rate (APR) conditions based case specifics past individual loan lending history leverage rating credit score others input important decision-making parts final steps toward approval


While Affirm is still a relatively new payment method, more travel sites are beginning to accept it as an option. From Expedia and CheapOair to Orbitz and Priceline, there are many different online booking platforms that allow customers the opportunity to finance their travel plans via this lending service.

The benefits of using Affirm for financing travel-related purchases include low interest rates, flexible repayment terms up to several years down the road!, no hidden fees, and upfront pricing information. So if you’re planning a trip soon but don’t want to blow your budget all at once – consider looking into one of these leading travel reservation portals who give such options beyond traditional means –it might just make some all-encompassing tailoring easier!