Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a popular phenomenon for decades, and their recent revival in form of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has brought about new life to the franchise. The series features four turtles – Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo – who mutate into anthropomorphic beings after being exposed to a mutagenic ooze.

As these beloved characters continue to capture our imagination with their heroic adventures, it is only natural that we would harbour feelings of affinity towards them. If you’ve ever wondered which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character embodies your personality type, take this quiz to find out!

1. Which Weapon Appeals To You The Most?

1. Which Weapon Appeals To You The Most?

a) Bo Staff

a) Bo Staff
b) Twin Katanas
c) Sais
d) Nunchucks

If you answered “a” then you are most like Donatello who wields a bo staff as his chosen weapon. He is known for his intelligence and cool-headed problem solving skills.

If your answer was “b”, then congratulations! You are most like Leonardo; thoughtful and strategic thinker who values discipline.

Choosing “c” means that you are very similar to Raphael’s pragmatic and combative style; he uses sais for close hand combat.

Lastly, if you gravitated towards “d,” then you share Michelangelo’s lightheartedness and creativity supported by nunchucks made from chain links.

2. What Is Your Favourite Pizza Topping?

a) Pepperoni
b) Mushrooms
c) Extra Cheese
d) Olives

Answering “a” shows a classic preference just like best friend duo Mikey or Raph while those choosing “b” exhibit ambivalence associated with scientific-minded Doodlebug Donnie or intellectual Leo avidly absorbing knowledge instead of taste preferences before settling on anything

Those who pick extra cheese (and eliminate any apprehension of using such power were keenly witnessed in a Season 1 episode where the object of affection drives Donnie. Depending on how you approach training matters, this can place your character as more methodical strategist with practicality like Leo or emotional and faithful creativity akin to Mikey.

Lastly, those choosing olives could signify an inclination toward taking risks. As complex toppings can be just as divisive as preferring a weapon that is not typical, it takes guts to assert oneself among peers. Raph is known for his brashness when it comes to making decisions but this too serves him well when things get messy so maybe this suits you too!

3. Pick A Colour:

a) Blue
b) Red
c) Purple
d) Orange

If “blue” spoke to you then like Leo, leadership often defines who you are.

Choosing “red” means that you share qualities with Raphael’s tendency towards strong emotions and passion.

“Purple” offers remembrance of cool-headedness found in Donatello’s suggestions while also introducing undercover identity tech prototype from season 2 Episode 8 aptly named “Mutant Gangland.”

Orange represents pure fun-loving spirit embodied by Michelangelo which has remained consistent across different versions showcasing how important it acts as counterbalancing factor among dark themes.

4. What Is Your Zodiac Star Sign?

a) Capricorn/Taurus
b) Pisces/Cancer
c) Gemini/Libra
d) Aquarius/Sagittarius

Answering this question consolidates understanding about core personal traits such as communication style linked with gemini/libra duo or adventurous tendencies associated with fellow Sagittarians or lone-wolf quality yet hardworking capricorns taurus ones.

Those identifying themselves within pisces/cancer umbrella might have empathetic tendencies about them similar to deep-seated compassionate energies driving both Leo and Raph towards their respective goals.

5: Lastly, Choose A Show That Resonates The Most

a) Adventure Time
b) Steven Universe
c) Avatar: The Last Airbender
d) Gravity Falls

For AT lovers, they may tend to prefer storylines facilitating escapism while continuing with fantastical theories that push boundaries set by reality which Michelangelo often prefers being a staunchly vocal genre fan par excellence.

In contrast, if you chose SU then not only are you on similar wavelengths as Donatello’s passion for anything technological and futuristic but also represents complex social issues dealt in the show especially when combined with penchant for personal growth associated with Leo’s maturity or Splinter’s teachings.

Preferpping the almighty ALA universe tends to have viewers consider themselves well-versed cultural observers who relish attention-to-detail; qualities wrapped in TMNT characters like Raph’s curiosity about his turtle identity juxtaposed with acceptance from outside world demands linked to classic “Team Saves World” trope keeping Leo engaged.

Lastly, selecting Gravity Falls highlights excitement of unpredictability coupled up with innovative craftwork where investigative spirit augmented by self-motivating technique symbiotic relationship between Dipper and Mabel can foster interest towards foundational subjects valued within TMNT.?


After taking this quiz you could ideally relate most closely to one of the four turtles based on your responses – Leonardo (the strategist), Raphael (the passionate one), Donatello (the brains), or Michelangelo (jester/artist). Whatever answer comes out, cherish it because each character complements one another creating an unforgettable team outcome united by strong bonding values! So go ahead fellow turtle fans – embrace your inner ninja!