Shirley Temple, the legendary actress of the 1930s and 40s, captured hearts around the world with her undeniable charm and acting skills. From her iconic dimples to her youthful energy, she was truly a one-of-a-kind performer who continues to be beloved by generations of fans.

If you’re looking to watch Shirley Temple movies today, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many options available to you. In this article, we will explore some of the best places where you can find Shirley’s classic films.

1. Turner Classic Movies

1. Turner Classic Movies

One of the best places for film lovers looking for vintage classics is Turner Classic Movies (TCM). TCM airs classic films from all eras–including those starring Shirley Temple–and usually has a schedule devoted exclusively to her movies at least once a year.

They have an extensive catalog featuring many of Shirley’s most popular movies such as “The Little Princess,” “Bright Eyes,” “Captain January,” and much more. You can subscribe directly or through cable/satellite service providers that offer TCM access through their packages.

2. Amazon Prime Video

2. Amazon Prime Video

Many movie buffs prefer streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu because they come bundled with affordable subscription plans; however, if your preference is Amazon Prime Video then good news! Many of Shirley’s greatest works including favorites like “Heidi” and “Curly Top” are included in its library as part of your regular annual membership without having to pay extra for each title individually.

3. YouTube

YouTube provides access to dozens if not hundreds of free old-school movies – Classics like “unknown woman” “poor little rich girl” & so on but content varies depending on which uploader posted it – just search apps which often play these types/videos making it simple & easy for anyone interested in seeing them unedited/commercial-free anywhere any Time!

4 DVDs/Blu-rays

Watching digital streaming services is convenient, but few methods can beat the feeling of owning films on physical media. You can also find Shirley Temple movies to buy online included with many other classic movie gems in DVD/Blu-ray formats.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ebay all are offering a wide range of Shirley Temple films on DVDs and other formats at affordable prices that you will fall in love with. And best part about having these sources is that they include bonus features like audio commentaries from film historians/archivists providing a more in-depth look into each film’s legacy.

5.TCM Shop

As much as we love to stream our favorite movies sometimes the nostalgia just hits different holding on to physical copies so if this applies to you then make sure not forget about TCM’S Official shop where you may find exclusive merchandise related Shirley temple-themed bundles along with rare memorabilia items signed by her or vintage posters.


There are multiple ways for fans of Shirley Temple’s work spanning decades to revisit their favorite classics without leaving home! Classics packaged together across Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video (to name a few) alongside free content platforms like YouTube there’s something for everyone as websites offer thoughtful curation packages while others let users browse historical libraries with interesting background info which offers another dimension making your experience even richer than it already would have been had you simply watched it without all these details..

Another option reminisce through your own access point – DVD & Blu-ray disc combinations come complete with behind-the-scenes footage special collector’s editions and notes whether purchased off Amazon – Who said great art has only one platform?”
Shirley Temple, the legendary actress of the 1930s and 40s, captured hearts around the world with her undeniable charm and acting skills. As a child star, Shirley Temple became a household name due to her iconic dimples, youthful energy, and exceptional talent. From her early days at Fox Studios to becoming one of Hollywood’s most successful box office draws during World War II, Shirley Temple left an indelible mark on American cinema history.

Highly praised for both her dramatic and comedic roles in films like “The Little Colonel,” “Heidi,” “Bright Eyes,” and “Curly Top,” it’s no surprise that decades later fans continue to honor her work as she has remained beloved by generations of moviegoers. Decades after retiring from acting career (her last film credit being 1950’s “A Kiss for Corliss”), young children still dress up as “Ms.S.T.” every Halloween season, while admirers flock to festivals where they can watch various restored prints on silver screens nationwide.

Those looking to revisit or discover their favorites among Shirley Temple movies have plenty of options available today! Below are some excellent ways you can enjoy classic Shirley Temple films:

1. Turner Classic Movies:

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is one of the best places for vintage classic film lovers who want access not only to many great rare titles but also focuses events featuring specific actors/actresses once a year entirely devoted just their seminal works such as those made famous by the queen herself – Ms. Shirley temple! TCM airs classic films from all eras–including those starring Shirley Temple’ at regular intervals throughout each calendar year so subscribers have something exciting always waiting or effortlessly revisited!

2.Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video provides its members with an extensive catalog including possibly nearly any title ever produced making it very easy streaming service favorite choice for countless more modern viewers preferring up to date. Shirley Temple fans can also enjoy many of her most famous films such as “The Little Colonel” and Curly Top” which are available within the Prime membership bundle, without having to pay any extra fees.

3. YouTube:

YouTube is an immensely popular source for streaming online videos that offers a mixed bag of content ranging from comedy sketches, instructional videos to watching free classic movies (including some featuring performances by Ms.S.T.!) YouTubers often upload vintage materials with original prints making it easy & fun for anyone interested in seeing them commercial-free anywhere at any time!


There’s nothing like owning physical media formats especially when it comes to re-experiencing treasured classics on Blu-ray/DVD format – although one might still say there’s something special about the experience of sitting down to watch these movies in their original editing stream- free! Fans can find Shirley Temple DVDs or collections conveniently offered online with added extras in collector’s edition sets including archival featurettes analysis on the periodical reception over time whether purchased individually or packaged together under many retailers’ roof who focus mainly serving collectors’ needs such as Amazon, Ebay and Barnes&Noble.

5.TCM Shop:

For devoted film buffs preferring an exclusive way celebrating Shirley Temple merely if with promotional merchandise inclusive bundled packages or limited-edition souvenirs related specially towards this legendry star simply visit TCM’S Official shop where you may purchase signatures signed by herself, collectible posters & other unique items!


In conclusion, there are ample possibilities available today that cater all sorts of interests from casual viewer choices made through readily accessible platforms like Netflix / Hulu / DVD but also carefully chosen curative lists curated around specific stars on occasion provided via TCM channel – ensuring exciting discoveries yet unmined gems await those willing dig deeper into cinematic lore.