The Uncharted movie has been long awaited by fans of the video game franchise. The production company, Sony Pictures, has kept a tight lid on details about the film, but one question that many people have had is where was Uncharted movie filmed?

After some research, it appears that the Uncharted movie was primarily filmed in several locations across Europe and South America.

One of the primary filming locations for the Uncharted movie was Berlin, Germany. According to reports from German news outlets and local residents, filming took place at various sites around Berlin including Potsdamer Platz and Museum Island. One particular scene was believed to have been shot in front of an underground garage entrance near Potsdamer Platz.

Another European location used during production of the film was Spain; specifically parts of Madrid and Extremadura. It is unclear why these particular Spanish cities were chosen as filming locations for Uncharted movie.

The remainder of principal photography apparently occurred in Columbia through 2020 December – January 2021 period just before pandemic struck worldwide largely due to appropriate tax cuts offered by Columbian government to encourage foreign filmmakers into using their land landscape coupled with amenable weather conditions it presented which helped expedite timely completion of shooting program within budgetary constraints thanks all above factors resulted natural choice towards team unchartered opting Columbia among other countries available. Colombians went crazy when they saw Tom Holland’s initial pictures posted while performing stunts on motorcycle drawn huge attraction from locals too who were provided background roles portraying natives showcasing vibrant culture onscreen.

It should be noted however – this information has not officially confirmed by Sony Pictures nor do we know how much behind-the-scenes work may still need completed before release date which stands poised somewhere early next year as no need spending extra time or money expenses mentioned became more than accustomed budget commitments due expectedly long unforeseen shoot delays because Covid-19 protocols put serious restrictions mobility causing disruptions travel plans affecting logistical challenges thereafter as well.

In conclusion, the Uncharted movie was filmed in various locations across the globe including Berlin, Madrid and Columbia. The production team were faced with several obstacles during filming due to travel restrictions and COVID-19 protocols but still managed to complete filming on time and under budget constraints which astonishingly met expectations per industry standards – such proficient sense of professional approach has placed this movie production among Top performers further reaffirming Hollywood reigns supreme yet again!
The Uncharted movie has been long awaited by fans of the beloved video game franchise. With its engrossing plot, dynamic characters and breathtaking action sequences, it is no surprise that people have been clamoring for a film adaptation.

Produced by Sony Pictures, the company has maintained a tight lid on details about the film which has made fans all the more curious. While there are still many questions surrounding the production of this highly-anticipated film, one particular query that has received much attention is – where was Uncharted movie filmed?

After some research and scouring through multiple sources, we can confirm with reasonable certainty that principal photography took place in locations varying from Europe to South America over several months.

One prominent filming location for the Uncharted movie was Berlin, Germany. German news outlets and local residents reported shooting taking place at various iconic sites around Berlin such as Potsdamer Platz and Museum Island. One specific scene even filmed right outside an underground garage near Potsdamer Platz entrance displaying Tom Holland’s character performing stunt actions with motorcycle playing protagonist Nathan Drake.

Spain too played a large role in serving as filming site hosting majority portion along with other European locales both urban & rural adding greatly value enhancing project besides utilizing historical landmarks cultural elements depicted throughout out its narrative arc within Studio close vicinity moving outdoors fusing realism keeping up filmmaking standards required by offering ample facilities like expert crew members lifelong associated industry being masterful enabling seamless integration into overall visual aesthetics demanded maintaining coherence theme whilst lending unique perspective making experience true standout performers enthralling music score further shrouding viewer’s mind increasing engagement level intoxicating them into world created on screen so distinctly thrilling leaving lasting impression amongst audience worldwide yielding huge box office collection upon worldwide release scheduled soon after wrapping up editing phase now fast approaching completion now set prepping promotional activities to arouse public interest generating favorable reviews reaching blockbusting velocity predestined achieving stupendous success director Ruben Fleischer surely deserves credits for adding his unique directorial vision leading team towards victory imaginable.

The remainder of principal photography appears to have been conducted on locations scattered across Colombia from December 2020 all the way till early January 2021 period. The production crew were attracted by the appropriate tax cuts being offered by the Colombian government, and its suitable weather conditions combined with incredibly pleasing landscape made filming a seamless process culminated in strict adherence to timelines featuring captivating night/day lensing revealing immense beauty of surrounding vicinity showcasing Tom Holland as fearless adventurer embarking upon thrilling journey traveling dangerous continent unearthing hidden mysteries along with allies lending their assistance profoundly against opposition while adapting quite naturally including locals who portrayed background roles as natives enamoring potential viewership without any accentuating irregularities!

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about this upcoming blockbuster movie but nevertheless it is set to entice worldwide audience into theatres ultimately challenging some past box-office records, given indication provided via extensive promotional activities currently heating up massive hype within fan clubs already yielding great buzz increasingly gaining global attention – prompting many enthusiasts around world expressing thrill heavily anticipating release scheduled soon in theaters thus topping charts marking another phenomenal success story within Hollywood royalty confirming its gigantic stronghold further expanding domain cinematic art!