The movie Lawless, a crime drama based on the true story of the Bondurant brothers during Prohibition-era Virginia, was predominantly filmed in Georgia and North Carolina.

Director John Hillcoat chose to shoot the majority of Lawless in Georgia because it had more diverse landscapes and could easily replicate the rural Appalachian mountain region where the Bondurants operated their bootlegging business. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Hillcoat explained that they “ended up finding everything we needed” in Georgia, including forests, rivers, mountains, and small towns.

Scenes set in Franklin County were filmed primarily in Rabun County in northeast Georgia. The town of Clayton served as the backdrop for many outdoor scenes and local businesses temporarily transformed into 1920s establishments for filming purposes. According to Visit Rabun County’s tourism website, filming took place at several well-known locations around Clayton like Main Street shops Ace Home Center and Wander North Georgia Mercantile & Outfitters.

Additional scenes were shot at nearby Lake Burton. This private lake community has attracted numerous Hollywood productions over time due to its pristine scenery surrounded by dense forests and rolling hillsides that hide cozy million-dollar homes. The Inn at Lake Burton also played host to some members of the cast during filming.

However, while most of Lawless was shot across various parts of Georgia such as Conyers (for interior shots) or Marietta Square(including main street areas),the southern state wasn’t enough alone when it came to portraying every setting depicted within Matt Bondurant’s novel which inspired this film adaptation Consequently,North Carolina provided sufficient scope with Wilkesboro among other places utilized mostly for period-appropriate establishing shots,in addition Boone who stood-in more significantly towards Virginal Beach depicts later on down into this story.Therefore cast and crew actually spent only just about three weeks on-location here,but their work made a remarkable impact on how authentic yet cinematic lawlessness overtook regions resembling Appalachia during the Great Depression.

The production also traveled to Transylvania County in western North Carolina, which provided a perfect setting for the moonshining scenes involving Tom Hardy (as Forrest Bondurant) and his secret still. They filmed at several remote locations where a team of local artisans helped create the necessary props and sets.

To make matters even more interesting,the film’s lead actress, JessicaChastain had already been filming her other motion picture Zero Dark Thirty while Lawless was only just getting started! So,she visited its set in Georgia on some rare days off–so as to shoot excerpts where she ultimately played Maggie Beauford,a former dancer who came into Franklin County from Chicago with big-city dreams through her ties with Gary Oldman; who famously portrayed criminal mastermind Floyd Banner.Other great talent involved like Shia LaBeouf,Tom Hardy,and Guy Pearce all gave dedicated performances that perfectly brought out their individuality thoughout this gritty milieu reflecting tensions between various groups of gangsters,jack-booted cops;and needy townsfolk seeking change but finding themselves ensnared victims in battles over prohibition rights & profits amidst volatile times by everyone including one another.

In conclusion,most of “Lawless” was filmed in scenic Rabun county Georgia while also neighboring Blue Ridge Mountains for added footage which gently transitions fans back into life years before they were born.And yet,touches were extended across state lines too such as Wilkesboro & Transevania County further East famed mostly alike some State parks together paint vivid landscapes matching up keenly against Lawless’ occasionally-volatile mood swings expressed strikingly via it splotchy cinematography.Furthermore,in these southern states filmmakers got a chance to work without much interfering or hasty traffic snarls since locales depicted included indoor places preferred often signaled relatively lesser disturbance thereby facilitating smoother shoots even despite occasional weather related challenges.Last but not least,it goes without saying we can’t help feeling drawn to this story’s world of crime,danger,and unpredictability;especially when portrayed with equal amounts of grit, passion and authentic settings on the silver screen!
Lawless: A Gritty Crime Drama Set in Prohibition-era Virginia

Lawless: A Gritty Crime Drama Set in Prohibition-era Virginia

The movie Lawless, directed by John Hillcoat and based on the true story of the Bondurant brothers during Prohibition-era Virginia, is a crime drama that takes audiences back to a time when bootlegging business was rampant in Appalachia. The film follows the three Bondurant brothers as they operate their illegal liquor business amidst rising tensions with local authorities and rival gangs.

While Lawless is set primarily in Franklin County, Virginia, it was predominantly filmed across Georgia and North Carolina. Director John Hillcoat chose these locations because they provided diverse landscapes that could easily replicate rural Appalachian regions where the Bondurants operated their illicit trade.

Filming took place at various locations across Georgia such as Conyers (for interior shots) or Marietta Square (including main street areas). However, much of Lawless was shot mostly in northeastern Georgia’s Rabun County which served as an excellent backdrop for scenes depicting Franklin county. Clayton town transformed into 1920s establishments whenever needed while Lake Burton played host to some of its casts during filming.

North Carolina also offered many picturesque settings. Wilkesboro among other places used mostly establishing long-shot footage whereas Boone stood-in more significantly for Virginial Beach depicted later down into this story from middle periods like Great Depression times albeit always suggesting Southern settings’ flow-like continuity despite different state borders. Transylvania County located on western NC served most prominently providing venues matching expectations around remote locations involved moonshining activities entwining itself skillfully enough onto whole cinematic approach,making viewers feel drawn toward similar environments brought up front center-stage so convincingly -reminiscent rough nature forest backdrops & deep mysterious caves defined strong visual style signature entire production.

Jessica Chastain visited set occasionally since she had been filming her part for another motion picture Zero Dark Thirty simultaneously.In “Lawless,”she played Maggie Beauford, a former dancer from Chicago who arrives in Franklin County with big city dreams. She’s tied into one Floyd Banner played by Gary Oldman to whom local bootleggers owe money.

The ensemble cast of Lawless all gives wonderful performances that bring their characters to life. Shia LaBeouf plays Jack Bondurant, the youngest and most naive of the brothers who comes into his own throughout the story; Tom Hardy embodies Forrest Bondurant with toughness and gravitas as he fights to keep his family business alive amidst fierce competition; and Guy Pearce is superbly creepy as Charlie Rakes, an overzealous law enforcement agent determined to shut down illicit liquor operations in Franklin County at any cost.

Ultimately, what makes Lawless so compelling is its strong sense of authenticity. From the costumes and props to the language used by characters on-screen,Fight scenes,sudden twists revealing new alliances versus loyalties,Lawless maintains its edgy tone throughout however providing us profound insights worth holding onto forevermore.Filmmakers seamlessly blended varied crowds across sceneries thereby giving viewers deep understanding around bootlegging history & various effects which profoundly shaped Southern USA through early years post American Civil War until around before 1941 WWII… delivering real-life experiences embellished together cleverly without being too heavy-handed or random.The end result keeps audiences glued till credits roll-a true testament about how well-crafted movies always demand our attention!