Joe Kidd is a highly acclaimed western movie directed by John Sturges and starring the legendary Hollywood actor, Clint Eastwood. Released in 1972, Joe Kidd takes viewers on a wild ride through post-Civil War New Mexico – and it does so with plenty of thrilling action scenes. For movie enthusiasts or fans of the genre wondering where this excellent film was shot, you’ve come to the right place.

The setting for Joe Kidd is beautiful New Mexico, and director John Sturges made an effort to make his filming locations reflect that at every turn. The story is set specifically around Sinola County; however, filmmakers couldn’t find any location suitable enough within county bounds to give essence of a late civil-war era town. Therefore, they had to look beyond its borders for filming locations.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the areas that were used as filming locations for one of Eastwood’s classic movies – Joe Kidd:

1) Sierra County: Located about two hours south-west from Albuquerque (New Mexico’s capital), Sierra County features rolling hills covered in sagebrush with distant mountains serving as stunning backdrop view – giving it characteristic dry Arizona-looking landscape portrayed in many famous spaghetti westerns like ‘A Fistful Of Dollars’, ‘For A Few Dollars More’ among others directed by Sergio Leone.

This scenic county features such natural beauty elements that can be hard not be captured by cameras once placed there correctly. In fact crew found perfect spot just off I-25 highway somewhere near T or C area known affectionately as Elephant Butte lake which happened to fit all requisites needed for location capture exactly how director envisioned it would hence making it first choice amongst possible sparse pickup sites available then after planning move from one end neighboring Socorro upto northern Rio Arriba counties limiting activities only during night crews spent weeks tirelessly trying match shots made prior arrival actors due production schedule emphasis along ensuring local people didn’t feel disturbed too much.

2) White Sands National Park: Joe Kidd features not only the character of Clint Eastwood, but also one of New Mexico’s most beautiful natural wonders – the white sand dunes that can be found in its national park. Indeed, during filming several shots were done at this location where director took advantage of existing backdrops with majestic Mesquite growing from scattered spots as well unusual shapes formed by countless tumbleweeds which perfectly complemented essence outdoor life typically remembered Wild West period.

3) San Juan Pueblo: Located quite some distance northwards from Alamogordo (city in Otero County), San Juan served as host to a major fight scene for production design and set-building teams along providing housing options filmmakers needed due long-distance commutes required meanwhile working there uninterrupted by surrounding civilization having stayed remained unoccupied over past centuries except for small community people called Ohkay Owingeh people, known affectionately as “Puebloans”, whose ancestors first inhabited structures matter years ago giving public insights into their way living then compared today’s world. This location is famous amongst other things not just serving once before pivotal strategic role trading hub region also being home multiple sites prehistoric human settlements preserved till date archaeologists study impression lifestyle these increasingly advanced cultures carried daily basis within ancient times mysterious animals like coyotes roaming wild without necessarily coming into direct contact humans.

4) Taos Ski Valley: In addition to Sierra County, another site utilized for many key scenes was located in northeast part state altogether – specifically northern area with snow-covered mountains named Taos Ski Valley . Here you will see more than just picturesque views just mountainous regions when watching film; viewers get to experience the thrill-making action while actors continuously try keeping themselves composed amidst challenging terrain consisting steep gradients. Filmmakers chose this place because it offered perfect mixture challenges they had been looking all including snowy landscape making sure cameras capture every aspect resulting masterfully pieced movie work still cherished by many movie enthusiasts today.

5) Valle Grande: Located deep in New Mexico’s serene environment as desolate region near Los Alamos, the dramatic scenario created here offered picturesque location capturing historical essence and feel of rugged Texan landscapes adding so much to overall exhilarating experience viewers crave while watching westerns. This sprawling area was also used for filming some pivotal moments within Joe Kidd such as when Sheriff Mitchell interrogated main antagonist, Luis Chama played by John Saxon.

To sum up, Joe Kidd was filmed at various locations around the state of New Mexico. Amongst others they visited places unknown even locals who have lived there all their lives meanwhile capturing magic Wild West stories successfully thus making it must-watch not only Clint Eastwood admirers but those curious about world before us characterized by gunfights and daring bravery displayed few heroic individuals taking upon themselves daunting challenges encountered then changing societies daily life forever and evermore!