The Comancheros is an American Western film released in 1961. It was directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by George Sherman for 20th Century Fox. The movie starred John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Ina Balin, Lee Marvin and Nehemiah Persoff among others.

The plot of the movie revolves around a Texas Ranger named Jake Cutter (played by John Wayne). He goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of arms dealers known as “Comancheros” who are smuggling guns into Mexico and selling them to the Apaches.

Filming Locations

Filming Locations

Several locations in Texas were used during the filming of The Comancheros. These included:

Several locations in Texas were used during the filming of The Comancheros. These included:

Galveston Island State Park – This park located on Galveston Island served as one of the primary shooting locations for the movie. Director Michael Curtiz shot a number of scenes here including those featuring John Wayne galloping down the beach on horseback and chasing after his adversaries through thick foliage.

Brazos Bend State Park – Located in Needville, this state park also featured heavily in The Comancheros. Several scenes involving horse-riding sequences, gunfights, and chases were filmed here.

Big Bend National Park – This vast national park situated on the border with Mexico was another location where some portions of The Comancheroswere shot. Known for its rugged terrain and diverse landscape that ranges from mountains to desert valleys,Ghost Rocks Trail at Big Bend was instrumental in getting impressive footage for some action-packed Western scenes featuring riders almost plunging off cliffs or racing through narrow canyons.

Rampage Canyon – Found near Brackettville, Rampage Canyon is a privately owned locale that requires permission from its owners before anyone can shoot any movies there.Arguably one of more breathtaking backdrops used while making The Comacharos showcasing rock formations towering above shootouts between cowboys versus indigenous warriors taking place below with many soldiers developing perishable wounds during the fight.

Alamo Village – Situated in Brackettville, Alamo Village is an open-air museum that was constructed as a set for movies reenacting battles that took place at The Alamo in San Antonio. It played a vital role as it stood as the movie’s principal location since most of the action scenes were executed here.


The Comancheros is an iconic Western movie with an intriguing storyline and excellent locations that brought out perfect shots. Shooting in four different sites and sets depicting Texas terrain successfully showcased the scope of beautiful landscapes while also capturing pulse-racing scenes. These sceneries have been visited by people from all over the world to see their favorite stars riding horseback or engaging in fist fights against indigenous warriors somewhere down south.
The Comancheros is considered one of the classic American western movies. Directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by George Sherman for 20th Century Fox, this movie boasts an impressive cast including John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Ina Balin, Lee Marvin and Nehemiah Persoff.

Set in Texas in the years preceding the Civil War, The Comancheros revolves around a Texas ranger named Jake Cutter who joins forces with another man to catch a gang of smugglers known as ‘the comancheros’. These smugglers are trading guns with Apache tribes across the Mexican border.

The movie features some breathtaking landscapes shot in various locations throughout Texas. Galveston Island State Park was one location where several scenes were shot. Director Michael Curtiz used this location for sequences involving horse-riding on the beach as well as high-speed chases through dense foliage.

Another state park that was heavily featured in The Comancheros was Brazos Bend State Park located near Needville. Horse-riding sequences, gunfights and chase scenes were filmed here to great effect.

Big Bend National Park situated on the Mexico-Texas border provided dramatic backdrops showing mountains and desert valleys which added more depth to diverse terrain captured during filming.The Ghost Rocks Trail at Big Bend played host to climactic Western showdowns such young cowboys trying not to fall into deep crevices while trying escape rampaging natives firmly holding their grounds from airstrips upon rocks above them acting out strategic maneuvers required for authentic storytelling experience..

Rampage Canyon located just outside Brackettville made its way into The Comacharos allowing directors to depict tall cliffs towering high above cowboys fighting against Native Americans below with many characters suffering fatal wounds throughout intense battle stages mostly deemed vividly remarkable due onset coordination ensuring proper alignment hence successful filming results showcasing cliff side terrors etched forever within our memories watched over time after time every generation sharing same experiences when it comes down enjoying good cinema.

Alamo Village in Bracketville played a significant role as it was the location of many action scenes. This open-air museum, constructed as a set for movies reenacting battles at The Alamo in San Antonio, served as the principal filming location throughout production. It allowed directors to recreate fascinating scenarios with costumes representing actions presented on screen that provided peak enjoyment experienced by audiences making sure they always came back for more entertainment value.

In conclusion, The Comancheros is famous amongst western movie lovers and has acquired an immense fan-base through its alluring characters and captivating story.We stand in awe of Michael Curtiz’s brilliant direction and masterfully executed filmography showcasing Texas seen majestic landscapes whilst simultaneously producing edge-of-the-seat action sequences blended perfectly together creating everlasting imagery appealing right from the title leading us up until climax captured within our minds forevermore.