The romantic comedy film, “The Proposal” was released back in 2009 and starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as the lead roles. Ever since the movie hit theatres, it has remained a popular choice among viewers who yearn for a good laugh paired with an intriguing storyline revolving around love and relationships. However, apart from its impressive performances by the leading cast, remarkable direction by Anne Fletcher and compelling plot twists, what also added to the movie’s charm is its picturesque locations that were used during filming.

Being shot in both Alaska and Massachusetts, many viewers have been curious about where exactly certain scenes were filmed throughout the course of this motion picture. In this article, we will be exploring some of those various shooting locations along with their details.


1. Chena Hot Springs Resort – This natural hot spring resort located eastwards Fairbanks serves as Andrew (Ryan Reynolds)’s mansion in Nome.

2. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – It served as Margaret’s grandmother’s house (“Gammy”) outside Sitka.

3. Anchorage International Airport – This airport played an integral role whereby Margaret is hiding from agents while escaping to New York City.

4. Eklutna Lake- The scene where Andrew saves Margaret after falling into a frozen lake was shot here

5.Tok Junction- A small town on Tok Cutoff Highway which gained popularity due to this film being shot here

6.Seward Harbor - Several waterfront scenes we're filmed at stunning Seward Harbor

6.Seward Harbor – Several waterfront scenes we’re filmed at stunning Seward Harbor




This rural town was portrayed near Boston as Andrews’ hometown especially when he visits his family.The white mountains inn

2.Rockport –

A scenic seaside village that represented ‘Sitka’ Alaska used Gammy’s house on its harbor for exterior shots

3.White Mountains Inn –

A lovely country estate was used within Massachusetts Exterior grounds doubled for interior shots of the townhouse in Manhattan where colleagues discuss Margaret’s impending deportation

4.Boston –

Various segments featuring Andrew’s office were shot at Boston.Whereas other scenes featuring street markets, historical buildings and public squares took place within various parts of the city which jointly represents New York City.

In Conclusion, “The Proposal” offers a delightful escape into love’s whimsical portrayal with stunning natural landscapes gliding across Alaska together with enchanting cityscapes captured from different parts of Massachusetts. Behind every frame lies much dedication and effort put forth by cast and crew to bring about such an astounding cinematic experience. For those who seek romcoms layered with scenic gems that mirror organic beauty fused inside all life’s complexities, The Proposal is unquestionably worth a watch!
Movies have a unique way of transporting viewers into different worlds, allowing them to be fully immersed in the story being told. “The Proposal”, released in 2009, is one such film that takes audiences on a romantic journey filled with love and laughs. The movie’s remarkable performances by lead actors Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds quickly became a fan favorite, but it was also the stunning locations used throughout filming that added to its charm.

The movie was filmed across Alaska and Massachusetts, showcasing some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes and beautiful cityscapes available in these regions. For any cinephile who may have wondered about where certain scenes were shot or how they captured such stunning backdrops for this film, we will explore some of those various shooting locations below.


1. Chena Hot Springs Resort – located eastwards Fairbanks serves as Andrew (Ryan Reynolds)’s mansion in Nome.

Chena Hot Springs Resort is known for its natural hot springs which served as Andrews’ home in Nome – one of the many small towns located around Alaska and covered during filming. The Chena River flows through this town lined with wooden homes creating an idyllic setting typical to rural America.

2. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort –

This resort which offered thermal baths served as Margaret’s grandmother’s house (“Gammy”) outside Sitka featured prominently throughout various points of the film giving it authenticity.This location also offers plenty of opportunities for hiking enthusiasts with scenic paths snaking through majestic forests.

3.Anchorage International Airport-

In one scene when Margaret must escape from her colleagues she makes her way across Anchorage airport hiding amidst passengers boarding planes – adding an element of tension while further emphasizing just how faraway New York City seems at that point.

4.Eklutna Lake-

It played host to several icy sequences involving a plunge rescue ensuring margins remain slapstick comedic gold.Besides saving Margaret from accidentally drowning here Andrew got to enjoy some wild Alaskan outdoors along the way as they filmed.

5.Tok Junction-

This small town situated at Tok Cutoff Highway in eastern Alaska became famous after this film was shot here. Highlight scenes located throughout countryside sheltered environments offer unique aspect during filming with a blend of rural structures set against vast open spaces.

6.Seward Harbor –

Several waterfront sequences crucial within the movie’s narrative were filmed here, utilizing its breathtaking views of Kenai Peninsula – adding a hint of romance further intensified by superb cinematic score.



Located near Boston, this serene town adds a vital story aspect to Andrews’ character who is forced unwillingly back home. In contrast, his return brought out nostalgia and city slick confidence created friction—a kindling experience for viewers especially when he reconnects with loved ones.This location also played host scenes featuring street markets coming alive each morning then closing for business each night.There are several local eateries including roadside diners serving wholesome farm to table cuisine that customers love indulging in regularly spoting crew members piecing together stunning takes.

2.Rockport –

Rockport is seaside highland village on Cape Ann.The place offers an otherworldly aura where time seems frozen allowing visitors chance escape everyday lives making it ideal site Sitka (Alaska).Gammy’s house sits on harbor dwarfing ocean landscapes makes it perfect fit during filming used most prominently specifically exterior wide shots—featuring extensive Atlantic wharfs nestled farbelow rocky cliffs even overhead seagulls circle lazily offering hope peace prevails even if only fleetingly…

3.White Mountains Inn –

The country estate doubled as New York City’s townhouse interiors necessary props assembled inside large seemingly sprawling interior walls.All corners featured immense detail furniture acts wings housing precious artefacts painted canvases crafting surreal panache delivering significant portions.As one walks around beautiful surroundings where streets sweep up landscaped lawns leading up multi-leveled entries one wonders if each door offers yet another delight.

4.Boston –

The city’s history is noted with pride for being among oldest in America, providing the perfect backdrop for various scenes filmed. Andrews’ office’s shots were done here collaborating with Boston’s skyline which added to providing character accuracy within its scene-of-action while additionally featuring street markets bustling at different periods during filming- even public square where Margaret finally confesses her love.To top off an incredible experience iconic Fenway Park captured most appropriately then woven into main storyline completing this wonderful movie.

In Conclusion, “The Proposal” highlights stunning locations between Alaska and Massachusetts that are a testament to how picturesque America can be. These settings have helped craft an impressive cinematic gem offering glimpses of some genuinely spectacular sights infused within exciting story beats.Thanks to the dedication put forth by cast and filmmakers who brought their ‘A’-game it surpassing what initially had viewers hooked paving way unending legacies. This movie serves as testament displaying talents genre can achieve when all conditions are optimal.Enjoy!