“Blended” is a romantic comedy film directed by Frank Coraci and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who are known for their on-screen chemistry in films such as “The Wedding Singer” (1998) and “50 First Dates” (2004). Set in South Africa, the movie showcases beautiful landscapes that make it seem like the perfect tropical destination spot for vacations.

South Africa is known for its breathtaking scenery comprising deep blue oceans, rolling hills covered with lush greenery, vast wildlife reserves with majestic animals roaming freely and pristine beaches offering postcard-perfect views of the Indian Ocean- all these features exist in one convenient location called Sun City. Where was this film shot? The answer is primarily set around the luxury resort hub of Sun City located within North West Province as well as other surrounding attractions across various provinces.

Sun City Resort Overview:

Sun City Resort Overview:

Situated roughly 2 hours’ drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria, Sun City borders Pilanesberg Game Reserve which stretches out over a volcanic crater syncline; an array of spectacular habitats provide an environment rich in flora diversity where large numbers of game can be seen including lions, elephants & giraffe.

Sun City has four outstanding hotels to choose from when staying at first-class accommodation – Cabanas Hotel, Always Summer Boutique Hotel & Spa Club Vakansie – complete with facilities including swimming pools/bar/dining/spa etc., all situated around the cascading waters through waterfalls pavilion garden center where birds roam free!

Guests can explore exquisite shopping experiences whilst attending conferences/events or simply taking leisurely walks through beautifully landscaped gardens teeming with statement sculptures/hidden waterfalls/botanical offerings contributing to open-air art displays! There’s also golf courses galore with Gary Player Country Club hosting annual Nedbank Golf Challenge events televised globally attracting top professional players each year due to its high-stakes prize money pot offered annually to participants.

Aside from this, guests can access outdoor adventure activities such as zip-lining/treetop climbing/canopy tours/horse riding/wildlife safaris & quad biking offering a range of complimentary offers for those whom wish to fill their spare time whilst at Sun City. This luxury resort thrives on providing all-inclusive engaging activities for adventurers and sight-seers alike.

The Filming Locations:

The Filming Locations:

Filming locations were chosen within the resort confines such as the pool area scene where Drew Barrymore falls in and Adam Sandler comes to her rescue or scenes filmed in different parts of Cabanas Hotel– one being when Lauren asks Jim how he cannot see that she is interested in him or later when Safari experiences play out against real-life African animal backdrops.

Perhaps the highlight filming location was throughout a lion encounter safari sequence through Bagatelle Game Reserve, located south-easternly about 2 hours’± drive towards Johannesburg. The scenario played out with film stars participating on-screen alongside wild animals including lions/rhino’s/dogs/elephants zebra etc using safely positioned vehicles as seclusion from harm during filming operations was imperative.The agency responsible for coordinating animal involvement plus conservation efforts are National Conservation Trust whom collaborated closely with multiple government departments over several months planning facilities/staff/equipment/vehicle rentals/logistics required by cast members/helpers/choreography teams/film crew who collectively managed expected outputs ensuring safety measures met environmental codes beforehand.

What Makes Sun City Unique?

Sun City’s various attractions have established it into South Africa’s most famous holiday destination spot- an entertainment hub complementing scenery lovers and thrill-seekers traveling far-flung destinations! It has been awarded numerous accolades internationally since its inception three decades ago due to offering a unique blend of luxurious accommodation options (including world-class meeting venues), comprehensive leisure activity offerings both inside/outside resort premises, prioritizing incorporating wildlife/nature conservation efforts while aligning itself with various government departments agendas.

It’s the perfect vacation destination for all ages and interests, renowned worldwide for its incredible hospitality experiences, linked with wildlife conservation efforts that are paramount to preserving natural habitats in South Africa. This year-round vacation spot is also a popular option for incentives or corporate gatherings due to location excellence and meeting options available.

In summary:

“Blended,” while being set against many locations across different provinces of South Africa, with primary filming done within Sun City resort had great opportunities showcasing unique local adventures/animals/scenery including African Big Five Game encounters along the way. It proved exemplary displaying an idyllic getaway spot for tourists when watching it on big screens intertwining fun & adventure into one grand package deal!