Alfred Hitchcock was one of the greatest filmmakers in cinematic history, famous for his suspenseful thrillers and masterful storytelling. For film enthusiasts and fans of the genre, finding the best platforms or sources to watch Alfred Hitchcock movies can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several options available online or offline which offer his works both legally and conveniently.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of places where you can find Alfred Hitchcock movies along with some additional information about each platform that will help guide your watching experience.

1. Amazon Prime Video

1. Amazon Prime Video

One of the most popular streaming services worldwide is Amazon Prime Video. With an extensive collection of movies from various genres and eras including classic films, documentaries as well as TV shows at affordable prices – it’s no surprise that their selection featuring several Alfred Hitchock titles continues to draw frequent viewership.

For example ‘The Birds’ (1963) starring Tippi Hedren – who plays Melanie Daniels on screen -can be found here alongside other greats like Vertigo (1958), Rear Window(1954), Psycho (1960), Rope (1948) among others which are all offered via rental or purchase options making late-night screening’s much easier than ever before!

2. Netflix

As far as entertainment goes Netflix has been a go-to platform globally since its launch in 2007 offering updated original content throughout every month along with longtime Hollywood favourites for users to mentally escape into for some time; so naturally being know for catering towards older audiences they offer more classic movies such as those created by legendary directors including Mr.Hitchcock himself –so pop that kettle on before diving into timeless classics through subscriptions starting at just $14/monthly charges!.

Here you’ll also have access to cult favorites from timeless hits that made him so highly thought-of during his peak career years like Dial M For Murder(1954).This psychological thriller masterpiece showcases Grace Kelly who plays Margot Wendice, as she tries to secure her safety against her scheming husband. But even with all the resources in the world will murder be unavoidable amidst this plight?

3. TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

3. TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

TCM is a cable network that airs an array of classic movies and special programming which majorly focuses on stars/performers throughout time. The channel prides itself on being a one-stop shop for fans seeking an exclusive curation of timeless hits especially during festival or award season periods where they’ll showcase improved restored versions.

Here lies Hitchcock’s collection fit for any film record keeping enthusiast who truly cherishes his creations including Saboteur(1942), Strangers On A Train(1951) and Notorious(1946). You can also find additional short documentaries from behind-the-scenes screening events, interviews with actors or critics – providing insider access into production plans and a profound view of what went into creating some of these acclaimed works.

4. HBO Max

This streaming service offers top-notch cinematic experiences ranging from sci-fi/fantasy titles to riveting crime dramas so you know they won’t disappoint when it comes to showcasing Alfred Hitchcock cinema pieces! Subscription plans begin at $14/month perfect for watching whenever needed or studio production demands allow room/time-offs – allowing you to stay up-to-date without breaking your bank account.

Some notable standouts worthy of mentioning include Rear Window (1954),The 39 steps (1935), Marnie(1964) among others – mainly featuring mature themes/scenarios about relationships across various cultures mixed with prevalent societal issues deemed controversial then but still very relevant today!

5.DVD collections

If having physical copies is your preferred way to enjoy cinematic endeavors, then fret not as there are many Alfred Hitchock DVD options available.One well-known option would be by collecting huge box sets like”The Ultimate Collection.”This edition features fifteen carefully picked films from the years 1942-1976 which covers a wide-range of stories both in Noir and Color formats; such as “North by Northwest”(1959) that stars Cary Grant alongside Eva Marie Saint or To Catch A Thief(1955) highlighting Grace Kelly with her adventure-seeking ‘John Robie.’

Another stellar option can be found through visiting local retail outlets where they offer certain titles at discounted prices depending on inclusion/additional promotions. These come formatted with stabilized discs and improved picture quality sold along sideeye-catching easy-to-read packaging/promo cards which highlight plot summaries, cast lineups and added extras such as trailers, interviews or even alternative endings.


In summary, regardless if you opt for physical copies or subscribing to digital platforms – endless entertainment possibilities are easily within reach to enjoy Alfred Hitchcock creations proving his lasting influence over cinema since its inception.First-timers or long-time fans wishing to learn more about the director’s body of work will discover something enriching via our listed options available today. Now grab some popcorn sit down snugly by yourself/with friends & family,start enjoying an evening full of classic suspense movies showcasing authentic storytelling creativity brought back into life till date!