As one of the most popular dance competitions in the world, “World of Dance” has gathered a vast and dedicated fan base since its inception in 2017. The show features some of the best dancers from all across the globe competing against each other for a chance to win a whopping $1 million prize money.

With four successful seasons behind them, fans are eager to know where they can watch “World of Dance.” In this article, we will take you through various platforms where you can get your dose of this exceptional dance competition.

1. NBC

The primary airing network of “World Of Dance” is none other than NBC itself. You can catch new episodes on Tuesdays at 10/9c PM every week when it’s running. If you have an active cable subscription or access to satellite TV service, watching on NBC should be easy-peasy.

However, if recent developments give any indication (i.e., Peacock gradually assimilating more content), then it’s possible that future seasons may become exclusive to their streaming platform over time.

2. Hulu

Your love for dance knows no bounds! But unfortunately – either because life got too hectic and you missed some episodes altogether or maybe simply casual viewing interests prompted delay onset – sometimes catching recent airings live isn’t always possible – we totally understand!

This is why Hulu makes our list as our next go-to spot for World Of Dance enthusiasts who crave flexibility when relishing show content whenever & wherever they want after primetime slots have passed by! With both first three seasons hosted there & additional peeks following completion respective annual productions available-having very affordable subscriptions with ads- relying exclusively on Hulu plus would make sure social graces weren’t necessarily inhibited during ongoing weekday fillers spent elsewhere necessary these days 😉

3. Sling TV

3. Sling TV

For cord-cutters who don’t subscribe to cable services like Spectrum or Comcast Xfinity et all needn’t fret; options like Sling TV exist! Through a live streaming network that puts telecasts at your fingertips – watch World Of Dance season-to-season via this platform.

Sling Blue package carries NBC, making access to primetime slots and schedule minimal risk; you can keep up with ongoing dance duels as they happen. Their pay-per-month approach varies in price depending on the tier / add-ons selected or opted out of, but any choices enabling content-line-up linked complimentary channels is worth examining before checkout/sign-up.

4. YouTube TV:

4. YouTube TV:

As one of the biggest search engines worldwide since 2005 by many accounts, it’s no surprise Google’s child-corporation has diversified market share into streaming besides being an alternate resource for straight-out entertainment!

Whether catching CW Network extra airings over weekends when not flying trendy-folks Netflix-binging/film viewing alike or tracking down favorite prime-time shows during downtime – YouTube TV offers loyalists easy accessibility regardless of living location across United States territory even globally (though geo-restriction* rules apply outside specific markets).

For those interested in “World Of Dance,” sign up to get started if currently unaware all four seasons have been available there already without needful hassle finding quality clips seen elsewhere online & stored judiciously within Youtube ecosystem from wherever viewers coordinate YoutubeTV directly.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is rapidly becoming synonymous with big bucks original programming. It’s no wonder then that you’d find “World of Dance” among their extensive library of shows offered – giving customers more control than ever selecting only what interests them instead charged based off distribution-set channel packs unlike basic cable networks paying for overall worse-value-for-MONEY options often limited resulting in selective show consumption rates available through an internet connection!

All about convenience? Ordering a pizza while waiting for back-to-back episodes set to auto-play after finishing initial ep binge-watching session? No problem: start at Season One-episode one & keep going!

To watch the latest seasons of “World Of Dance,” you must first become a prime member. However, it should be worth the investment as Amazon Prime video is not only an excellent source for original shows and movies but also offers many other exclusive benefits like music streaming, gaming services & free shipping on orders over $35 (US).


NBC’s official website allows fans to watch every episode of “World Of Dance” online. The catch is that you need to sign in with your TV service provider credentials before gaining access to their vast library of episodes.

Besides current ongoing season updates aired regularly at their appointed timeslots, this option can satisfy even newer watchers if starting off as little late without waiting too long before getting hooked up into everything World Of Dance themed feast; any unique clips/behind-the-scenes or commentary containing mentionable topics hinted subtly across air time will all be awaiting viewing by anxious fans!


If you’re a die-hard fan of “World of Dance,” then these six platforms offer different options for watching all four seasons whenever and wherever necessary! On platforms such as where the newest seasons usually arrive first – subscribers opt for subscriptions according to suitability/formality covering most regions within United States territory globally- while content hanging out on viable YouTube channels fleshes out more nuanced details behind each competition year by additional footage/audio tracks etcetera without costing excess amounts thanks largely toward available cloud-based storage efforts so far-reaching limitless space-on-demand accessibility around the world through proper digital asset management techniques…Plus, who doesn’t like cranking those virtual quality dance parties revolving around some top-notch competitive contemporary moves?