Since its release in 2018, the Hallmark movie “Pumpkin Everything” has captured the hearts of audiences with its heartwarming story and picturesque setting. The film tells the story of a young woman named Rebecca who returns to her hometown during the fall season and finds love as she helps her family’s pumpkin farm prepare for their annual festival.

One of the reasons why “Pumpkin Everything” is so appealing to viewers is due to its stunning filming locations. The movie was primarily shot on location in British Columbia, Canada, which offers plenty of autumnal scenery that perfectly captures the essence of the season.

Here are some notable filming locations seen in “Pumpkin Everything”:

1. Chilliwack Heritage Park

1. Chilliwack Heritage Park

The Chilliwack Heritage Park served as a primary location for many scenes in “Pumpkin Everything,” including shots of Rebecca (played by Erin Cahill) helping out with various tasks at her family’s pumpkin farm. This venue boasts several event spaces and features over 11 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, making it a popular choice for weddings, trade shows, and other special events.

2. Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Located east of Vancouver near Chilliwack off Highway 7 North is Harrison Hot Springs Hotel resort village offering serene emerald waters perfect for relaxation from your everyday hectic lives.The resort spans across 35 acres surrounded by mountains providing ample space for recreation yet secluded enough to provide privacy required on a holiday retreat.Harrison Hot Spring Resort & Spa was also featured prominently throughout “Pumpkin Everything.” Several interior shots were filmed at this gorgeous lakeside resort where guests can take advantage of natural hot mineral spring pools or indulge themselves into primrose spa services offered.Therefore if you have been wondering where was hallmark movie Pumpkin everything filmed,this destination is one worth exploring while visiting British Columbia Hotsprings located here too?

3. Beckett Farms

Beckett Farms situated along 649 Winchester Rd E, Brooklin in Ontrario is a must-visit farm area.This picturesque farm was used as Rebecca’s family’s pumpkin patch for many scenes throughout the movie. Visitors can come here to enjoy hayrides, pick their pumpkins during October weekends while playing games or spinning through pedal-cart racetracks.

4. Fortress Mountain Resort

Fortress Mountain Resort is a located on Highway #40 near Barrier Lake in Kananaskis and served as one of the memorable filming location especially where Rebecca decides to leave city-life behind.Lying amidst awe-inspiring raw wilderness about an hour drive west from Calgary makes this spot breathtakingly beautiful to shoot.Afull day snowmobile rentals are provided permitting exploring uncharted territories under supervision with touring options suitable for both beginners and experienced riders If at all you plan visiting outdoor adventurous spots outside British Columbia,Kanasakais will be great because temperatures don’t drop drastically till early weeks of November.


From sprawling farms to idyllic lakeside resorts, “Pumpkin Everything” brings us some of the most enchanting settings that viewers could ever ask for. Although it may not have been entirely filmed in its setting which would presumably be New England coverd by fall colored leaves,nature exudes making film more lively so wondering after catching hallmark movies where they were filmed is granted.Watching holiday films such as Hallmark classics eases our minds into a state of relaxation counting down towards December season.Enjoy your next trip if Canada falls within your list of must-visit tourist destinations!
Since its release in 2018, the Hallmark movie “Pumpkin Everything” has been a fall favorite for many viewers. With its heartwarming story of love and family, along with picturesque settings, the film has captured audiences’ hearts.

One of the elements that make this movie so appealing is its stunning filming locations. Shot primarily on location in British Columbia, Canada, “Pumpkin Everything” showcases some of the most captivating autumnal scenery one could imagine.

Chilliwack Heritage Park served as a primary location for many scenes throughout the film. This venue boasts over 11 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and several event spaces making it an ideal setting for weddings and other special events.

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa was featured prominently throughout “Pumpkin Everything.” Guests can indulge themselves in natural hot mineral spring pools or enjoy spa services while taking in beautiful surroundings by serene emerald waters.

For those looking to experience pumpkin picking similar to what is portrayed in “Pumpkin Everything,” Beckett Farms located along Winchester Rd E Brooklin Ontario provides visitors hayrides during October weekends besides games . They can also pick their pumpkins before embarking on spin through pedal-cart racetracks giving another reason why ‘pumpking everything ‘ keeps ringing.The Fortress Mountain Resort portrays mountainous land surrounded by freshwater serving up as beautiful background depicts where Rebecca decides to leave city life behind.Characterized by breathtakingly beautiful sights,it’s put among top outdoor adventurous spots .

From sprawling farms to idyllic lakeside resorts such as aforementioned venues , “Pumpkin Everything” offers us some enchanting filming locations viewers are yet to explore.Autumn colours spread across iconic New England give them magical visuals once a year but Canadian region offer endless vantage points to hallmark movie fans.If considering traveling out just pursue your next holiday within desired regions including British Columbia tourism industry benefiting at large too somehow!