As the hit show Euphoria continues to captivate audiences around the world, fans have been wondering which character they would be if they were living in this fictional universe. Thanks to quizzes like “Which Euphoria Character Are You?” taking over social media, now is your chance to find out!

Before diving into the quiz and all of its potential results, it’s important to note what makes Euphoria so unique. Firstly, it goes beyond the typical high school drama genre with mature themes such as drug addiction, gender identity struggles, and trauma-induced anxiety. Secondly, each character is complex and multi-dimensional – no one is simply good or bad.

Without further ado, let’s explore who you might be based on your answers in “Which Euphoria Character Are You?”

1) The first question asks about how you cope with stress. Your options include exercise/yoga/meditation (A), talking it out with friends (B), using drugs/alcohol (C), or shutting down emotionally (D).

If you chose option A: Rue Bennett

If you chose option A: Rue Bennett
Rue is a creative but aimless girl whose addiction struggles are at the forefront of her storyline on Euphoria. She often uses drugs as a means of coping/blocking out negative emotions.

2) The second question asks for your opinion on authority figures. Do you tend to trust them (A), rebel against them (B), try to manipulate them for personal gain (C), or avoid interacting with them altogether(D)?

If you chose option B: Jules Vaughn

If you chose option B: Jules Vaughn
Jules’ journey centers around her exploration of her transgender identity and simultaneously rebelling against societal expectations placed upon her. Although she may come across as self-absorbed at times due to going through a highly emotional period in her life.

3) The third question looks at how confident you are when it comes to romantic relationships. Would you consider yourself shy/insecure(A)? Overly-confident/arrogant (B)? Hopeless romantic/committed too quickly(C)? Doesn’t want to be in a relationship at all(D)?

If you chose option C: Maddy Perez
Maddy is confident and unapologetic about who she is, often using her sexuality as a means of control. She struggles with being in an emotionally abusive relationship but wants to remain committed due out of fear of losing control.

4) The fourth question asks how you deal with anger. Do you bottle it up inside(A), lash out aggressively (B), passive-aggressively hold grudges(C), or turn your anger into art/writing/etc.(D)?

If you chose option B: Nate Jacobs
Nate’s character arc revolves around his toxic masculinity, aggression, and violence towards the people around him. He prides himself on being “top dog” and will go to great lengths to assert his power over others.

5) The fifth question involves decision-making skills. Would you consider yourself impulsive/spontaneous(A), cautious/slow-to-warm-up(B), calculated/practical(C), or indecisive/overwhelmed by choice(D).

If you chose option D: Kat Hernandez
Kat is known for her online persona as a dominant sexual figure while struggling with self-esteem issues outside her digital identity. Kat becomes more decisive as the show goes on but initially reflects challenging choosing between following cultural trends or creating something unique.

6) The sixth question evaluates how open-minded you are when it comes to different worldviews/perspectives. Are you generally accepting/tolerant(A)? Judgmental/closed-minded(B)? Curious/open-to-learning from other cultures(C)? Indifferent/apathetic(D)?

If You Chose Option A: Fezco
Fezco is Rue’s friend/neighbour who deals drugs for financial stability . Despite having dyslexia he has street-smarts using them to protect himself his loved ones. As life deals him multiple punches he rises from ashes time and again

7) The seventh question asks about your relationship with authority figures. Do you tend to trust them (A), rebel against them(B), try to manipulate them for personal gain(C), or avoid interacting with them altogether(D)?

If You Chose Option C: Cassie Howard
Cassie is known for her need to feel accepted amongst peers leading her to fall victim of manipulation by others at times but also stands firm against it

8) The eighth question identifies how you respond when experiencing heartbreak or failure. Do you seek revenge(A)? Blame yourself and feel guilty(B)? Turn towards self-destructive behavior(C)? Accepting of the situation/focus on positivity(D)

If You Chose Option A: Jules Vaughn
Jules, being a crucial part of Rue’s life seems like someone who can bounce back after heart-breaking situations as seen recently in 2nd season with Rue breaking up their friendship over toxic behaviours

Euphoria characters are so diverse that even if one chose all ‘A’ options they wouldn’t get alike character in the result rather they would be like Fezcoone such reason which made this series alternative compared to other high-school romantic dramas.

Overall, each Euphoria character offers something unique that resonates with viewers in different ways. So whether you’re most similar to rue Bennett dealing substance abuse, Jules Vaughn rebelling herself due societal expectations placed upon her or Maddy Perez using sexuality as means controlling power dynamic, it just goes on showing there‚Äôs always something new yet relatable about Euphoria’s complex roster of protagonists and antagonists alike..