As one of the most famous and well-known families in reality TV history, few families rival the Duggar family’s notoriety. With 19 kids and counting (at least at the start of their show), there are plenty of different members to choose from when considering which one is your favorite. The “Which Duggar Are You Quiz” has become a popular online activity in recent years, with fans of all ages eager to find out which member they identify with most. In this expert article, we’ll delve into what makes each character unique so you can discover which Duggar you are.

1. Jim Bob

The patriarch of the Duggar clan, Jim Bob is known for his conservative values and traditional approach to parenting. He’s been married to his wife Michelle for over 35 years and together they’ve raised an entire brood of kids who have grown up on our screens.

Jim Bob emphasizes hard work above all else – it’s clear that he sees this quality as essential for success in life. However, he also believes that faith plays a central role in everything he does.

If these characteristics sound like you then Jim Bob might just be your perfect match!

If these characteristics sound like you then Jim Bob might just be your perfect match!

2. Michelle

2. Michelle

Michelle is as traditional a mom as anyone could ever imagine! She places great importance on raising her children righteously while instilling Biblical principles upon them from an early age.

She believes that women should be homemakers first and foremost – although she certainly maintains an air of independence herself by running multiple businesses – including rental properties alongside husband Jim Bob.

While her opinions may seem outdated to some modern moms today, many appreciate her emphasis on family values throughout our fast-paced world where everything seems disposable at times. If domestic goddesses appeal more than anything else about yourself then chances are Michelle would make a good match too!

3. Josh

Josh has hit headlines numerous times after making deeply regrettable mistakes earlier in life that has led to the cancellation of his show. Before all that controversy kicked off, however, he was a sweet-natured guy and one of the stars of TLC’s famous reality series.

Those who loved Josh were drawn to his kind heartedness and willingness to make tough decisions when the going got tough. Although controversial in recent years, there may be those out there who still resonate with some of his qualities – which is why including him on this quiz is still relevant today.

4. Jana

Jana girl power! Yes, she’s really stepped up since her brother Josh made waves for less than admirable things he did many years ago. Even from way back then it was obvious how responsible and driven this individual was – she’s always been incredibly organized too!

Jana could be seen as being the glue between all family members due to her gentle presence – although people constantly ask when/if she’ll ever get married. She also comes across as very independent with her construction/woodworking projects becoming a highly sought-after skillset by locals in Tontitown (where her family resides).

If you’re someone who enjoys taking charge or finds yourself offering counsel whenever anyone needs it, Jana might just be your Duggar twin!

5. John-David

For someone who grew up surrounded by so many siblings you’d think that John-David would’ve inherited more than just an urge for aviation: Well obviously not- separating oneself from everyone else can include going their own path into whatever career they feel like doing without worrying about others’ opinions.

John-David used these talents effectively as he served ten years in Mission Aviation Fellowship before moving back home again recently while maintaining licensure on both planes/helicopters ensuring safety above everything else.

Are you known for your abilities toward flying high? If so then maybe John David might click best for you?

6. Jill

After stepping away from much of Jim Bob’s parenting style for herself, Jill Dillard can be seen as walking a path of her own choosing. Jill has become an advocate for women’s health while also focusing on raising her two children.

Jill is known for being kind and patient with those around her which makes sense when you think about how she grew up around so many siblings! If you see these qualities in yourself then perhaps calling Josiah your TV twin beckons!

7. Jessa

Jessa Seewald (formerly Jessica Duggar) may have started out life as another sibling from the massive family that Jim Bob created but she’s always been a bright spark who stood out pretty early on within the reality series.

As the oldest daughter, Jessa became somewhat responsible for keeping everyone else in line at times, serving almost like a second mom to some of them due her organized nature and general know-how (something that likely stemmed from growing up with Jesus Christ-focused teachings). Today, she’s married with kids but still known for using social media to connect with fans worldwide.

Do people gravitate toward your charisma? Do you take pride in having opinions no matter where they land within public discourse? If yes then congratulations – there’s a bit of Jessa in your makeup!

8. Jinger

After first becoming heir apparent after Josh stepped away from his role upon controversy-filled news headlines regarding him, Jinger has continued to showcase strength both personal and spiritual since stepping into this headline-making spot on TLC all those years ago already.

Today – married – Jeremy Vuolo constantly dotes over his wife online with admiration which says it all really: passionate might feel like too weak-of-a-word when describing this particular wife/mama/lifestyle-celebrity-mompreneur! And young mothers will say “yes” across the board if asked whether they wish their adventures could get half as epic or romantic-driven as what we see here…

9. Joseph

One of the less-recognized Duggar family members but certainly no less exceptional, Joseph is known for his love of both scouting and serving others.

A devout believer in Christ.. those were primary values that have always been stressed within this one’s life. He bravely stands up for what he believes – whether it’s something personal or professional-related!

If these traits appeal to you then there’s a good chance that Joseph could be your perfect match!


No matter which member of Duggar (19 Kids And Counting Show) you’ve related with most, every individual within their family bears unique strengths and weaknesses sure to make them all stand out from one another. When taking on “Which Duggar Are You Quiz”, some people may come away realizing more about oneself overall than just discovering which character aligns best with them!