The movie Walking Tall is a classic American action film that was first released in 1973. This film follows the story of a retired US Army Special Forces soldier, Buford Pusser, who takes on the corruption and greed prevalent within his small hometown in Tennessee. Additionally, this movie has been remade twice since its original release and has remained popular among audiences worldwide.

Given the importance of location to any film’s plotline and imagery, many fans have wondered where the movie Walking Tall was filmed. With that in mind, this article aims to provide a comprehensive answer for those curious about the shooting locations used.

Principal Photography

Principal Photography

Most of Walking Tall’s principal photography took place in two towns located near Memphis: Adamsville and Selmer in McNairy County. These locations were carefully chosen by Phil Karlson (the director) as they resembled Pusser’s real-life town called Adamsville quite closely.

Adamsville serves as a backdrop to some rather pivotal scenes throughout the entire franchise; hence it became an indispensable filming location for both filmmakers (Phil Karlson & John Carroll Lynch ) directing their respective versions of “Walking Tall.” Many local residents-turned-talents spoke highly about their experiences working with Paramount Pictures’ production team during what turned out to be very profitable times for several local businesses such as motels around these areas.

McNairy County (“Christmas Industrial Park”)

Another key location widely recognised amongst fans is Christmas Industrial Part located at Chestnut Road just off Highway 64 West within McNairy county boundaries. The Christmas tree plant served concurrently as Lt Buford Pusser’s office headquarters when he embarked on his crusade against widespread corruption:

Nickelodeon Theater

One other noteworthy location which viewer footfalls may spot includes Nickelodeon Theatre situated nearby Main Street itself adjoining Dickson street district In Nashville. It boasts several decades’ worth screenings bearing scores ranging from arthouse dramas up through insightful documentaries such historic venues usually attract a devoted fan base.

Libertyland Amusement Park

Furthermore, some scenes of the park -confrontation that featured Joe Don- were filmed at an amusement park conveniently located in Memphis: Libertyland. This iconic filming spot is now shuttered but represented amusement for many Memphians living during its heydays. The park’s closed-door policy means citizens may no longer access this location to visit, tour or shoot any movies on its grounds for whatever reasons.

Other Locations

Sidonia has been mentioned in several online sources as a potential filming site; however, it has not yet been confirmed officially. Therefore: While Walking Tall did feature widely renowned local actors such as Richard “Bo” Brown and Randle Patrick McMurphy acting alongside actor-producer Brian Dennehy (in Philip Karlson’s version that first hit cinemas), which included various other talented artists who pursued careers outside of cinema after this landmark role.


Walking Tall was set within Tennessee; with that said McNairy County ended up providing almost all the feasible options required by Phil Karlson long-term visions given how similar its environments appeared compared against Adamsville whereas there are occasional filming detours taken over to nearby Shelby County where most action-packed scenes took place while rushing to wrap up production schedules especially after monsoon-ridden areas suffered potentially dangerous surges due flash floods risk.

All in all, whether you’re a die-hard movie buff or just someone interested in knowing more about where your favourite films were shot – we hope this article provided valuable insights into where “Walking Tall” was filmed!